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Then He Kissed Me by Christie Ridgway – A Review

I was scheduled to interview Amy Atwell today, however, Amy’s father passed away suddenly this weekend. I know we all send our thoughts and prayers to Amy and her family during this sad time.

Last week, I was so fortunate to interview Christie Ridgway. (Click HERE to read the interview.) I posted a review of the first book in her Three Kisses series (Crush on You) but forgot to post the review for THEN HE KISSED ME.  Since I didn’t get this post up in time to allow comments and a chance to win the ARC of this FABULOUS book last week, I’ll pick winners and post next Wednesday. Sorry for the delay.

So today, sit back and enjoy THEN HE KISSED ME.

From the back cover…

The Three Baci sisters are on a mission to save Tanti Baci—the winery that’s been in their family for generations—by transforming it into the perfect wedding destination.

But women cannot live by wine alone…

When Stevie Baci gave her own business the tongue-in-cheek name Napa Princess Limousine, she never dreamed she’d one day be driving a real prince around Napa Valley. But jack is not a typical prince. He’s half-American and an old college roommate of one of the Bennett brother, the Baci sisters’ rivals in the wine business. He’s also cute. So what’s the harm in engaging in a little fun?

Jacques Parini has indulged himself in la dolce vita ever since he and his younger sister were held for ransom as teens. Visiting Napa to help with his sister’s wedding, Jack is determined to taste the women along with the wine. But when he can’t help but kiss Stevie, he finds himself reevaluating how whole way of life. Because this California girl in a black chauffeur’s hat does more than drive him crazy—she’s got him wondering what she’d look like in white…

From Booklist

Stevie, the middle one of the three Baci girls, is tough, independent, and not interested in the Napa Valley winery that has been in her family for a century. She runs her own business, Napa Princess Limousines, and is much more comfortable in her chauffeur’s uniform than in a skirt, especially since her long-term boyfriend, Emerson, dumped her for a real-live princess. But Stevie is conscripted to help out with the failing winery when her sister, who started a wedding business to boost income, breaks her foot. Even worse, the next big wedding is that of Emerson and Princess Roxy. Roxy’s brother Jack, a bad-boy tabloid favorite, is on the scene to make sure nothing goes wrong, and he doesn’t like the idea of her wedding coordinator being the groom’s ex. Then, when he and Stevie are caught “canoodling,” he claims they are engaged. Ridgway’s (The Care and Feeding of Unmarried Men, 2006) breezy romance features enjoyable characters and hotly detailed lovemaking in a contemporary Napa Valley setting. –Diana Tixier Herald

From me!

Poor Stevie. It’s bad enough she has to work New Year’s Eve driving customers from winery to winery as they get drunker and drunker, but does it have to be her ex and his fiancée? And it’s bad enough that her ex has a new fiancée, but does she have to be a princess? To top it all off, not only is the new fiancée beautiful, she nice!  ARGH!! What’s a gal to do but suck it up and drive them around? After all, that is her job as owner of Napa Princess Limousine…to drive people who hire one of her limos. But when the fiancée’s brother interjects himself into the wine tour, he rocks Stevie’s world.

This story also has a nice touch of “fish out of water” when Stevie—the tomboy, carburetor tuning mechanic—is forced to deal with the wedding plans for her ex and his fiancée when her sister, Alex—the one whose idea it was to start hosting weddings to plump up their coffers—is put on bed rest. Stevie knows nothing about cakes, and dresses, and especially not fluffy hair-dos. So it’s OJT for Stevie, which does make for some laughs.

Jack has his own “fish out of water” storyline as he helps on the Bennett brother’s land doing manual labor…something foreign to him as his past work endeavors have required suits and ties. But he finds an unexpected connection to the land.

I love that we jump right back into the story of the Baci sisters and their money-starved winery. I love getting the “where they are now” update on Alex and Penn (from Crush on You).

Being from the south, I adored Jack’s mother…Think Suzann Sugarbaker married to a German prince. The accent. The jewels. The hair. And you’ve got Jack’s mother, the queen. Wonderful characters…the king and the queen.

Started in Crush on You and continued in Then He Kissed Me is the mystery of the missing silver from back in their grandfather’s day. We get the intro to the mystery in book one, and a few more clues in this book. I am looking forward to Drunk on Love’s release!

What a fun, sexy read this was. The characters are well-developed, the dialog sharp, and the sex…well, the sex is down right H-O-T. I loved everything…from start to finish. It will be very hard to let this ARC go!

Another winner from Christie Ridgway.

Crush on You

AmazonBordersB & NIndieboundPowell’s

Then He Kissed Me

AmazonB & NIndieboundPowell’sBorders


6 Responses

  1. Oh! Sounds like a great read Cyndi. Put my name in the hat for the ARC. My TBR pile growing into a mountain at this point.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Cynthia D'Alba and Cynthia D'Alba. Cynthia D'Alba said: Then He Kissed Me by Christie Ridgway – A Review: http://wp.me/plCLo-1iy […]

  3. Sounds good. I am sorry to hear about Amy’s father. Losing a parent is never easy, no matter what age.

    Have a wonderful trip this weekend and try not to let DD get you into too much trouble.

  4. I am too excited to read “THEN HE KISSED ME”. I absolutely love Christie Ridgway’s books.

  5. I loved this book! It was much hotter than the first and left me dying for the third! I would love, love, love that ARC on my bookshelf!

  6. i LOVED crush on youand am eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series. i really feel for stevie (the middle sister) and her ex is such a jerk to hire her to chauffeur him and his new love. she def deserves a prince. 😀

    condolences to amy and her family.

    thanks for the opportunity to win. 😀

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