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It’s Been A While…

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post. Life definitely has a way of getting in the way when you least expect it, and then it takes over. I’ve missed everyone bunches and I’m so glad to be back.

I work for HSN which if you watch it or perhaps just happen by it when you’re channel surfing, you know it’s that time of the year. Shopping for the masses – be in a brick and mortar store or online. With us, it’s not the brick and mortar, but calling in the orders or buying online, or both.

Although I’m not the person you’d speak with if you called in your order, I do work in the marketing department of the .com side.  .

Enough about my day job. 🙂 I can’t believe 2010 is almost gone. The year has flown by. When I’m putting up the Christmas tree, pulling out ornaments that I’ve received from friends or bought with the family, it’s always a walk down memory lane. The ones my kids (who are now grown) made are always the best. They may not look the best, but they still have a place front and center on the tree, while some of the more fancy ones have to move to the side.

I love this season, from the lights outside and inside to even the radio station playing non-stop Christmas music. (side note – Science Guy changes the channel on the radio every time he gets in my car).

Whether it’s spending time laughing with family and friends or curling up with a cup of coffee and watching an old Christmas movie, I enjoy it all.

This year isn’t as much about the giving since we don’t have the money to really go out and buy tons presents. It’s been a tough year for Science Guy with the job economy. And anyone who knows me well, knows I’m a giver. I get as much, if not more, pleasure in giving the gift. You know, the one you see and just know that so and so would absolutely love it.

Funny thing is I’m finding out that it’s still a great season even if we’ve cut back on the spending. The tree still looks beautiful with a little fewer presents than normal. No one seems to notice the difference.

I’m thankful for my friends, online friends and those who I get to see all the time. I’m thankful for a wonderful chapter with members who are always on the loop ready to answer questions and help someone out. And I’m thankful for my family. We may be spread across several states, some much further than other’s, but we still manage to stay close, talking on the phone and by email.

Remember the top part where I talked about my day job? Yeah, well, I probably won’t be able to comment back to anyone until after work. They don’t mind if we get on our emails, but right now there’s no time to do it. So, if you don’t see on during the day, I’ll be here once I’m done with the day job and back to the writing job.



6 Responses

  1. I’m with you Vicki this is definitely my favorite time of the year. I love giving too. I would rather spend my money on gifts for others rather than get something myself.

    We have a 22 mo old granddaughter and we put the tree up this past weekend for her and she is so enjoying it. Seeing her face light up when she sees it is the best gift of all.

    My Christmas tree is a memory tree. We have over 20+ years of ornaments for it (this year I put a 1/3 of the ornaments on it because of said granddaughter). it is always fun going through the ornaments remembering where we bought it.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Glad to have you back with us Vicki!

    we’re also cutting way back this year. many of us are.

  3. So glad to see you back, Vicki! 🙂 I can’t believe how fast 2010 zoomed by. Seems like I was just taking all those ornaments off the tree. LOL But if I had to do a holiday over and over it would be Christmas. I love spending time with family and friends, laughing and enjoying each other. Shoot, who needs presents anyway! 🙂

  4. Thanks guys, it’s nice to be back. 🙂

    Heather – I love 20+ years of ornament memories. That’s so cool!

    Keri – I think most people are this year.

    Melissa – I’m with you, I love this season the most with or without presents.

  5. I don’t know where 2010 went…heck it seems like yesterday that we all were preparing for the world ending on 1/1/2000! Remember all that?

    Last night, I had dinner with nine ladies I have been friends with for 42 years…two of them, I have been friends with for 50 years! Long time, very special friends.

    As far as gifts…I’d much rather GIVE presents. It’s so much more fun to watch someone open something I gave them than opening my own gifts.

  6. Welcome back, Vic! And I don’t even have the Christmas tree up yet. We moved this past weekend and everything is in boxes. I can’t find my silverware much less my ornaments.

    The best part about this year is the spirit everyone seems to have. I love the lights and the foods of the season.

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