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What? No Internet!

Wow, it’s Wednesday! Kinda slipped up on me, you know?

Loved every minute of my Labor Day weekend, but it got me off for this week. It’s Tuesday in my head.

But, alas, I still wouldn’t have gotten my post up in time anyway. Because my internet modem thingy, router, or something was screwed up for the past weekend and was total dead this morning. For a few days, I could sometimes get on line; others not so much. And it was slooooooow. So this morning upon finding no connection at all, I call the service provider and go through all the trouble shooting steps. I even lugged my laptop up to my attic to do the troubleshooting. And my attic is not a nice attic. It’s naked boards and insulation. But, voila! I did it….oh, and the person from the cable company helped too.

So this morning started off badly. No internet. Might as well cut off my hand or something. Then I found out that the husband and kids switched the tv channel and didn’t record my new episode of The Closer or Rizzolil and Isles. Then my eleven year old professed there was no room for his guitar on the bus, so I’d have to take him to school – 21 miles away. And did I say there was no internet? Thank goodness the coffee pot still worked or there might have been a rampage. But I survived….mainly because I fixed the internet.

Here lately life has been tough. Just getting the kids in school and making sure their football uniforms are washed, getting them to practice, selling all that dumb fundraising crud they come home with…it’s all about to kill me. And I’m not complaining because I love I have the opportunity to write under contract, but that looming deadline is scaring the willies out of me. I’m two-thirds the way in to the book, but finding the time to write has been more than challenging. No way I could throw in a full-time job  and still enjoy life. I’m having a hard time enjoying it right now. And that sucks. Because who wants to dash through life, fumbling for car keys, lunch money and thinking seriously about taking up drinking cause maybe in rehab you could actually rest?

Okay, it’s not that bad, but I’m betting Melissa knows what I’m talking about 🙂

So here I am, struggling to find time to do the thing I am now under contract to do. I need a new planner, an assistant, a drink and a nap. Scratch the drink. I don’t really need to end up in rehab. “Yeah, she was good till she started writing those romances.  Now look at her! She wears a ratty bathrobe and drinks gin. And goes on rampages when her internet goes down.”

So what about you? How addicted are you to email? Internet? Facebook? Twitter? How long could you go without it? Fess up.

5 Responses

  1. Morning Liz, hopefully the day will get better for you and like you said, at least the coffee pot is working. I’d be lost without my morning tea or Dr. Pepper (don’t do coffee).

    I couldn’t survive for long without those things (at least at work). My computer decided to bite the dust last Monday afternoon. Called in a service ticket Tuesday morning, picked it up Tuesday afternoon around 3:30 and still have it and it’s over a week later. I have been having to find vacant computers to borrow so I can attempt to get some stuff done. I brought my laptop to work yesterday and at least checked email and managed to get my next review written while not being able to do much of anything else.

    Now at home, if I have the radio and a book, I’m ok. I don’t really get on the computer much at home unless I have a review to write/post. I’d much rather spend my time playing with my grandbaby or reading. My husband and daughter are a different story though.

  2. LOL

    this weekend was insane. I’m ready for the new year. things seem to slow down then through spring where as summer, fall and winter I’m rushing everywhere all weekend long.

  3. Sitting back, knodding, giggling and so glad I’m not alone! You are right, LIz. Melissa “Knows” exactly what you’re going through, girl. I feel so much better now. Not because you too are stuggle with all this, but because I’m really not losing it! There really is a limit to what a mom can do. HA! They need support groups for this parenting stuff. LOL Hang in there! Here’s hoping the rat race moves into that slower more managable pace real soon!! 🙂

    Oh, and I must have my internet! No one gets in the way of me and my internet. It’s scary to think about how dependent I’ve become on the darn thing. How would I check the kids classes for their homework or grades? Yeah, that’s all I use it for after all. LOL

  4. Me, I’m just praying my parents either hit oil or the lottery so I can lose the day job. Hopefully BEFORE I lose my mind.

  5. Oh I know exactly what you mean! I am addicted to the internet too-mainly Facebook. Everyday, I check it-sometimes twice or more. I almost lose it when we don’t have internet for a whole day, but I have a phone where I can check email and facebook now. 🙂 And that’s not good. Lol

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