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Giving Thanks – Welcome Dale Mayer

Hi all! Cynthia D’Alba here. I am SO THRILLED to welcome my good friend, writer extraordinaire, BRAVA finalist Dale Mayer to ENALR today. Before Dale finaled in the BRAVA contest, I hadn’t read her work. But I’ve been reading as the entries are posted and I swear, Dale’s entry is excellent.  And although Dale didn’t ask you to go vote for her entry, I AM asking you to go read and vote. HERE is the link to the BRAVA contest, although Dale also provides a link below.

So without further ado…take it away Dale!

Hi everyone! Thanks to Cynthia D’Alba for inviting here today.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Dale Mayer, and I write Romantic Suspense and have recently branched off into writing YA – in many genres!  My manuscript, Tuesday’s Child, is a finalist in Kensington Brava’s Writing with the Stars contest.  Round 2 on Best Hero and Heroine is underway right now!

It’s Thanksgiving this weekend and not far away will be Christmas.  I love this time of year.  And not just for the lovely food – and I do so love my groceries!  But it’s also a time when I take stock of my world, my goals, my future.   This year, I have so much to be thankful for that I have created a list, I call my Grace list.

My list has different categories like friends, family, and goals.  One of those categories is writing – because I’m trying to get published.  I have many points listed but the top three writing points that I am so thankful for are:

  1. Being a Brava finalist – this is a huge honor as the editors pulled my entry from the large stack as worthy of being published.  I’m grateful that Kensington picked up the contest, which is really the new version of Dorchester’s American Title contest that ran for five years and stopped a year ago.  Just being picked as a finalist means my writing has reached this benchmark level – finally!
  2. Having Cynthia Eden as my mentor – In the Brava contest, the ten finalists were paired up with a Brava author for a mentor/mentee relationship.  I have been truly blessed to have Cynthia Eden as mine.  In this contest, the finalists were given five writing challenges and when finished, we brought our mentors in on the revision process.  Cynthia was great at showing me how to strengthen my writing to make these challenges shine.  She’s also been a stalwart supporter helping me find ways to promote myself.  Something I’m not terribly good at – lol.
  3. Having the writing friends that I have – there are few people in the world that understand the stress and struggle of a writer on her way to publication than another writer.  The journey has some incredible highs, but the lows can be devastating.  Having friends along for the ride is a huge blessing.  I belong to a community called GIAM started by Amy Atwell that has long turned into a group of committed writers I’m proud to call friends.  Cynthia D’Alba is one them!

Now for me it’s not just enough to give thanks, but I also like to find a way to spread the joy.  That means encouraging others to find things in their lives to be thankful for, to find other people to help, and to mentor those that are in need themselves.  We all have so much to give, to share -to rejoice in.  And so often we forget because we become so busy and so tired out – that the concept can’t fit into our exhausted mindset.

This thanksgiving, if you can,

find an extra hug for that one person who could use it,

send an ecard of friendship to someone you haven’t spoken to recently’


if you’re a writer, stretch out a hand to someone lower on the ladder who could use the help!

How do you make this time of year special?  Is Thanksgiving about the family gatherings and the great food (oh yummm!)?  Is it seeing people that you haven’t connected with in awhile?  Is it a chance to reflect and rejoice?  What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

Final Note from Cyndi:  Thanks Dale for visiting.  If you haven’t voted in the BRAVA contest, do it today!


20 Responses

  1. I do believe that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday…even over Christmas! I love the fact that it’s all about family, food, feuds, and football!

    I can’t honestly say that I stop and reflect on all the things I’m thankful for so I’m glad you grabbed this topic that made me do just that!

    My husband and I have an embarrassingly great life, something that I thankful for.

    Thanks for visiting today, Dale.

  2. Terrific blog, Dale! I have such good friends among the writers I’ve met through GIAM. It’s the greatest, most supportive group!

    I’ve gotta admit, Thanksgiving is about family and food. lol I think we’ll pass Black Friday shopping this year. And now I’m going to go and vote for you again!

  3. Dale,
    What a great post, and thanks for including me and GIAM in it. My family is sort of scattered, although I’ll gather with my dad and one brother tomorrow for a meal. I enjoy the holiday time, but I do tend to use it as a time to reflect on the previous year and plan for the new. Tomorrow, I will definitely be giving thanks for all the wonderful supportive writers who’ve helped me on the journey to published.

  4. Hi Cyndi!

    Thanks so much for having me here today!

    Football! Now that’s something I forgot about. And of course feuds – but that’s almost a given with family. lol.

    I’m so happy that you DO have an embarrassingly rich life! So many don’t that’s it’s nice to see someone who does!

    I love Christmas too but this time between the two holidays always seems to be so special.

  5. Dale,

    thanks for stopping by. I went and looked at the entries and voted for yours. Good Luck with the contest. Cynthia Eden is awesome and I love her writing. I reviewed Amy’s book a couple of weeks ago and was hooked.

    I am so thankful for my friends and family. My granddaughter has CF and has not had to go into the hospital for over a year (this is very rare for children with CF) so we are very thankful about that.

    I love this time of year and am ready for the holidays. Will be hitting the sales on Black Friday gotta finish my angel’s xmas shopping 🙂

  6. Edie – isn’t it great when you find friends in ‘your inner world’? We all have friends that aren’t writers, but to find writer friends, well…

    Being in Canada, we don’t have the same Black Friday you do, although I see some of the bigger box stores trying to get that started. Who can pass up that whole ‘make a buck’ scene!

    Thanks for popping in – and even bigger thanks and hugs for voting!!!


  7. Hi Amy, I couldn’t not mention you and GIAM, you’ve both been a major force on my journey and although I’m not published like you, at least I can finally see that in my future!

    I also do a lot of thinking over this next six weeks about my goals and how I did – the end of the year is just over five weeks away! Where did it go??

  8. so how come nobody has noticed the “fancy” turkey I found for this post! LOL LOL

  9. Welcome Dale! We’re all about family and the food. Doesn’t matter what we’re doing, this family does it with food. So a holiday JUST FOR FOOD and gathering around??? ahh…perfection for the Ford family.

  10. Hi Heather,

    Thanks for voting and for reviewing Amy’s book. I read Lying Eyes years ago and was hooked before the editor got a hold of it.

    I’m so sorry about your granddaughter – but that is huge that she hasn’t had to go to the hospital for so long! So much to be thankful for. I’d be buying the stores up for her too!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a wonderful Black Friday shopping day – and a loving Thanksgiving!!


  11. Hi Cynthia – I noticed and snickered! She’s the best dressed turkey in town!


  12. Hi Keri!

    Family and food, sigh. Two of the best things in life! Your family sounds awfully close to mine! I hope this weekend, your turkey cooks to perfection and your family all gather round with smiles on their faces and good wishes in their hearts!


  13. Great post, Dale.

    I’m giving thanks for all the normal things that are appreciated by those of us who are blessed with family and friends. But I’m also giving special thanks this year to a program called TAKE SHAPE FOR LIFE. Special thanks for a woman who found the program and shared it with me. Special thanks for being able to discover a great path to optimal health. My life has changed so dramatically over the past six months and I’m discovering more about staying healthy every day.


  14. Hi Angi! I am so going to have to check out this program – if’s it’s given you that much hope and thankfulness. It’s something I’ve never heard of.

    Here’s hoping you have a great day and even better Thanksgiving weekend.


  15. Hey, Dale, long time no see!

    My list includes the same things most of you mentioned and even some of the same folks. Cyndi is at the of my list, too!

    I’m thankful I have a roof over my head and that I can tutor for fun and profit. Can’t leave out my daughter, of course.

    I’m even thankful for the voices inside my head.

    Mary Narvella

  16. Hi Mary (waving madly!) It’s been too long! Lol. the roof our heads after the last couple of years is huge. You feel about tutoring as I do about freelancing – thank heavens we can do this for profit!

    And who could discount those wonderful crazy characters in our heads. I’ve even thankful for my muse – and she’s been a tough taskmaster these last few months.


  17. What a wonderful post, Dale! And thanks for all the reminders on how to “share the joy” this holiday season. I’ve got to admit that I often tend to hole up in my writing cave and forget all the others out there who aren’t blessed to have a passion in their life, and people that love me when I come up for air. My husband is so supportive, and the two of us will be celebrating with my 88 yr. old mom tomorrow. She’s legally blind and has numerous health issues, but I’m so glad she’s with us still. We’re going out to dinner (hooray! No dishes!) and one of our prayers during grace will be to thank God for blessing us with the gift of this great country of ours, and the freedoms we enjoy.

    Good luck with the BRAVA contest! You’re a superb writer, and have got my vote.

    P.S. I’m also MOST grateful for our GIAM friends, including YOU, Dale! You’re the best!


  18. Hi Kathleen – I’m so glad you came out of your cave to visit with us!! Supportive husbands are so wonderful – you are truly blessed! You’re also blessed to still have your mother to share this holiday with. I love going out for dinner – something I don’t get much chance to do.

    Thanks for the best wishes on the Brava contest! And for the Vote!

    And a special hug for friend comment – smooch!!!!


  19. Sorry it took me a while to say hello. Hello! Glad to have you visit. Good luck with the contest. I’ll pop by and vote 🙂

    And, Cyndi, love the fancy turkey!

  20. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for stopping by to say hello! Life at this time of year is hectic to say the least. If you can find the time to go vote – I appreciate it! Thanks for the best wishes on the contest too – here’s hoping I’m still in for the next round!

    Have a great weekend.


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