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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Sing it with me…”It’s the hap-happiest season of all,”

Okay, yes, I’ve been distracted and busy, but I get that it’s not Christmas. It’s better. It’s fall. Except Mother Nature didn’t get the memo down here. 94 degrees today? Seriously?

So officially it is autumn. Yay. And that means some of my absolute favorite things – like football. Oh, yeah, I’m a huge football junkie. I could get up on Saturday and watch it ALL day. I love college the best and every morning on the way to take the kiddo to the bus stop, I listen to Rivals Radio. Bill King, specifically. (Cyndi – I will be at the Arkansas game this year….where’s your tailgate, sister?)

The other thing I love are those little melocreme pumpkins and their good friends, candycorn. I have two candy dishes filled with them already. We’re already on our second round. Add to that the deliciousness of all things apple – caramel apples, apple pie and those wonderful spiced apple candles, and my senses go haywire. Yum, yum, yum – I love the tastes and smell of fall.

This morning, after watering my mostly dead plants (and doing this blog), I’m planning on getting out the fall decorations, which includes all my fun Halloween things. For some reason, son number two loves Halloween beyond compare. And all those cute, fun decorations seem to find their way into my cart. We have ghosts that hover and great naked trees that hold candles. We have a terrific haunted house that goes on the mantle and silly skeletons and black cats that dance. I’m looking forward to getting it out and in place before the boys come home today.

So, Mother Nature, wake up. It’s the end of September, sister. I need at the very least a day in the 80s. A cool breeze maybe? I’m ready for fall. Doing my part. Do yours. Send some relief šŸ™‚

How about you? How are you getting ready for fall?

7 Responses

  1. I’m with you Liz, I love the fall. We watch a lot of football too. I am usually reading when it’s on but it’s on. There are a few pro teams I like (mainly the Cowboys) and we watch/listen to all the Razorback games.

    I have to leave home when they are on though because Hubby gets very vocal and screams and yells at the TV. My little granddaughter doesn’t understand what her pop pop is getting so worked up over so we usually take her and leave.

    She’s already had 3 different Razorback outfits since she was born and is ready for the 4th.

    I love the fall holidays espcially Christmas. I love to buy/do for other’s. That’s the best part of it and seeing a small child’s face light up in wonder is the most prescious gift of all.

    I need some cooler weather. Our state fair starts in two weeks and it’s too hot to even think about going to the fair.

  2. Oh I am SO ready for Fall, Liz! More than ready. I’ve had enough of this sizzling summer heat. I am going to buy a few fall scented candles too. I have already started wearting heels and buying new fall clothes. Haha! I am getting into the autumn spirit. šŸ™‚

  3. I’m ready for fall, but I still need to dig out my sweaters and jackets. I’m also ready for Halloween since all the stores have the decorations and candy out for sale already.

  4. Oh, Heather, I almost forgot you were a Hog. And I say that in the nicest of ways. LOL. Will you be tailgating for the LSU game by any chance. Would love to meet you šŸ™‚

    Good for you, Jamie. I haven’t been brave enough to go fall clothes shopping yet. They’ll have to pry my flipflops from my cold hands.

    Yeah, Jane. The Halloween candy gets me. It’s just so seductively festive.

  5. So ready for fall! Got my stuff out! I too am just waiting for the darn weather to figure out it’s time to change seasons. LOL

  6. love, love, love, love fall! the colors, the smells, the (should be) cooler weather! I too have a huge box of fall things, but I doubt they are put out this year since dh has them stuffed behind the christmas stuff.

  7. Liz – I WILL be tailgating at the LSU game. We have reserved parking in Lot 3 (I think it’s lot 3. I’ll check)

    I gather you’re coming for the game?

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