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Going On A Cruise

Back in my single days, every Saturday night brought a new episode of THE LOVE BOAT. Now some of you reading this blog may be too young to remember the show. Those of you who do remember are now humming The Love Boat theme. (sorry about that!) But ever since that show, I’ve wanted to go on a cruise…not looking for love!! I have that. But I want to experience being on a boat of that size.

As I mentioned, I have a loving husband who has no interest what-so-ever about doing the cruise scene. And I’m a smart enough wife to know that dragging a husband on a vacation in which he has no interest is a sure-fire recipe for a miserable week. So going on a cruise has remained a dream until now…

Florida Romance Writers’ conference —Fun in the Sun–is held on a four day cruise out to Miami to Key West to Cancun and back to Miami. I’ve always wanted to go on this cruise, but haven’t. This year, I entered the Golden Palm contest. At the time I entered, it didn’t register that this contest was the one held in concert with the Fun in the Sun conference. I entered it in an attempt to get my entry in front of final judge Wanda Ottewell. Well, it worked! I was notified that I am a finalist in the Short/Long Contemporary category of the Golden Palm, with the final placement to be announced on the cruise.

Oh man! I finally had a reason why I needed to be there. Plus, Ms. Ottewell will be on the cruise, which gives me an opportunity to talk with her.

But going alone? I was ready to do until an angel in the form of Delilah Devlin volunteered to go with me!  Bless you, DD.

Here’s my problem…remember how this blog started? I haven’t been on a cruise. I have no idea what clothes to bring! How much money do I need to stash away? How do I not gain 100 pounds from all the good food?

So how about some advice from  you more experienced cruisers…clothes? Food? Money? What have I forgotten to pack?


8 Responses

  1. I’ve only been once, but I really enjoyed it. I say wear conference clothes but make sure the waistband is elastic. So much food! I’d also bring your conference badge holder thing – the one were you can put your cc and money in. We found the cruise to be like Disney – the card they give you upon check in does everything for you – open your door, charges to your acct, etc. Bring something for seasickness. Only happened to my once, but I was miserable. Kinda balanced out all the food I ate. And most importantly, be open to fun. Enter the dance contests, trivia contests, and any other silly, fun thing.

    Say hello to Wanda for me. She’s so fun to hang out with. Wish I could go too. Sounds like you’ll be having a blast!

  2. I think you should leave hubby unpacking while you cruise with me! 🙂

    Good idea about the badge holder. Hadn’t thought about that.

    Clothes with elastic waistbands? got it!

  3. yep. money will all be done on an official cruise card that opens your door, buys things from the boat, ect. I don’t recall any actual money transactions on the boat.

    Clothes. I’ve seen your conference clothes and those will be perfect. they’re all flowy and comfy while still being classy.

    I’ve been on 2 and never had issues with seasickness, but better to be prepared than sorry! take those round patch things that you can just stick behind your ear.

    uh..flirt with your dinner waiter. *coughnotthatI’vedonethatbeforecough* but I’m serious. flirt with him. *coughswearthatwassomeoneelseatthetablecough* we had so much more fun at our table than the people at the tables next to us. he would bring extra stuff and do extra things. I don’t think many people realize what a little flirting and niceness will do for a waiter who is pulling the hours he is.

  4. Now Keri…I am sure you never flirted to get something you wanted! On the other hand, you are a Southern belle and we do what we must sometimes.

    I think I’m taking skorts to wear…and trying to stay away from too much food temptation.

    I am worried that my travel companion (Delilah Devlin) will get us both in trouble!

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Cynthia D'Alba. Cynthia D'Alba said: Going On A Cruise: What clothes do I bring??? http://t.co/XBBCyql […]

  6. Yeah, you have to watch Delilah. I am so jealous. I want to go on a cruise so bad. Hubs and I have talked about the Alaska cruise but I don’t know.

    Definitely lots of comfy clothes and just enjoy yourself. Good luck on your book!!!!

  7. I’ve never been on a cruise, but loved watching the “Love Boat.” 🙂 Sorry, the only advice I have is to Have Fun! LOL Congratulations on the final and best of luck!! Fingers crossed for you!!

  8. Congrats! I’ve never been on a cruise so… I give you the same advice as Melissa, HAVE FUN!

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