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Most Memorable Pets

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  My son just started the sixth grade and we are having the hardest time finding interesting books for him to read.  Reading usually doesn’t make the list of a boys top ten things they love to do.  Heck, if I had to, I’d be willing to bet it wouldn’t make it on their top twenty list. LOL

For my son, one thing I can count on is a book dealing with animals or a feisty, smart animal as the lead character.  Stories dealing with sports are good too, but he’s on his own with those.  These books don’t appeal to me unless there is a mystery and suspense twisted within those pages somehow.   Our favorite books so far, we stumbled across when he was in fourth grade.  A spy cat was the hero.  He was a James Bond type character who got into trouble and helped rescue his owner from the neighborhood bully. The author had a gold mine in his hands with this series, but sadly after about the fifth book we were left hanging.  We check all the time and still nothing new.

So back to my original thoughts about memorable pets.  Boys, their beloved pets and a series of books about the trouble they get into together.  They would sell I tell you.  Like crazy.  Think about all the different kinds of pets out there. 

For instance, my younger brother and I had the usual dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, and a few turkeys that kept us occupied over the years.  But the one pet that sticks out in my mind, and has my kids rolling with laughter every time we mention her during a family get together is our pet cow.  A few of you are probably wondering how a cow can be considered a childhood pet.  When you get them as a young calf and throw in five dogs for her to play with as well as a bit of non-sense yourself, voila.  You get one happy, go lucky animal that loves to chase and be chased and goof around with the best of them.

 All of which is perfectly wonderful until this cute, silly calf grows up into a 400 lb monster.  Not mean, mind you.  Just huge and still wanting to play chase everything in site.  I can’t tell you how many times we’d see one of our poor dogs being butted through the air like a soccer ball, all in a playful jester.  Fine for the dogs because they would get right back up and go for more.  But have this playful locomotive charge you at full speed when you are all of 50 pounds and it’s quite a terrifying experience.  My heart rate still picks up at the thought.  We eventually had to tie up our beloved cow we affectionately named T-Bone.  She became too much to handle way too quick.

Right now, my son has a crazy hamster named Darwin.  He’s the sweetest little thing.  Doesn’t bite like most hamsters, but he has no desire to be in his warm, cozy cage full of food, water and toys.  Darwin is the best escape artist I’ve ever seen.  Our next step is to set up a video camera so we can see how he does it.  I can see several books on this character alone. LOL

Any ideas on good books for middle school aged boys?  Maybe someone has already thought of this wonderful story idea and I’ve missed it?  Or how about sharing a memory of your favorite pet.   🙂


5 Responses

  1. While we’re looking for books for “middle school aged boys”, are there any books for middle aged men? Besides Monday morning newspapers that re-cap weekend sports activities.

    I wonder if novels came in 4 page chapters, would that appeal to men needing ‘only’ the bottom-line of a story. Hmm, 25 page novels?

  2. Too funny, Terri! Does this mean you don’t have a favorite pet memory to share? LOL

    I believe you might be interested in short stories or novellas. They are brief and get straight to the point. 🙂

  3. My Hubby and daughter neither one like to read. I am determined that my grandbaby will love it. She already has a massive book collection and likes you to read to her.

    We’ve had so many pets over the years but a couple stand out. We had a “blue” great dane named Lady. She we got her because she had been abused by her previous owners and my uncle took her back. My cousin’s dad was working on our go-cart in the yard and she snuck up behind him and bit him on his butt. It was too funny.

    We had a rat terrier named Bandit that I swear was part cat and had 9 lives. She would disappear for months on end then come back home. One day a german shepherd across the street got ahold of her in his mouth and was shaking her like a rag doll. We thought she wouldn’t make it this time, wrong again.

    My brother had a cat that was demon possessed. He would sneak at you and claw your ankles. The only person he liked was my brother.

  4. favorite pet as a kid was my horse Jack. he was bought just for me. he was huge, but cuddly soft. such a beta kind of guy. he didn’t rule the herd, but just went with the flow. he was the only gelding we could stall next to our stud horse and not have a fight break out. The stud never once cared.

  5. I love the story of Darwin, Melissa! Too cute! He would be a very funny and cute character in a book. i encourage you to place him into a story. I had a friend who had a dog, a hyper little thing, and I asked my friend if I could place the dog into my story and she urged me to. So far, the people who have read it just FELL IN LOVE with that dog! LOL She easy to fall in love with even in real life! The dog even has her own facebook page, and she is friends with my dog (Dusty) on his facebook page. Haha!

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