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Fake or Real?

Thanksgiving arrived on Thursday along with a cool front to make it finally feel like fall around here.  Leaves dropping, the wind gentle for the most part, air fresh with only traces of humidity lingering behind and forecasted to stick around through the week.  I’m loving it!  I actually feel like decorating this year. LOL

We went out Sunday afternoon and cut down our Christmas tree.  The kids have a blast running through the rows of trees, measuring and trying to find that one tree mom will finally agree on.  I guess you could say I might be a tad bit picky.  But there are just so many things you have to consider when picking out a tree.  LOL  The past few years, I’ve spared them and put up the old faithful fake tree.  You know, the one that’s the perfect size for your room without all the falling needles.  The same one that will still be as pretty the day you take it down as it was the day you put it up without an ounce of water.  I really like that simple tree.  The lights are already strung too, which is a huge factor for me since I’m the one who has to put them on and take them off after Christmas.  But when you’re out numbered, you’re numbered. 

I have to say it’s a nice change of pace this year.  And watching the kids, well, be kids and act goofy was priceless all in itself.  Not a care in the world.  You would never guess I had two teenage girls and a sixth grade boy.   Each one took turns with the saw as the others giggled and aggravated and yes I laughed.  Love, love, loved it!  🙂

Now that the tree is up in the living room waiting to be decorated, I’m working hard to finish up NaNo.  A few thousand words to go and I’m home free.  Then I hope we can all put the ornaments up and maybe we’ll even string popcorn garland and make popcorn balls like I did when I was a kid.  Back then, I think we may have eaten more popcorn than we strung and pricked a few fingers in the process but it was so much fun. 

 I have no idea why we haven’t already tried this.  Too busy I guess. 

What kind of tree for you?  Fake or real?


8 Responses

  1. If I had my choice it would be a real tree but with all of our allergies we have a fake tree.

    I can’t wait to start decorating but I never put anything up till after Dec 1st. My little Angel is already getting so excited when she sees the lights around the neighborhood. She grabs papa’s hand and says Walk, he asks where and she says Christmas. It is too cute.

    We bought a blow up for the front yard this year and we are still trying to decide about lights on the house. Tree will go up next weekend. Even though it’s prelit, we still add about 7 or 8 strands of multi colored LED lights on it (it only has white).

    My question to everyone, what type of ornaments are on your tree?

    Ours is a hodge-podge of family memory ornaments. It’s always so much fun to look at them as we put them on the tree.

  2. I’d love a read tree, but I don’t have time to put one up before I’d have to take it down. I used to decorate for Christmas, but with no children and nothing really going on for the holidays, (all the family elsewhere), I won’t decorate at all.

    But I love the smell of a real tree!

  3. That’s precious, Heather! If we could just see things through a child’s eye more often, wouldn’t that be magical. 🙂

    We also put up a variety of ornaments collected over the years. The best part of decorating our tree is going back over who gave it to us, or where we found it, or just plain why we liked it and bought it. LOL The kids laugh over the ones they made at school with their pictures in them. Too funny and so special

  4. fake for us! we did a real tree once, but my dh was really anal about all those needles everywhere

    If fake trees could hold the smell of real trees when you opened the box every year, it would be a perfect world.

  5. I can see that happening here as well, Cyndi. Once the kids leave home, it just won’t be the same. 😦 I guess I could talk to myself while I put up the ornaments, but that might be pushing it. LOL

  6. Keri, I’m loving that smell right now! 😉 Won’t be loving all those needles later. Do they make a spray for that fresh Christmas tree smell? You know like they do for new car smell? Just wondering… LOL

  7. We do a fake one. We prefer a real one, but have had some many problems with them that we gave up. The first one was a Scottish pine and got sap on many of my ornaments. We did okay for a few years until the Christmas tree horror story where our fell not once but twice, spilling gallons of water all over our presents. My husband got pissed off and dragged it out the front door chirstmas ornaments and lights breaking behind him. It happened at five o’clock in the morning while we were waiting on the taxi to take us to the airport for Disney World. I cried all the way to the airport. Not fun.

    So it’s plastic (or whatever they’re made of) for us.

  8. We do a fake one at our house. I would love to try a real one someday, however. My grandparents picked out real ones to put in their house years ago. I loved the smell.

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