Demon Heart by Nicole Dennis

Demon Heart by Nicole Dennis
* I received a copy of this book from Breathless Press in exchange for an honest review*

Can a fire demon bound to a ruby necklace find a way to love?

Running errands before Halloween, Constance Morelli passes a window display and is drawn to a dazzling ruby necklace. Not quite believing the story behind the piece, but intrigued by the possibilities, Constance takes the jewel home, only to find herself in possession of a naked demon-hunk, bound as a sex slave.

After four thousand years of dealing with various mistresses in one sexual way or another, Aramir knows what to expect when he appears in the moonlight. Only this mistress is different. He’s fed, clothed, and treated like a real man. Not a slave. What is a bound demon to do with such a lady?

Content Warning graphic m/f sexual content

Demon Heart is a short story about a demon imprisoned in a heart shaped necklace that finds love and a future in his new mistress. 

Aramir is a sex demon and used to being regulated to the bedroom to service his mistress.  He doesn’t know how to take Connie.  She doesn’t want him to feel like a slave.  She gives him freedom to do what he wants and doesn’t keep him tied to the bedroom. 

The owner of the necklace calls Aramir to her and keeps him as long as she retains possession of the necklace.  Once the necklace comes off, he is called back to the stone.  Connie finds a way to keep both Aramir and the necklace forever.

This is a short story that packs a punch.  Your heart goes out to Aramir for all that he is suffered, while at the same time, you want him for yourself.  Who wouldn’t want a sexy fire demon as a sex slave?  We are given a look inside of Connie’s world but I would’ve liked a little more background on her.  The characters are likeable and in the end you are pulling for Aramir and Connie to get their Happily Ever After.

Overall I enjoyed Demon Heart and give it 3 Flaming Hearts. 


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