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Spring Has Sprung, Let’s Party!

Yeah, yesterday was the first day of Spring! I’ve got the cake and balloons all ready to go! 🙂  For some reason, I’ve been looking forward to this way too much.  Not that winter was colder than usual, but it just seemed to drag on forever.  And Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow so I thought we were in the clear. That’s what I get for thinking, and the poor dead flowers I bought because I couldn’t wait still sit on my patio reminding me of how I really should work on learning a bit more patience.  We’d have a few warm days tease us and then wham! A cool front would come in, drop below freezing and then stick around for at least a week.

I don’t mean to sound whiny, especially since we didn’t suffer through anything like our neighbors to the north.  Man, that was a lot of snow!  I’m just so ready for the signs of new life to spring up all around me I could scream.  I need color! Lots of color! LOL And these new aches and pains I seemed to pick up this year were really magnified by the cold spells.  I really don’t need any new reminders that I’m no spring chicken anymore.

Thank goodness the weather was perfect this week for the kids Spring Break.  I think it may have saved my sanity.  They were so busy enjoying the outdoors they didn’t have time to say the dreaded “I’m bored.”  Now that’s what I call a perfect break!

So how many of you stayed up to catch a glimpse of the Super Moon?  This past Saturday, the moon was supposed to be the closest it’s been in 18 year.  Wow, that’s longer than my oldest daughter has been alive.  Did it look bigger to you?  I thought it was a bit brighter, not sure it looked bigger.  We even tried to take pictures, but we don’t have a camera with a big enough zoom.  Darn it, I knew we should have dug out the telescope.  Here’s a link if your interested in more moon info.  SUPER MOON

Wishing everyone a week filled with wonderful weather!

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14 Responses

  1. Those of us of a certain age will find this ironic:

    “Patience”? I want patience, and I WANT IT RIGHT #*&$^@% NOW!!!!

    Didn’t have much luck with the Super Moon either, Melissa. The pictures are beautiful, but there were too many clouds out this way.

  2. I knew you’d understand, Will! LOL Love the video!! Too funny!

  3. I wondered why I was 3 lbs lighter, it was the gravitation of the moon. I agree, the moon was much brighter, it’s nice when the moon actually creates shadows.

    I really like the updates on your website. You’re borderlining a Web-Geek. Great job.

  4. We saw the moon. We were out and about till almost 9:30 that night. My granddaughter loves to go look at the moon and her papa has to take her out at night to see it.

    It was pretty. I have a good camera but don’t think even it would’ve gotten any decent pictures.

    I’m with you. So glad the spring is here. I love the flowers and love taking pix of flowers, just hate the pollen that goes with them. danged allergies.

  5. Terri, you know you’re my comic relief, right? LOL And thanks for checking out my updates on the website. Web-Geek, huh? I must be slipping to the dark side. 🙂 The more I learn, the better I like it.

  6. I agree, Heather! This pollen stuff is out of control. It seems like I wash it all off the patio and then not even an hour later it’s back with a vengence. LOL I don’t suffer from allergies, but my son does. No fun!

  7. The weather is perfect this week. I agree with you on that. Thank goodness winter is gone. I would have liked to see the moon. I bet it was beautiful. 🙂

  8. YAY Spring! I started my first garden this year. I’ve been planning it for several weeks, so was so excited when it finally got warm enough to plant yesterday 🙂

  9. Hey, Jamie! Hoping this great weather sticks around for a while. Although it makes me want to be outside way too much and nothing else is getting done. LOL

  10. Now that sounds like fun, Keri. I’ve never had a green thumb though. I can only imagine what my garden would look like. You’ll have to post pictures for us so we can enjoy it too!

  11. All I have to say is FINALLY! You know me, I’m not a big fan of cold weather. One, maybe two days are plenty, thank you.

    Happy Spring!

  12. I second that, Jenn! Finally!! LOL : Here’s to a Wonderful Spring and even better Year! 🙂

  13. I’m ready too. Spring Break for my kiddos is next week. I’m very, very happy to sleep in. Now the fussing that will come on the heels of waking up and being in close contact with one another? Ummm, not so much.

    Enjoy your spring weather…I’m cherishing mine. Won’t be long till we’re sweating and complaining.

  14. LOL I feel your pain, Liz! Hope you have a terrific Spring Break with the kids. Wishing you lots of peace and laughs. 🙂 As for the weather, yep. Lots of sweating and complaining just around the corner. LOL

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