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Need A Little Help Here, Please!

The first week of school went much better than expected.  All three of my kids came home with smiles on their faces.  They had me wondering if they actually ditched school and hung out at the neighborhood park instead. LOL 

“Do you like your teachers?”

“Did you get any friends in your classes?”


I guess you can see where I’m going with this. 🙂  It’s been like pulling loose teeth to get them to reveal the details of their busy day.  And here I thought about each and every one of them almost every minute.  I really have to learn to let go.  But it is so darn hard.

I did manage to get some writing done while they were away learning.  I’m working on a short story I hope to submit to a magazine and it’s going pretty well.  All except for one tiny important detail I need to work out. 

I need to have my heroine do something dangerous because of peer pressure.  Something that gets her into trouble and has her leaving the party with a stranger for some reason.  I’ve racked my brain for days.  Maybe some kind of truth or dare game where she has to be blindfolded and trust those around her to lead her back to safety.  They don’t help her and she finds herself lost, alone, and needing to be rescued.  It’s almost there.  But I need a few more details.  Grrrr.

So, I’m turning to you. 🙂 What’s the wildest thing you or someone you’ve known has ever done because of peer pressure, because being called chicken wasn’t an option?

I’ll send a “surprise” gift to one lucky commenter who’s brave enough to spill their guts. 🙂


12 Responses

  1. Well, I’m not 100% certain the Statue of Limitations has expired, so there’s one incident I won’t discuss.

    BUT…. I DO like the idea of your heroine being blindfolded as a dare; a challenge, maybe a scavenger hunt of some sort? Oh, wow, a Haunted House kind of thing? Shift the timeline slightly, make it Halloween Night, a Haunted Treasure Hunt!


  2. Hey, Will! Oh, I love that. Halloween Night and a treasure hunt. Or so she thought! Ha!

    Statue of Limitations! That’s no fair. I won’t tell. LOL Don’t make me call you chicken! 😉

  3. I’m going to be of NO help. LOL

    I was a good girl! with a strong mind. If I didn’t want to do something, I just didn’t do it.

    Wait for Cyndi to pop in. I think she had some, err, fun days. 😉

  4. I love the Halloween Night/Treasure hunt suggestion. I think you could do a lot with that.

    Good luck – Hopefully the ideas will start pouring in.

  5. Right there with ya, Keri. That’s why I’m having so much trouble with this. LOL The worst thing I can remember doing is Chinese fire drills at a red lights. The horror! 🙂

    Cyndi! Where are you? LOL

  6. Thanks, Heather! I’m really liking this idea more and more. So many possibilities. 🙂

  7. Could it be a singles party with the treasure hunt. Something her friend drummed up to be a fun way to meet singles and make connections? Then she could want to get paired up with the good-looking guy that caught her eye, but ends up with a pushy, half-drunk guy with happy hands. Maybe they have to take pictures with their phones for the scavenger hunt and it’s at a big ol scary mansion on Halloween. She gets harrassed by her guy, cute guy comes to the rescue.

    Otherwise, IDK – just some jumping off points. She wouldn’t necessarily do something dangerous unless she climbed up a tree or climbed over a fence and is confronted with dogs or something.

    Sounds like a fun premise…:)

  8. Singles party…oh that’s good too, Liz! Half-drunk guy with happy hands, now that’s a great visual. LOL Seems like there is always one slithering about.

    Thanks for all the great ideas, so far. My brain’s working overtime! 🙂 Yeah!

  9. These have been running around in my head since posting this morning:

  10. And this one!

  11. Cool, Will! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  12. Yeah, William!! You are the winner of the cool “Surprise” gift! I bet you’re wondering what it is. LOL Well, it’s a surprise! 🙂

    Check your email!

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