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A McKettrick Christmas by Linda Lael Miller – A Review

Recently I was strolling the aisles of Walmart, just enjoying being by myself and checking the Walmart mark-downs. I can’t go to Walmart without checking the book shelves. This particular day, I was ready to get in the mood for Christmas. I needed a good, romantic Christmas story. I noticed one with the title THE CHRISTMAS BRIDES by Linda Lael Miller. Hmm. Sounded like exactly what I was looking for. I flipped it over to read the back…two stories…one McKettrick tale and one Creed story. Wow. Perfect. Ms. Miller has rarely–if ever–let me down with her storytelling and these two novellas were no exception. Today, I’m reviewing A McKETTRICK CHRISTMAS.

Lizzie McKettrick is on a homebound train with a Christmas Eve surprise for her family–a special young man, Whitley Carons. He might seen a little too interested in the McKettrick money, but Lizzie’s certain Whitley care for her deep down. But fate has a surprise for Lizzie–Dr. Morgan Shane. When their train is stranded by a massive avalanche on Christmas Eve the handsome doctor takes charge–with Lizzie by his side. Time’s running out for the passengers. But with faith, hard work, and some unexpected help, it just might be a joyous McKettrick family Christmas after all…

If you are a McKettrick fan, Lizzie is the daughter of Holt McKettrick (McKettrick’s Choice, June 2005). The males of the McKettrick clan are strong-willed, and hard-headed. Holt’s daughter, Lizzie, has definitely inherited the McKettrick gene pool. She’ been away at school and is on her way home…to stay and dragging a boy home with her. She fully expects Whitley to propose to her at Christmas and she’s prepared to accept. But the girl that Whitley knows from the city isn’t the same as the Lizzie on the train. He’s always found her sweet and accommodating…not what he sees in this emergency. Lizzie doesn’t hesitate to take charge after her train is derailed due to an avalanche. A cranky baby? She’s rock it. A cranky boyfriend? He needs to man up! I loved her fearless attitude.

Dr. Morgan Shane is a perfect compliment to Lizzie. Brave. Humble. Handsome. Unbeknown to her, Dr. Shane is on his way to meet with Holt after a job as the town doctor. Their meeting on the train was fate. Dr. Shane has no respect for Lizzie’s boyfriend, Whitley, and I suspect most of the readers will share the sentiment.

Lizzie begins to view her boyfriend differently. Maybe he isn’t who she needs. He’s “citified” and she begins to wonder how well he will do in the rugged Montana Territory and the loud and rowdy McKettrick Clan of the Triple M Ranch. Plus she finds herself drawn to the handsome doctor and should she be considering she’s supposed to be in love with Whitley?

Morgan Shane is fascinated by Lizzie…her strength, her kindness, her beauty. He doesn’t understand how she can be with such a wimp as the man traveling with her.

For a short novella, Ms. Miller has a sizable cast of characters on that stranded train and you come to know each one and to care what happens to them, a feat that hard to do well in so few words. But you do care. You want the passenger with the baby and small children to make it home to her husband; the passenger who is sick to live long enough to see his wife and son.

Does anyone remember the Rice Krispies commercial where the mother is reading a romance novel while her family believes she is slaving away making a Rice Krispies dessert for them? At the end of the book, she presses the book to her chest and sighs because the story was so good. Well, this book is like that. At the end, I sighed in pleasure. Both novellas were wonderful reads and I recommend this if you’re into historical western romance. Money well spent for me.

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5 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Cynthia D'Alba, Cynthia D'Alba. Cynthia D'Alba said: A McKettrick Christmas by Linda Lael Miller – A Review: http://wp.me/plCLo-1c4 […]

  2. it sounds good Cyndi. I just saw this book at Kmart today and almos picked it up.

  3. I want this!

  4. It is so good. Of course, I am a Creed and McKettrick fan! And I do love western romances.

    Crystal – Am loaning it to friend. you want it after her?

  5. […] of two novellas in Linda Lael Miller’s THE CHRISTMAS BRIDES. If you missed the review of A McKettrick Christmas from last Sunday, check it out, […]

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