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To the left? Or to the right?

My husband did a poll at work (no, I have no idea why) asking which side of the bed they slept on. The results said about 95% percent of the time, the man sleeps to the right, the woman sleeps to the left (this is imaging yourself in bed, not at the foot staring at it).

I was amused and thought, huh—blog post!

And I got to thinking about other left and right things. During a wedding day, the bride is to the left. The groom to the right.

On at least three photos I can think of offhand on our wall, I’m on his left, he’s to my right.

In our closet, all my clothes are to the left. All my husband’s are to the right.

This leads me to one very important thing—I should always be to the left. He should always be to the right. Thank god we live in America cause then I should always drive!

What about you? To left or to right in bed?


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19 Responses

  1. Interesting. When I’m lying in the bed on my bad, my husband is on the left. (i.e. if I reach out to touch him, I have to use the left hand) I have always slept on the right side

    Can’t answer about clothes closet. We each have our own!

  2. Funny! I’m on the left too. I just posted a link to this at:


  3. Boy, did you get me thinking this morning. LOL Closet, yep, my stuff is on the left, pictures I’m usually on the left. The only part I differ on is the sleeping. I’m on the right, he’s on the left closer to the bedroom door. This was his choice. Always my protector, he wants to be in between me and whoever might dare break in. Of course if they come through the window, I’m a gonner! LOL

  4. Left. Occasionally, we’ll switch sides to see how the other half lives.

  5. My ex slept on the left.He had the left side of the closet. he sat on my left when we were out and walked on my left side.

    Of course, this was because he was left-handed and I’m right-handed. Neither of us had to compromise our dominant hand.

    But more importantly, I was always right.

  6. Cyndi I am jealous of you and your own closet! we’ve slept this way since we married. it wasn’t even a question when we got in bed that first time. It was just the way it fell.

  7. Awesome Kwana and thanks so much for linking!!!!

  8. LOL Melissa i’m closer to the door, the first line of defense. In our first house I was also closer to the door! I kind of like it this way. Husband is such a sound sleeper whereas I’ll wake at the tiniest noise. So my defense reaction is, *shake, kick, nudge* “I heard something!” at least once a month

  9. that’s interesting Phyllis! I don’t think I could change sides. It would be to weird.

  10. But more importantly, I was always right.

    HAHA V! Good point.

  11. I sleep on the left, but I mix it up in pictures…sometimes I even do the splits out front like in my old cheerleading days. Just kidding. I can’t do the splits anymore, but I can do a toe touch on the trampoline…as long as I can take the next week off to recuperate.

    Fun topic, and, Voirey, I’m always right too. 🙂



  13. Man, never thought about it but we do sleep that way, me on the left and him on the right.

    Our closet though has his stuff on the left and mine on the right.

    Cute post.

  14. funny isn’t it? Someone on facebook said it’s been like that for YEARS. back in ‘ye olden days, men slept with their swords. Most are right handed, so their swords were to their right, ready to swing.

  15. Hmm….rooming with Liz soon for conference. Maybe I can talk her into a show??/

  16. I don’t know if this is the same elsewhere, but up here in KY, spouses are buried in a particular fashion, with the husband always on the right (as you’re standing at the foot of both graves looking at them). But that would mean his wife was on HIS right and he was on her left.
    In the cemetery near my house, people remark that one couple got it backwards — they switched sides for their graves. It really bothers some folks.

  17. Fascinating Jeff! I really have no idea what the standard is here. I’ve blessed in that I haven’t had much dealings with that sort of thing.

    Too funny about the couple who are backwards 🙂

  18. Oops. I phrased it backwards.
    As you’re looking at the headstones, the husband is supposed to be on your left.
    As the couple are lying down (so to speak) the hustand is to the right of the wife, so that his left hand could hold her right hand, uh, if that could be arranged under the circumstances.

  19. Oh how fun! I sat here and realized that I sleep on the right, my clothes are on the left side in the closet, and when we settle in to watch television at night I am on the right. Too funny! Love this fun post!

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