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The Elf On The Shelf

Have yall heard about this before? The authors of the book and the creators are genius I’m telling you, GENIUS. My cousin got us one for Christmas last year, but son was a little too young to really get Santa and all that would happen.

This year he’s ready to go. He’s been asking about Santa since August. I knew it was going to be the perfect year for it.

Let me give you a little background on what the Elf is. The Elf is a small stuffed toy that sits in your house. He watches your children every day to monitor their behavior. Children can talk to him and tell him what they want for Christmas. At night while your kid sleeps, he returns to the North Pole and reports to Santa about the child’s behavior and while there he also whispers into Santa ears what the kid is asking for Christmas. It’s a direct link to the big man! There’s a book that comes with The Elf, explaining everything.

So while Son was in the bath a few nights ago, I pulled the Elf out, and put him high on our Christmas Tree. Son came running out and I pointed at the tree at the Elf. Told him Santa had sent a very special elf to our house while he was in the bath.

The wonder on Son’s face was just….it was Christmas Magic at work. Eyes lit up, lips parted. Stark naked after his bath with water in his hair, he stopped at stared at that little toy elf.

I lifted the book and showed it to Son, telling him that the elf had given it to me before he climbed up on our tree. After he dressed, we sat down with my husband and we read the book, explaining about the Elf.

The book itself is very clever. It explains the elf cannot be touched. If he’s touched, then his Christmas Magic will disappear and the elf will not be able to return to Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas (keeping your kid from playing with or losing the toy). The elf cannot talk back to the child either. It’s Santa’s Law that the elf cannot talk back, but the elf can listen to the child and take notes. And then at the end, there’s a section you fill out your family name, the date you started the tradition and then your kid gets to name the elf to turn on the elf’s magic.

Son named our elf “E”.

So every night after Son goes to bed, the husband and I move the little toy to a different place in our house and every morning the son runs into the living room, looking for where E could be hiding. Each night he tells E what he wants for Christmas and all day long mommy reminds Son that E is watching and he better be good.


8 Responses

  1. We don’t do Elf on the Shelf. We do Elf Magic.

    Our elf is named Bingham and he’s sometimes naughty. SO far this year he’s had an UNO poker game with IBC rootbeers. He’s bungee jumped off the chandelier. Last night he made a lunch for himself so he could go to school with Gabe and got peanut butter and crackers all over the kitchen. Sometimes he leaves a treat for Gabe along with a note. Every night we sprinkle him with magic snowflakes and leave him water and crackers. Then he comes to life.

    Gabe loves Bingham and totes him with him everywhere. B sleeps in his sleeping bag in the car while Gabe is at school. Gabe even writes Bingham notes every night. It’s the sweetest thing I got going on in my life right now. Ah, the magic of Christmas. I’m savoring it because even thought Bingham is a huge hassle, Gabe totally believes in him. It’s awesome.

  2. Ah, I love both E and Bingham! My kids are grown and there isn’t any grandkids yet. I have to say this would have been a blast when they were little.

    The only thing we had was/is a countdown calendar with a little mouse that sits in the pocket of each day. The kids did love moving him over every morning.

  3. oh, amy that is cute!!! …..and far more work than what E takes! but yes, Son totally buys into it. I will be milking Santa as long as I can because it’s just wonderful.

    Vicki we didn’t have ANYTHING but stockings and the calendar on the refrig, so I am loving doing stuff like this.

  4. We had the same countdown calendar with the mouse in it and I think my mom still puts it out to this day.

    I have several friends at work that are doing Elf on the Shelf but I was afraid Lilly was too little this year, she’s 22 mo. We will probably start that tradition next year.

    This year I bought a cheezy advent calendar with chocolate in it. Every night after dinner we open the door for that day and have our piece of chocolate. it took a few days for her to grasp the concept that we can’t open them all at once 🙂

    This is such a magical time with little kids and I agree Keri, I want to milk Santa as long as we can. She has been getting my Holiday Movie packs out of the DVD shelf for months now looking at Frosty and Santa on the cover. Of course we are watching all the Christmas shows and she absolutely loves the tree and gets so excited and just has a fit over it when we turn it on.

  5. this is BRILLIANT! Totally brilliant.

    Having no children, it’s this time of the year that I miss some of the holiday magic. But then, I have you guys to share these kinds of stories that make me smile.

  6. Heather, we had ours for last year, but I thought he was a little young too. He’s 3 1/2 and this has been the *perfect* year. we probably could have done it last year, had we really began explaining about Santa.

    I know Cyndi! I wish I would have been the one to think of these Elves!!

  7. Darn! Too late for me! What a great idea!! 🙂 I’ll have to remember it for the grandchildren. In the way, way future! LOL

  8. LOL do it Melissa! son is still thrilled every morning when he goes to look for E

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