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Join Us for #DALECHAT

Dale Mayer is not a stranger to our readers. She is one of the four remaining writers in the BRAVA Writing With the Stars contest. YAY, Dale!

She has written blogs, answered questions, asked for votes (click here to vote for Dale’s entry–Tuesday’s Child– in the BRAVA contest), posted excerpts (excerpt links are at end of this post) tap danced, sung, juggled, and just about anything else you can think of over the past couple of months. So why did she go to all this trouble?

Because winning the BRAVA contest is very important to her and to her family!

So we’re doing (hmm “trying” might be a better term) two different ways to get to know Dale.

First is here…the Blog…Read about Dale, her family, her work.

Second…We are hosting a TWITTER CHAT with Dale.


When: Sunday, Jan. 30

Time: 2-4 pm EST (1-3 CST, 12-2 MST, 11-1 PST)

How: Log into your twitter account and search for #dalechat.

You can post questions, read responses, and interact live with the author.

PLEASE retreat the hashtag and ask your friends and followers to join us for the chat…and to vote for Dale!

Dale is a professional writer but not just of fiction. She supports her family with her non-fiction work as well. I’ll let Dale tell  you about her family…

13 years ago I became a single mother of four kids ages 11-10 months.  Talk about a shock.  And talk about making me sit down and seriously ask what it was I wanted from life.  Where, when I looked down the pipeline of life did I want to see myself in ten, twenty years down the road.

The answers didn`t come easy or fast.  I worked at any odd job I could after having been out the workforce for over a decade to raise a family, my skills were woefully inadequate.  It took years to get to a position of going back to school

I retrained in the IT industry and managed to get a short term tryout type of contract.  Before I reached the end, the company was going under with the Dot.com crash.  It did its job though.  I had met the technical writer and studied under his field and that was it.  Writing.  Once I started I couldn`t get enough.

So I retrained AGAIN and became a technical writer.  Along the way I studied fiction writing – something that doesn`t happen overnight.  And with four kids at home growing up and watching mom go through these years of `what do I want to do with my life` wasn`t easy either.  Things were improving.  With help from a friend I managed buy a duplex in town where the work opportunities should have been better.  I did get hired and I continued to develop my craft.  Eventually I started becoming a finalist in writing contests.  And then I was laid off from job and I sat there wondering how to put food on the table.

There only thing I was qualified for was writing – and that`s how I became a fulltime freelance writer.  Since that time I`ve written or ghostwritten dozens of books, ebooks, articles, reports and anything else that needed words to paper.

I asked Dale to tell me about Tuesday’s Child…

Tuesday`s Child is my fifth novel and was actually written during my go to school for retraining, find a job and hopefully find a way to pay the bills stage of life – one of them!

It`s also been my Armageddon – my Waterloo, my one book that required more of me when I didn`t have it to give.  I`m a pantser and for the first time I followed the book Write a book in 30 days and outlined everything.  Then wrote the book.  The most wooden uninspiring piece of crap you could imagine.  I didn`t want to revise and revise ad nauseum BUT my muse wouldn`t let me start anything else.  I had to make this book fulfil the promise that I could feel when I started – or my novelist career was over.

It wasn`t easy.  But I finally made.

Since I mentioned she also writes non-fiction, I asked her to tell us about her latest project…

What is new and exciting in my life right now is a brand new nonfiction project called the Essential Series.  There are Mortgage Essentials, Unemployment Essentials, Gardening Essentials, The Writer Essentials at the moment.

Each is a series on its own with short booklets explaining specific areas of interest, like Your Credit and You, The Perfect Cover Letter, Container Gardening

These are the essential pieces to help you move forward in a specific field.  Short, value packed informational booklets for everyone.

Character Excerpt

Tuesday’s Child Excerpt

For more about Dale Mayer, visit her website http://dalemayer.com

Or visit one of her blogs



Most importantly…take one minute to click the button, then VOTE TUESDAY’S CHILD!

I know Dale appreciates your support.



9 Responses

  1. […] original post here: Join Us for #DALECHAT Check our brother […]

  2. Bravo, Dale, on being an inspiration for all women! My mother was widowed with 5 children between the ages of 3 and 10, and I know a little of what you went through. And are still going through.

    The #dalechat thing is very cool. I’ll follow and RT you!

  3. Hi Edie,

    Isn’t this twitter thing the bomb! I so love technology – especially when it makes my life easier. I’m all for anything that can accomplish that. I look forward to seeing you there today.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I plan on having a great last voting day – come what may, I’m doing what I can to get into the next (and FINAL) round of the contest!

    I can’t thank Cindi, you and so many others for the wonderful support along the way. I’ve been truly blessed!

  4. I voted as soon as I got up this morning. Can’t wait to see how this twitterchat thing works.

    On to the next round.

  5. HAHAHA Marley. Me too (on the twitter thing)

  6. Welcome, Dale! Voted! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your inspirational journey! I’ll try the twitter chat, but I’m sitll working on learning how to use it. LOL No telling what I’ll end up doing!

  7. You did great, Melissa. So glad you found your way there

  8. Hi Marley – thanks so much for stopping by. This twitter thing has been a blast. And thanks so much voting! Today is the last day again. gulp!


  9. Hi Melissa
    You’ll do fine. Jump in and we’ll help you to land without killing yourself. lol.

    Thanks for stopping by here and there!


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