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A Special Birthday Party

Maggie and I attended a very special birthday party on Sunday.


For eight years, Blitz (11 years old) and Palatka (8 years old) have held a joint birthday party.

Blitz is in the top picture. Palatka is just above.


This was Maggie’s very first party EVER! Here is Maggie all dressed up and ready to party.


Keefer all dressed up!


Daisy is ready to PAR-TEE!


Chance “I don’t need no stinking lead” sitting still for his photo



Maddie- who can’t decide HOW to wear her hat!

Hats go on the head!


Elle was too late for the Wear A Hat contest! What you can’t see is her beautiful scarf!


Boo says “No hat for me! It might mess up my hair!”


Rizzo(It was his first birthday too!)


Abe (who usually has 3 balls in his mouth!)


Coco – one of Maggie’s favorite running buddies, and Rizzo with Maggie


Molly and Maggie


Dunking for Hot Dogs…Best Game EVAH!!


Molly-gobbling down the Hot Dogs for the GROUP WIN!!


But the dogs moms and dads weren’t forgotten. We had cake and sandwiches!


We had loads of fun, but we were glad to get home and rest!

But we’ll be back for next year’s party…after we rest up.



15 Responses

  1. Omg, that looks like so much fun. We have some dog parks here and one of the beaches has an area where you can take your dogs, but nothing like that. They are all so cute and everyone of them looks like they were having a ball.

  2. Way Cool! This was too cute!!! I’ve never heard of a doggie BDay party. What a neat idea and talk about the energy that must have been flowing at this party. I bet it would make most kid’s parties seem way too calm and boring. LOL Is she still sleeping? 🙂

  3. Thanks Vicki. It was fun. I have taken dogs in the past to the beach, but not lately.

  4. Hi Melissa! What’s surprising is how well all the “party-goers” got along. No spats at all!

    It was a smaller group that usual this year. Only about 15-20 dogs. All sizes. All breeds, as you can see.

    I need to take pictures at the 4:00 pm “Big Dog Play Time” Anywhere from 10-30 dogs at a time. Lots of rolling on the ground, running, ball-chasing, climbing on the a-frame, jumping. We come home exhausted every afternoon.

  5. What adorable pictures, Cyndi! They looked like they really enjoyed themselves. 🙂 What a great idea to have something like that for your pets!

  6. Too cute. What a beautiful group of dogs.

    That’s the first I’ve heard of a dog birthday party too. How cool is that.

  7. Thanks Jammie, Keri and Heather.

    I swear..some of the dogs here live better than some people!

  8. Wow. I’ve never seen a birthday for a dog.

  9. That was so funny. All those dogs in party hats. Made me smile.

    My dogs would likely love that, especially Ike, my Boston. He loves to play with other dogs. He wouldn’t wear a hat..hates them. But he loves to wear a sweater. Right now he’s clad in his LSU jersey…bet you’d love that, Cyndi. LOL

  10. You to to kid parties, Crystal, I go to dog parties. My parties are probably more tame than the kid parties! LOL

    Liz – the hats? The contest was who would wear it the longest. They were all winners. NOBODY (But Maddie) was confused and kept them on. 🙂

    I will be taking a picture of a Razorback Dog Sweater. Let me know what size your Boston needs! LOL

  11. Great pictures! Did Maggie fall asleep with her hat on? Too cute! I can just imagine the same party but for cats … fur would be flying! Reowr:-)

  12. Maggie was SOOO tired but she’s rested up and ready to hit Big Dog Playtime in 5 minutes!

    Cat Birthday Party? BRAWAHAHAHAHA Attendees would need face masks, gloves and protective clothing!

  13. Too cute!! I love these pictures. The hats were great!! Looks like fun, but I don’t think Abby would have behaved as well as Maggie did. 🙂

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