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So What Does Normal Feel Like?

Here we go again.  The fresh polish has been rubbed off the new year, and we’ve eaten through the holiday leftovers — although I found some caramel popcorn that had been overlooked and now I wish I hadn’t fallen on it like a starving sailor.  My stomach, which was just getting used to normal food again, hasn’t actually revolted, but let’s say it’s grumbling a little.

Okay.  What’s normal?  Well, normal means getting up early in the morning again.  I start teaching next week at the college.  My class begins at 9 a.m. which means feet-on-the-floor by 7.  During my luxurious month-long holiday break I’ve been rolling out of bed somewhere between 9 and 10.  Hey, girl.  The world’s fed up with the notion it can bounce along on its own until you see fit to join it.  This of course means rethinking bedtime.  Getting enthralled with a book — whether you’re reading it or writing it — is not a good enough excuse to keep going until 2 a.m.  You should know by now that you are not a joy to anyone’s world on five hours of sleep or less.

Worse yet on the horizon.  Clothes.  Baggy jeans and workout clothes are fine for shlepping around the house, but they don’t make it for the workaday world I am rejoining.  What did I do with my good pairs of pants?  Surely all of them could not have slid off the hangers and be lying in the dim recesses of the closet floor to be used as cat beds.  Doesn’t help that I found a box of Christmas-like sweaters (mainly Christmas colors — I hope I’ve outgrown the excessively cute ones) and have worn nothing but that for the last month.  I know I had clothes I was wearing before then.  What did I do with them?

Then there’s food.  I’m sure I had lots of slimming menus that I used before we went on the insane holiday spree of eating out and eating whatever tasted good.  You know, Christmas comes but once a year.  Apparently I forgot the grim labor of losing 5 pounds, because over that treacherous month of December I managed to regain 6.  Vegetarians are usually thin.  Do you supposed my beloved spouse would notice if meat disappears from the menu and we have nothing but salads and broth-like soups?

Yeah, I thought he’d figure it out, too.

So Happy New Year, all, even if the New Year is almost a week old and getting to be a little worn around the edges.  Long may it reign.  Anybody besides me having a small problem adjusting to normal?  More importantly, anybody have a good definition of what normal is?


6 Responses

  1. To funny, Beppie! Happy New Year to you too! As for normal? That word just isn’t in my vocabulary. 🙂 It’s been real slow getting back into the routine here. I need to quit fighting it and just move on. LOL

  2. HAHAHAH Beppie!! I know exactly what you’re talking about.

    There’s a lot to be said about routines. I have no routine which makes it hard to get things done. I really believe that I got more done when I had a full-time (i.e. 60+ hrs) job. I was more organized. Out of bed at a decent time.

    So look at getting back to work (the routine) as an opportunity to get more done!

  3. You mean we’re all sloshing around in the mire of disorganization? Never mind — we’ll get it together eventually. I clearly remember that I used to get things done, and I know you ladies did as well.

    Deep breath here. We CAN do it.

  4. Beppie,

    Love your post – too cute.

    I am right there with you. I only had a week off at Christmas but getting up at 9 or 10 and staying up till 2am was nice. The next week (after christmas) I was back at work but most everyone was off. I work for the College of Pharmacy so teachers and students are still on winter break.

    I am in charge of a phot exhibit and we worked on it most of last week so needless to say my desk is a wreck. I finally started getting some things accomplished yesterday.

  5. omgosh. trying to get back into the routine of getting out of bed to take son to school! Before he started school, he would wake me up at 7’ish am. I was used to getting out of bed.

    but I guess being those few months older, on Christmas break he got up, got his milk, turned on the tv and let me sleep in!

    I have been dragging, to say the least.

  6. Ah, Lori and Heather, I shall feel better, glaring with disbelief at the clock as I resist the temptation of rolling over and drifting off, knowing that there are others not greeting the new day with glad cries.

    It’s life, that’s what it is.

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