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Summer’s winding down . . .

Right.  It’s still hot, but a few ambitious (or tired) trees around here in Michigan are starting to show bits of color at the tips.  I’m looking nervously over my shoulder at September bearing down on us, mainly because at the end of September I start teaching at a local college again.  When I finished for the summer in June I had this wonderful long expanse of time stretching out ahead of me — and what have I done with it?

*Finished one novel.  Decided the end didn’t work, so am finishing it for the second time.

*Developed bursitis in my right hip.  Not the best idea I’ve had, particularly since this was in late June, and I was going to Nationals!

*Got to Nationals, and with aid of walking stick, managed to have a marvelous time.  Now looking at not-quite-finished novel, thinking of all the things I’ve learned that I should probably apply  . . .

*Did write something (at least 100 words; more often 300-500 or more) every day.  Very proud of that accomplishment.

*Did a lot of reading — mainly historical, finding a heretofore undiscovered passion for Regency.  My current favorites are Mary Balogh, Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, Victoria Alexander, and somebody else whose name is floating around just out of reaching distance in my mind.

Looking back, my ambitions for the summer were much grander, but am reasonably pleased with what I accomplished.  How has your summer gone?  Finished what you needed to finish?  Started what you wanted to start?


6 Responses

  1. Not as good as I’d hoped. I didn’t get as much writing done as I’d have liked, but I did read quite a bit and I did enjoy Nationals.

    Now off to get busy on what I didn’t do 🙂

  2. Liz, I try to tell myself that I need times to absorb as well as times to create (although it sounds impossibly conceited to think in terms of “creating”), and hot, indolent summer is a great time to absorb . . .

    I have a whole bunch of self-justifying theories like that.

  3. I’ve had a fabulously productive summer.
    I set goals and met them, plunged into the pool of on-line courses and writing groups… emerged with both a query letter and syopsis that I’m proud of (thankyou CJRedwine), learned lots of amazing facts for future projects, started a blog, learned to twitter, won a contest.

    oh and yes, I finished my wip, submitted it to a waiting agent – lots of chortling sounds here.
    I did lots of criting with the Lethal Ladies. etc etc etc…. whewf! so that’s where the summer has gone.
    This may seem a bit over the top, but for me it was necessary to make up for 2 years worth of extreme slothdom (all halfhearted starting and no finishing,no passion for my writing).

    And by the way…. Nothing at all conceited about creating. It’s what we do. What everyone does to some extent – whether it’s an atmosphere or work we do or family related.

  4. Very nice Beppie! You did quite a lot there.

    I tend not to set goals….there’s no need in looking to fail!

  5. The writing is pretty much the only thing that has gone well this summer. Two horses lame. Rodeo season did not go well as a result. Rain. Rain. Rain. More rain than we’ve seen in ten years. And cold. Which messed up most of our plans for hiking, etc. And so on, and so on….

    But I did mention the writing’s going well, right?

  6. Great work Beppie! I finished my book this summer, and now I’m almost done with revisions. My summer has been very productive.

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