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The Bane of August

I don’t know about you, but August is not my favorite month. Oh, let’s get past the fact that it’s hot as blue blazes where I live . I guess it’s pretty hot most everywhere in the states. But the month is just a tangle for me.

For one thing it’s the post conference month. Nothing is happening in publishing. All the editors are straggling back to their desks to all those piles of manuscripts they requested and now have to slog through. And writers are coming down from that conference high (if they went) wondering how they’re going to polish and send off several partials and fulls of every manuscript under their bed. And a few are scrambling to actually write what they pitched. Many, still, are staring at the screen with little energy to create anything new, much less snip and cut at what they’ve already slaved to write.

Then there’s the literal world we live in. Everyone’s tired of the pool. Tired of the flipflops. Bored with wearing the same pair of athletic shorts for the umpteenth time. Tired of grilling. Grilled chicken again, Mom? The grass is dying, the begonias are long past any help, and the breeze is so non-existent because no cool fronts are gathering up to make a plunge South. Too hot to go fishing. Too hot for exercising. Too hot for riding bikes. Too hot for thinking. (I think you get that I’m tired of 100 degree weather)

Then there’s the bustle. Getting ready for school. Now I know some of you don’t have to do this. But I do. School supplies + Walmart = HELL! Not to mention picking up PE uniforms, shorts that aren’t longer than knee length but no shorter than four inches above the knee. Jeez, that’s an exact science. Back to school parties, orientations, back to school nights, summer reading (yes, we wait till four days before school!) And on top of all the school preparation, they (being the kids) are bored. So what do they do….fight! Complain! Eat everything I just bought at the grocery.

So I will be glad when August 31st rolls around, just so I can bid adieu to the hot, tangled month.

I’m ready for cool fronts, football and candy corn. Anybody with me? LOL! So tell me, how does August redeem itself for you? Or are you with me on skipping right on through to September?

11 Responses

  1. Fall is my favorite season, but I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. It went by so fast, but I am looking forward to all the sales for the summer apparel.

  2. I think we are living parallel lives!!! LOL As I read I was shaking my head, yes, yes, yes, and YES! Come on September!! 🙂

  3. Oh Liz, I agree with you! I am SO ready for Fall. Although Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons, I don’t like August. It is just too hot to do anything. I am ready for October because there is still some hot weather in September here in Louisiana. October is when it really starts cooling down. I’m looking forward to shopping for new clothes, autumn parties and dances, writers workshops, drinking coffee again, electric blankets, and the smell of firewood. Come on autumn!

  4. Okay, Jane. You found a good thing about August. Sales. Very true. I always get good deals around this time of year.

    Mel- I knew you’d feel me. It’s full-blown, isn’t it?

    Jamie – all those things sound fab. You know it’s hot when coffee doesnt’ sound good.

  5. This August is hot in Michigan, too — even hot in northern Michigan, which isn’t fair. August is the perfect justification for my love-of-the-four-seasons: by the end of August I am so ready for the cool sharpness of September. Up north some really confused trees were either dying or starting to turn color — silly things — there hasn’t been enough cool to precipitate anything!

    Like Jamie, I love autumn — that is, until November when everything is bleak and bare and then I welcome winter and snow. But that’s a looooong way off.

  6. Liz, I like August! Even with the heat index of 105 degrees. It could be because my youngest was born in August and it’s also the month of my wedding anniversary. *grin*

  7. Beppie – seems like it’s been hot all over this summer. The East coast really seemed to get hit hard and it’s been over a 100 degrees down here nearly every day for a while. Just can’t wait for that first cold front.

    Gayle – I’ll admit it – my birthday’s in August. I should love it. But it’s the 24th. I always got school clothes. My brothers did too. How did my clothes turn into a present but theirs didn’t? 🙂 Hope you have a lovely anniversary.

  8. I’m ready for some cooler weather here, too, Liz. Coastal Mississippi is hot, hot, hot, and humid. I can’t wait for fall, my favorite season.


  9. I may be sitting above you in Arkansas, but it’s hotter than hell up here. 100+ all week. I can’t motivated to do ANYTHING…especially if that involves actually leaving my house! and Walmart? Just kill me. Usually I can talk my husband into doing the Walmart shopping while I wait in the car with the a/c running and me reading a book. Yes, I know. He’s worth his weight in gold for that shopping task!

    What’s hard for me to realize is that college football is almost upon us! Two words…GO HOGS!

  10. I’ll agree with you on everything, Cyndi. Except those last two words. 🙂

  11. yes bring out the men in tights football whoooo

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