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Oh dang

So I’m cruising twitter and I see our Cyndi– @ArkansasCyndi –has posted about someone winning a chicken dinner. Get here, BAM there’s my name in the side bar.


*oh, I have to blog this week on wednesday*





*I’m sure I’ll think of a topic before Wednesday*




*Oh, WAIT. NCIS was on last night! Today IS Wednesday!*


So here I am, giving you a sloppy last second post (that means sorry about the typos, lack of punctuation, rambling and general nonsense that might be ahead).


Yes, yes, I could take a few minutes to put down some clear thoughts. I actually do have an idea to blog about sleeping (yay to the Hubs for giving me this thought!) but that would involve actually thinking and time to get that down. And time is something I do not have.


Why is that Keri, you ask? (go ahead and ask, I’ll wait here)


..—no wait! No time for waiting! I have a cardio workout to do! That’s right. A cardio workout. Here’s how it all started. I have a red suit I want to wear at the NOLA STARS Written In The Stars Conference March 11-12th (it’s fantastic, you should come. And if you do, please come to my workshop on crafting compelling characters so I’m not talking to a bunch of empty chairs!).


So anyway. My red suit. I want to wear. My butt is too large to wear it. When I’m currently in the skirt, it looks like I’m wearing the mermaid style kind of dress with the way it hugs my booty. Only, this skirt isn’t really MADE to be for the mermaid style cut, so instead it just hugs my Jell-O jiggling behind and pretty flattens my butt out like I’ve back up to a piece of glass.


It’s not a good look.


So I tweet @KeriStevens who is a fitness pro-personal-trainer-in-general-awesomesauce-gal. (and I don’t just mean that cause her name is Keri. That just makes her bonusly awesomesauce with a side of mashed potatoes….ohhh, mashed potatos). I say, “I need to lose about 2” off my hindend in about 4wks. Are lungest my only option” and I whimper cause I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE lunges. Mostly cause I hate them, but also cause I have bad knees and that repetive motions seems to enjoy stripping what’s left my of joints out.


She tweets me back. “No! Lunges will lift your butt” OH JOY IN HEAVEN! …. Or so I think, cause she goes on to say, “Cardio/6days a wk/45-75minutes and 30 minutes of weightlifting”


Yeah, so much for that OH HEAVEN…it’s more like OH MOTHER FREAKING H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY STICKS!!!


But I want in the skirt like whoa so bad. I get a diet plan going, it’s all healthy and stuff. I find two awesome twitter chicks @JulieALindsey and @NikiBrandyberry to join me in the #fitness battle for my #redskirtgoal and we are moving our bodies like you shake a Polaroid picture (sorry for the earworm).


What’s up with you?



9 Responses

  1. FYI…Im in so much pain right now. And I keep saying “its a good pain, its a good pain, its a good pain” but at the end of the day.its a PAIN. My body feels like its been run over by a mack truck. but I WILL lose these 20 lbs…I will I will I will

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Cynthia D'Alba and Keri Ford, Nikki Brandyberry. Nikki Brandyberry said: RT @KeriFord: New Post: OH DANG …@ArkansasCyndi @KeriStevens @JulieALindsey @NikiBrandyberry http://bit.ly/fum4DA […]

  3. LOL Good luck, Keri!! Wish I could see you looking fabulous in that red skirt at Nola!! Darn kids and their tournaments!! Grrrr…

  4. I feel constrained to point out that my clients pay me $75 an hour to come to their house and push them through that there workout you’re doing.

    That was a high-dollar tweet.

    I’m glad you’re working it, all of you!

  5. LOL nikki, it IS good pain…doesn’t make it feel any better though! this morning was decent enough, but I am really starting to stiffen up now. Didn’t think I was going to be able to walk up the 4steps to get back in my door!

  6. Thanks Melissa–and aw man! gonna miss seeing you this year!

  7. LMAO (oh, look at me burn more calories *snicker*). See? Stevens is made of awesomesauce.

  8. I so wanted to go to NOLA this year. NO go. Maybe one day.

    Haven’t given up on Lori Foster’s get together for this year yet

  9. Lori Foster is great. I saw where they were expected to go over their usual 300registration this year! I’m signed up and can’t wait for this year!

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