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Stone Kissed by Keri Stevens – A Review

Tomorrow (December 27), Carina Press releases STONE KISSED, a debut novel by Keri Stevens. I got an opportunity to read this book before it’s release when it was provided to me by the author for a fair review.

One of the issues I faced when I agreed to read this for review is that Keri is an “online” friend. I’ve never met Keri face-to-face, but we’ve chatted often online enough that I consider her a friend. It’s always scary when I read a book by a friend because if I don’t like the book, then what do I say?

Luckily in this case, no lie is necessary. STONE KISSED is an interesting plot with intriguing characters.

Besides I found it impossible not to love an opening that includes a  marble satyr moaning with pleasure as the heroine scrapes away lichen from the groove of his outer thigh and encourages her to scrape slower and to the left. Of course the heroine (Delia) is the only person who can hear the statues speak.

When Delia Forrest talks to statues, they talk back. She is, after all, the last of the Steward witches.

After an arsonist torches her ancestral home with her estranged father still inside, Delia is forced to sell the estate to pay his medical bills. Her childhood crush, Grant Wolverton, makes a handsome offer for Steward House, vowing to return it to its former glory. Delia agrees, as long as he’ll allow her to oversee the restoration.

Working so closely with Grant, Delia finds it difficult to hide her unique talent—especially when their growing passion fuels her abilities.

But someone else lusts after both her man and the raw power contained in the Steward land. Soon Delia finds herself fighting not just for Grant’s love, but for both their lives…

Stone Kissed is a light paranormal romance, but you’ll find no vampires or werewolves. A witch. A succubus. Statues that move, dance, and talk but unfortunately for Delia, she’s the only one who can hear them. As a child, she is considered a little “strange” when she’s seen talking to the statues, but the town comes to accept her as a “witch”. Her relationship with her father is strained, to say the least. When her childhood home is burned (arson) and her father is badly injured, the stays at his bedside give her time to reflect over her lifetime, their relationship, and make peace with him.

Her relationship with Grant, her childhood crush, doesn’t go as smoothly. Grant Wolverton has been a competitor of her father’s for years. There is bad blood there, so when Grant shows up at the hospital beside Delia, her father is less than pleased. Grant doesn’t believe Delia can communicate with statues, but because of his feelings, decides he can “accept” her the way she is.

While I enjoyed Delia and Grant, the secondary characters–Cecily, Delia’s “long-lost” cousin, and Randi, Grant’s sister–were integral components to the storyline.  I would love to read more about Randi. May have to ask Keri what happens to Randi.

I have to admit…I found the statues wonderful. Their personalities sparkled. Their desire to be more than stone statues was touching. The interaction between them and Delia was an element in the story that never failed to make me smile.

But the bottom line for me with any story is…when I reach the end, do the characters stay alive in my mind or do they disappear with the closing words? After I finished Stone Kissed, I went to the kitchen to start dinner, but the story continued to roll through my head, the characters continued to live, the statues played chess, and St. Francis watched over the sick.

Well done, Keri, well done.

Enjoy this excerpt from Carine Press.

Buy Stone Kissed HERE


4 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Adriana Kraft, Cynthia D'Alba. Cynthia D'Alba said: Stone Kissed by Keri Stevens – A Review: http://wp.me/plCLo-1dA […]

  2. Cyndi,
    The flipside is also true: A “well done” from someone I know well enough to respect means so much. I’m glad my characters still talk to you. And yes–Randi’s tale is coming (but some other residents of Stewardsville have some situations to deal with first!)
    Thank you.

  3. I can’t wait until I can buy and read!

  4. Wow! This book is very different and sounds awesome! I will have to buy it. 🙂

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