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The Spoke in the Wheel

Ever had one of those days? Or one of those months? Heck, it really could be a whole year. It’s the whole “nothing is going my way” kind of run. Well, I’m so raising my hand here.

It’s been one of those runs of nothing going my way.

It started with the move. Yes, like nutcases, my family and I decided to move in the middle of the Christmas holidays. And we decided we could do the move ourselves since it was merely across town, so we didn’t hire movers. We relied on family. Big mistake. Mostly cause “family” don’t like to move either. So we wore ourselves out packing up and moving. And that started a chain reaction of bad luck. First, the dryer broke. Correction. My husband broke the dryer. I can’t do any washing. Or rather, any drying.

 Then the plasma tv he ordered (that was too amazing of a deal to pass up) was too big for the space above the mantel. They delivered the HUGE tv and it sat in a HUGE crate in the foyer along with the other boxes (as if I needed more boxes.)  By this time, we’d given my brother and sil the TV that came with the new house…the one that fit in the custom cabintry in our living room. Okay, so we’ll send it back and hubs has to haul his butt down to Best Buy to find one to fit the space. No big deal. Even if  the cat has taken to peeing on any towel she can find on the floor. Then it happened. Drum roll please…

My husband built a 12,000 workshop on someone else’s land.

Yep, at the camp.

He didn’t bother to check the survey lines and built the shop that’s supposed to hold that flippin’ tractor, four wheeler and two boats he just HAD to have ON SOMEONE ELSE’S PROPERTY!!!

Aaaagh! Kill me now.

So, yeah, run of bad luck. Or really, I would say poor planning.

You see, we bent our spoke in the wheel of life. And it’s sticking out there, catching on everything. Causing problems. Now I won’t wade into religion because I hate when people do that, but let’s just say some of this is caused by our lack of connection to God. I find when I fail to pray about things, I get a little lost and before I know it, I’m rampaging out of control. But whether you are a person of faith or not, heed my warning – take TIME to think about the moves in your life (and I don’t mean the literal ones).  Because when you don’t take time to think, talk a decision out (with a friend or God or the man next to you in line at the Walmart) you can bend that spoke.  And the results may not be pretty.

So in this season of love and understanding, I go forth, my eyes a bit clearer and my spirit a bit humbled. I’m trying to get back in line with my life, so that as I coast along, I’m not snagging unwanted stuff and bringing it along with me.

Oh, and, yes, my December release hit the shelves last week and should be on your local bookstore shelf. It’s a sweet little book that’s perfect for Christmas. I put the cover below for no other reason than it makes me feel better looking at Tyson and Dawn falling in love. So what about you? As we stumble into a new year, have you grown any wiser?


9 Responses

  1. I’m right there with you, the spoke on my wheel is grabbing at everything.

    So sorry about the dryer, that’s so not good, although I had to laugh at the TV. That’s so like a guy. 🙂

    I’m wishing you lot’s of peace and joy for the rest of the season!!

  2. yeesh, sorry hon. you’ve had your run of bad luck lately, that is for sure. hoping things turn up soon!

  3. Excellent post! Wow, 12000 feet on someone else’s land. Ouch! I just read your second book and love it! Thanks for being “real” with us today.


    It does sound like “when it rains, it pours” time for you.

    Do you mean 12,000 foot workshop? That’s HUGE. And is the whole blooming thing on someone else’s land or just slightly over the line?

    The Way to Texas is WONDERFUL. I can’t wait to read the next in the series.

    I’m doing an interview of Amy later this month to kick off her next book!

    About Best Buy – be aware that they have a 15% “restocking fee” if your husband buys the wrong size again. I think that restocking fee is the worst customer service I’ve ever seen (for a large corporation)

  5. Oh, heck. I proofread and everything. That was to be a $12,000 workshop. Yeah. Lotta money at Christmas, huh?

    We actually bought the huge plasma from Walmart. And we didn’t have to send back. It was so cheap a friend bought it off us. 🙂

    As for the workshop, we’re working on a compromise with our neighbor. Hubs thought he knew where the property line doglegged. He didn’t. But our neighbor (who is a surveyor) did. It can be moved. For a fee.

    So glad you liked the book, Cyndi and Christine. I think it’s perfect, sweet book for Christmas – feel good family read. And, heck, the problems Dawn and Tyson had with their family makes everyone feel better about the nutcase in their own. LOL.

  6. Liz,

    I totally understand about the dryer. When we were selling out house in LR, we just wanted to get out from under it. We sold it to a neighbor for cash (just barely enough to pay it off) and gave him the fridge, washer & dryer too.

    right after we signed the papers on the house and became “renters” (we sold our house and didn’t have a new one yet cause our deal fell through) the dryer quit working. Since he was a neighbor and see us coming and going, we would sneak baskets of wet clothes out and take them to the laundry mat to dry (not a fun experience). We just weren’t ready to tell him the dryer quit. We finally told him right before we moved out.

    Oh yeah, he even accused me of changing the light fixtures out in the house and we didn’t touch a one of them.

    Hope you and your family get settled in, have a wonderful Christmas and even better new year.

  7. Ouch! Hoping things smooth out for you soon. But I think you are spot on when you talk about a disconnect from God. There are lots of those bumps in the road and for me I have no way to prepare for them all by myself. All I can say is “Thank the Good Lord above I’m not the one in control!” LOL

  8. Wow. I’ve got nothing that tops that. Good vibes your way! And I love that cover art. They did a great job!

  9. From the person who wrecked a car and permanently lamed up two horses in less than a month…yep, I know right where you’re coming from. I will not be sad to see the back side of 2010.

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