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Please Welcome….Louisa Edwards!!

Random.org Picked CM Torrens!!! Congrats and drop me an email keriford @ hotmail.com!!! Thanks for all those who came out and chatted with Louisa today!

Thanks bunches to the crew of Everybody Needs a Little Romance for having me here today! (Especially Keri and Cyndi—you girls rock my socks.)

It’s especially fun timing because I’m right in the midst of release week for my latest Recipe for Love novel, Just One Taste.  It’s the third installment in the Market trilogy, following the exploits and adventures of the renegade kitchen crew at the trendy Manhattan restaurant Market.

Just One Taste takes us to the premier U.S. culinary school where Wes Murphy is struggling to pass Food Chemistry 101.  Having grown up running cons with his father, Wes immediately sees an opportunity in the form of the class’s newinterim professor, the young, beautiful, socially awkward Dr. Rosemary Wilkins.  He captures her attention with a surprisingly fascinating research idea—the study of culinary aphrodisiacs. Once they start feeding each other sensual delicacies, like oysters and strawberries, sparks start flying!

Disclaimer:  Unlike Rosemary, I’m not a chemistry genius. The “science” behind the aphrodisiacs in Just One Taste is fuzzy, to say the least.  The most recent real-life studies of aphrodisiacs have actually found more correlation between combinations of certain smells than tastes; the scent of pumpkin and lavender is the one I remember most vividly. (Hawt!)

But I believe Dr. Ruth had it right when she said “The most important sex organ lies between the ears.”  Anything can be an aphrodisiac if our brains associate it with pleasure, desire, and intimacy.

So what’s your sexy food of choice?  Is there a dish that makes you (or your significant other) weak in the knees?

One randomly chosen commenter will receive an autographed copy of Just One Taste—and one of my signature Recipe for Love culinary sets.  Feel free to share stories and recipes!

What’s the rating on this blog, Keri? Because I want the down and dirty details. *grin*

Keri–Oh, Louisa, we can be as frank as we want! This IS food we’re talking about here! *wink* And gang, be sure to pop in Saturday for my review of Just One Taste


29 Responses

  1. The book sounds delicious. hehe. Great interview and congrats on the new release.

  2. Books around food are always tasty and this one sounds great. I’m rather pedantic in the “What food is sexy” area. Champagne and strawberries are always my choice. Good luck with the new release.

  3. Thanks for being with us Louisa! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

    Inez Kelley has challenged me with making chicken soup sexy in my third novella–so that’s the sexy food on my mind lately!

  4. I LOVE your books Louisia! And I am so looking forward to reading your newest.

    Hot fudge brownies, the gooey ones, are a passion my husband and I share. Who can resist chocolate-breath when he comes in close for the kiss?

  5. Welcome, Louisa!! Great to have you with us!!
    Your book sounds intriguing! I’ve really never thought about it. Hmmm. I’m easy, I guess. Anything with chocolate drizzled over it would do the trick. 🙂

    Oh, wait! Now that sounds kinda bad. LOL Food, I’m talking about food!

  6. cmtorrens – Thanks for commenting!

    nuncasola – Champagne and strawberries aren’t pedantic–they’re a classic for a reason!

    Keri – Thanks again for having me on the blog. And good luck with that chicken soup thing! I do believe any food can be an aphrodisiac, so I’ll be interested to see what you come up with. : )

    Connie – Oh, thank you! I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of it. And it’s always good to share a passion with the husband, food-related or not!

    Melissa – LOLOL….sure, you’re talking about food. We all totally buy that. ; )

  7. Congratulations on your new book, and your new home in Texas. For me it’s cheesecake, any kind of cheesecake.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  8. Having never had chocolate covered strawberries before my husband… yeah, that does it for me. Can’t wait to read the rest of this series. I really enjoyed the first one.

  9. I don’t think we have a food that’s a turn on. Maybe I should research it and figure one out. We’ve never done food as the romance thing. Maybe that’s why I love romances that are foodie involved. hmmmm

  10. I can’t wait to read Wes’ story – and see more Violet !

  11. Linda – Cheesecake is a popular choice! Even after living in New York, it’s not my favorite. But I can definitely see how the creamy, sour-sweet flavor makes you think of naughty things…

    Crystal Posey – Thanks; I can’t wait to hear what you think of OtSS and JOT! And chocolate-covered strawberries are soooo good.

    Brae – Oooh, I see a fun little project coming up for you and your significant other! Read Just One Taste, maybe it’ll give you some ideas. ; )

    Peach – Yay for Wes! I totally fell for him. My bad-boy chef! And there IS a little of Violet in JOT, although more of a cameo than anything else. There were so many subplots to deal with, I couldn’t bring her romance into it, although I wanted to.

  12. Oh Connie–fudgy brownies/cake yes!! Husband loves stuff like that.

    Yeah, um-huh, Melissa. I’m *sure* food was what you meant

  13. Welcome Louisa, we are so glad to have you here today.

    Chocolate covered strawberries would be my sexy food choice.

  14. Hi Louisa. Your book sounds great. A decadent dessert shared with my husband is always romantic.

  15. This sounds yummy! I so agree with pumpkin (men go nuts) and lavender.

  16. I love food, so you wouldn’t have a hard time enticing me, lol. I have a feeling that reading Just One Taste is going to make me very very hungry.

  17. Heather – All these chocolate-covered strawberries answers are making me super happy about the JUST ONE TASTE cover art! Apparently, we struck a chord. LOL

    CrystalGB – That’s a good point–there’s nothing sensual than sharing a dessert with the one you love!

    Viki S. – It’s a scientific fact! At least, according to the NYT. I adore lavender, but my husband thinks it smells too granny. : (

    Julie – My books might make you hungry…but they’re 100% fat free and calorie free!

  18. I love lavender so much that I put a 1/2 teaspoon in my salad everyday for lunch and spray a mist on my pillow every night. Guess I’m lucky my hubby doesn’t have a very good sniffer ;). He LOVES pumpkin pie though!

  19. Oh man, I love food. I just love it period. All kinds of food.

    Recently though, I had my husband to myself for an evening with my son. My mom had brought me back some fois gras and a bottle of wine from Paris so I decided to have a date night at home with him. I bought some french bread, strawberries, and boursin cheese to go with it as well as chocolate covered mini cream puffs for dessert. All these finger foods and candlelight and wine. It was awesome.

    Congrats on the release Louisa. I loved the other two books.

  20. Congrats on the new release, Louisa. I love the cover. Chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva is a rare treat for me. I’ve always associated seafood as a sexy food.

  21. YAY Louisa’s in the house! 🙂

    Sweet sweet Louisa allowed me to give her away as a PRO Retreat Door Prize this year!!! See what you all missed by not coming to Florida.

    Can’t wait to read this book! But I’m always so hungry when I read her books!

    Hope to see this rocket to the top of the lists.

  22. Hey, Louisa! Thanks for stopping by! I LOVE the cover of your book! Makes me crave strawberries….and chocolate. Though almost anything can make me crave chocolate LOL 🙂

  23. Either shrimp scampi or prime rib. I know, it doesn’t sound romantic, but those are what we almost always eat when my hubby takes me out for dinner, so that’s what I associate with ‘special’ occasions. 🙂

  24. Margie – Thanks for stopping by! And also, thanks for reminding me about finger foods. Talk about suggestive! Rowr. : )

    Jane – Interesting about seafood–I wonder why? The reasons behind oysters being considered aphrodisiacs are in Just One Taste, if you’re interested. *g*

    Cyndi – Thanks again for having me here, and for auctioning me off to the highest PRO Retreat bidder! I had a ball.

    Chelsea – I know…it’s not much of a feat, is it? Chocolate is just so craveable.

    Kari Lynn – You sound like my in-laws! Every time we visit them, it’s all about the prime rib. So obviously my connotations are a little bit different, LOL! But far be it from me to yuck your yum. ; ) Whatever floats your boat!

  25. Okay, I’m late…feel like that has become my MO

    My husband loves the smell of vanilla with a little spice so I totally believe in the tests they did where men selected pumpkin spice as the scent that turned them on the most.

    I don’t think I’ve ever found foods sexy, though those strawberries look amazing on the cover. I think most people see those as sensual food so good choice. The new book sounds fun. I’ll add that to the TBR pile 🙂

  26. LOL, Liz! Yes, I know a lot of men who love that vanilla scent–almost like baking cookies or something homey and comforting.

    And those strawberries–I just think they’re so cute, the way they’re nestled against each other like that! : )

  27. Humm I love chocolate covered anything. Every time the hubby and I go out for Fondue, desert is the most incredible part! Melted chocolate over fruit, cake pieces, marshmallows…. mmmm

  28. Congrats on winning the prize, CM! And thank you to everyone who commented, I had a blast with all of you.

  29. Wow, thanks! And thanks for the chit-chat Louisa. 😀

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