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Fingernails – Long and Sharp or Short and Neat?

When I was an instructor of Obstetrical Nursing, I kept my fingers short and neat. Made my students cut theirs short also. Long nails around the tender skin of newborns was a no-no. Most of us nurses had hands that looked like this.

When I left clinical nursing for medical administration, one of the joys was finally having fingernails with length. For years I got a weekly manicure to keep my natural nails shaped, cuticles smooth, and polish fresh and shiny. It was nothing to leave work for an hour at lunch and get my nails done instead of eating. But keeping all my nails at the same length (without breaking one) was tough but weekly manicures helped.

When I retired from the day job, getting a weekly manicure no longer fit into my schedule. But I still wanted nice looking nails. I’d never had acrylic nails. I’d heard all the horror stories (SO-and-SO had those and her fingers rotted off!…you know what I mean.)  So I took the plunge in about 2003 and got acrylics. I LOVE THEM. They wear like iron. Hardly ever break. And best of all, I only go to my manicurist every 3-4 weeks. Most of the time, they looked like this..

Until now…

I had my nails done while I was in Florida. The tech did an “okay” job but not nearly as professional a finish as Tanya at home. About a week after I’d just had them touched up, the polish chipped. Then I started picking at them. And now, as I sit here, I have NO NAILS at all. I sent this picture to Tanya to show her how much I’d missed her.  Yes, these are my actual nails!

So tell me about your nails. Is there picture above that looks like yours?

Or maybe one of these below?

Fess up…Tell me about your fingernails.

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9 Responses

  1. Medium and functional! In my 20s, I had long nails – nothing like that Circus sideshow you have pictured, but very chic with the weekly manicures.

    Once I had kids, I cut them off completely.

    Now I am wearing them a bit longer – and I discovered this Shellaq polish thing – on my own nails – it lasts for weeks! Not sure how it works. Not sure I want to know….

    Great blog, Cyndi!! xo

  2. Good thing your coming home soon!

    I love long nails. I’ve always had good nails. Like my hair they grow fast and rarely break. I hardy have to do anything to them. Except polish is a pita. A few days and its chipping. A few yrs ago I had a great top coat polish. It would last a week or more but it went bad and I’ve never found it again 😦

    The other day I bought some of those new stick on color & pattern polish nails from Sally. A restaurant hostess says they lasted two or three weeks for her. I haven’t tried them yet but will let you know the verdict!

  3. Kathy!!! How nice to “see” you. I’ve missed you. Aren’t those bottom pictures hysterical? Heard about Shellac nailpolish. Must have some type of acrylic in it since it has to be soaked off like acrylic nails.

    Merlyssa – looking forward to actually seeing you! 🙂 How long those Sally stick-on polish lasts will probably depend on how you treat it. I know I do a lot of dish washing when I’m in the motorhome, which is hard on the nails. and before you ask, yes I wear gloves.

  4. I used to get my nails done all the time. I loved the fact that my french manicure acrylic nails always looked great.

    The problem is my nails are very strong and grow fast anyway, so with the acrylic they grew very fast. Which meant I was getting them done no less than every two weeks.

    The funny thing was when I first joined my chapter I noticed so many of the published authors did not have acrlic nails unless they were going to conference.

    I soon figured out why. I can type so much faster without them. Not that typing was a problem, I’m just faster now.

    So, now I kept them medium and pretty much just put clear polish on them (it’s harder to see if they chip).

  5. I know what you mean about typing with short fingernails. I agree. BUT I direct you to the picture of my current names. That’s awful and that’s how they would look all the time! I chew at my natural names and cuticles. I don’t when I have my acrylics on.

    But I am typing faster! Maybe I need to make some story progress while I can. 🙂

  6. I love this post and those pix at the bottom are insane. I’ve always had long natural nails but my problem is that once they get long they start splintering on the sides.

    I have acrylic nails now over mine and I love them. Mine still grow fast but I don’t have the same issues with them splintering on the sides.

    I keep them about medium length because of typing also. I am on the computer all day and when they get too long it’s easier to mess up.

    I have found that the best polish is OPI. I usually have them put at least 2 coats plus have them swipe it across the tip of the nail and then they add the top coat. OPI just seems to stay on longer (even on the tips/ends) than any of the other polishes.

  7. I know, Heather!! Aren’t those picture totally over the top? and the sad thing is that I had to CHOSE among a bunch of long, crazy fingernail pictures.

  8. I love the way acrylic nails look. But I’ve never had my own done. Now that I think about it, I’ve never had my toes done or a massage, facial, etc. That sounds odd, even to me. LOL I guess I have issues. 🙂

  9. Not odd to me Melissa. I’ve never cared much for other people touching me and especially with fibromyalgia now, it can get painful :(. Last pedicure I had was like 6yrs ago. And, i’m pretty girly, not really a tom boy. Well, i used to be. Somewhere along the way I lost some of that just trying to survive 🙂

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