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Welcome Guest Blogger Tawny Weber

I want to say a big Thank You to Tawny Weber for agreeing to gues blog with us today.  The first book I read by her was her short story in It Must Have Been the Mistletoe.  I really enjoyed the story and have started looking for her back list because I am definitely a fan. 

Please Welcome Tawny Weber

Happy Holidays, and a big thank you to Heather for having me here at Everybody Needs a Little Romance (and oh boy, don’t they just!).  I’m super jazzed to visit, and to celebrate with you all the holiday season, the release of my latest book and the fact that it’s officially cookie month.  Yes, I know it’s really officially the Holiday Season, but I do tend to think of it as cookie month J  I mean, there are delicious, scrumptious and beautiful cookies coming out of so many kitchens right now, right?

One of the reasons I’m so excited about cookies is that I think they’re the perfect accompaniment to my latest Harlequin Blaze novella.  A BABE IN TOYLAND is a part of the IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE MISTLETOE anthology this month and is a fast, fun holiday read.  This was such a great experience for me to write, too.  BABE is my 9th Blaze, and was a whole new kind of writing.  My books tend to be about 62k words long.  Last year I wrote my first novella, YOU HAVE TO KISS A LOT OF FROGS for the BLAZING BEDTIME STORIES III anthology, and that was 30k.  I loved the tighter story, so was thrilled for the chance to kick it down to 20k and see if I could bring my favorite story elements –love, humor and sexual tension— into play in that shorter length. 

This is one of the things I love best about writing.  Especially about writing for a fabulous line like Harlequin’s Blaze.  I get to constantly challenge myself, to push the envelope and test my skills.  I’m a big believer in learning and growing, and hope my books reflect that. 

Because as a reader, I’m always looking to learn something from a book.  And I think that romance novels are great teachers.  Whether it’s to learn quirky new terminology, a recipe or facts about a different state, or to observe how characters act, react and how they themselves grow throughout a story. 

It was through reading romance novels that I learned many of my relationship expectations.  I learned that strong women get what they want—including the hunky hero.  I learned that women can, and should, embrace their sexuality and believe they deserve to feel great.  I learn to look deeper into people’s actions for motivation, I learn that conflict serves a purpose.

And most of all, I’ve learned that I can read, do dishes and help with homework all at the same time, without dropping my book.  *g*

What are some things you’ve learned from reading?  And are you a fan of the holiday reading, especially? 

**Be sure and leave a comment because Tawny has graciously agreed to give away a book (open to US Residents only) to one lucky commenter – and believe me it’s a book worth having (you can read my review here http://wp.me/plCLo-1ag)**


20 Responses

  1. Oohh sounds like a great story. Love the blaze series.

  2. Hi, Tawny! thanks for being here with us today!

    hm. love to read. learned about pink dolphins in south america from reading. …picked up TONS of murder ideas….ways to hide bodies…pets….kids (not all of that true!)…knitting….horses….boats….I mean, the list really just goes and goes!

  3. Tawny,

    Thank you so much for stopping by today. I really enjoyed your post and your book.

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Keri Ford, Heather Brewer, NeedALittleRomance, Renee Vincent, MonicaBurns and others. MonicaBurns said: RT @KeriFord: Please welcome TAWNY WEBER to the blog! Comment for a chance to win a book!! http://bit.ly/ezTedz […]

  5. I’ve learned that guys in the real world have a lot to live up to– and need to start reading romance so they can start! 😉

  6. Well, um, since my parents never really did the ‘birds and bees’ talk…I learned a LOT from reading.

  7. Welcome, Tawny! 🙂 I’m not a big traveler, so I’ve learned alot about wonderful places I can only visit in my dreams. And I enjoy reading books with a holiday theme. Helps me really get into that holiday spirit.

  8. Ok Kari Lynn – you have no idea how lucky you are that the parents didn’t do the “birds and bee’ talk. It’s awful! LOL

    Thanks Tawny for blogging today with us. I know Heather is so excited to have you here. She’s been talking about how much she loves your work for weeks!!

    I LOVE Christmas stories. LOVE EM. I like them hot, I like them simple, I them steamy, historical, contemporary…whatever. I love a holiday setting.

  9. Hi Jeannene 🙂

    I love the Blaze series, too – Its definitely one of my faves! I’m glad you enjoy the books 🙂

  10. Hi Kerri 🙂

    thanks so much for the welcome!! I appreciate it.

    LOL, I love that you found so many murder and body disposal ideas reading 😉 Isn’t it amazing what we can pick up in good books?!

  11. Heather, thank you!!! I appreciate your reading MUST HAVE BEEN THE MISTLETOE

  12. Heather, thank you!!! I appreciate your reading MUST HAVE BEEN THE MISTLETOE, and your lovely review. You’re the bestest 😉

  13. Chelsea -they DO have a lot to live up to!! I agree. I also believe we’re worth that kind of guy who lives up to romance hero standards 🙂

  14. ROFL Kidell 🙂

    We all got to learn those birds and bees details somewhere, right?

  15. Hi Melissa 🙂

    I’m with you on the love for holiday books. They are great mood setters!

    I’m an avowed homebody so seeing the world through books is always wonderful. I’ve learned so much about the world through reading. And about other worlds LOL.

  16. LOL Cyndi 🙂

    I love your love for holiday books!!!!

    Thank you SO much for having me here today – I lost my internet for half the day and had to replace some obscure (to me) part before I could return to the wide wide world of the net. I think I was hyperventilating there for awhile *g*

  17. I love reading holiday books, I read them all year long. And the Blaze line has always been one of my favorites.

  18. Hi Linda 🙂 That’s so cool that you read the holiday books all year. It’s like the gift that just keeps giving, right? The Blaze line is fab, isn’t it. There are so many great authors there, I’m always blown away at the variety and depth of the stories.

  19. Sorry I missed the blog date. I had a very good reason. Well, not so much a good reason, but I’m drowning in things to do. Why did I let my hubs talk me into moving BEFORE Christmas?

    So I’m sorry I wasn’t around to comment yesterday. But things, I’ve learned from reading…what haven’t I learned? Like Keri, I’ve learned info that ‘s handy and not so handy. I’m a hoot at parties.

    Thanks for visiting with us, Tawny. Good to have guests around here.

  20. I think it would be easier to list the things I haven’t learned from reading. : )

    Tawny, December is cookie month! I’m starting my baking tomorrow.

    Congratulations on the Christmas book!

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