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Diet and Exercise and ….dang, I’m tired.

So I’ve made it no secret that I’ve been on the healthy fitness bandwagon. Doing well with it so far! Biggest challenge hasn’t been the exercise, it’s the darn healthy eating!

It’s not that I don’t like healthy foods, I DO. I love fruits and veggies and all close to the grove and such. And when it’s warm? Breezy. I can do cool foods when it’s warm.

But we’ve hit a bit of a chilly snap here in South Arkansas. And I want HOT things. And this is where my issue begins.

2minutes in the microwave or 20minutes in the toaster oven + handful of dirty dishes gets Keri a hot meal that isn’t what you should be living off, but it’s filling. And I didn’t have to slave over it. And it’s hot.


Totally destroyed kitchen, lots of time spent hanging over the stove for healthy foods that is also hot.

Goal meet Roadblock. And yes, yes, I can find healthy foods from frozen meals like smartones and such. But jeepers. They’re loaded in salt and processed god only knows what and probably can’t pronounce. So what favors are you doing yourself there? Remember. As close to the grove as possible when you diet. No side trips through factories.

So you cook your own. And then you’re left with a ton of math figuring up things like calorie content. Is it any wonder people don’t stick with diets and many fail? Apparently it’s tougher and I’m really having to watch because I’m at that almost there point. Just a little further, so I really have to watch EVERYTHING.

I’ve had to start actually looking at food and start comparing the content of food, not just adding calories. It’s a whole ‘nother cluster of issues. I talk with KJ Reed a lot and she does a ton of coupon clipping. Here lately she’s been asking me, “Do you eat X? I have a great coupon.” Me goes and checks the food content and come back with something along the lines of, “I can’t. It’s too much fat and carbs per fat ratio with that many calories.”


I recently found http://fatsecret.com and that’s been a huge help on looking a foods, let me tell you. There’s this handy little pie chart with every food that tells me my fat:protein:carb ratio. There is also another handy little pie chart that does the same thing, but keeps track of all the foods I’ve eaten for that day. So when I do cook a meal, I can simply add all my ingredients. FatSecret does the figuring, let’s me know if it’s balanced and then that’s one thing taken care of for me.

This doesn’t mean I don’t fall off the wagon and pig out (hello, I tweeted about eating chips last night at 11pm while editing). But it keeps me climbing back on. Got any food tips or great recipes that are low calorie, satisfying and balanced?

Ps: my website is back up and all new! What do you think?? I LOVE it!

Double Ps: I’m using my facebook page more! What do you say? Pop over and give me a like?


8 Responses

  1. My hardest challenge to dieting is that my family won’t eat anything but meat and potatos. I like salads, cabbage, greenbeans and stuff so I end up fixing those for me trying to not eat so many of the starches.

    Our other problem is the time we eat. It’s usually later at night then we don’t do anything for the rest of the night but sit around.

    We just joined the new gym by our house. they have an indoor pool and awesome workout room and walking track. we are going to start going up there after dinner 3 or 4 times during the week. I can’t wait to start swimming again.

  2. Boy, does this sound hard! I’ll be checking out the fatsecret.com. I need all the help I can get! LOL

    Gorgeous Website, Girl!! And I liked you too! 🙂

  3. Dieting is wrong. Eating RIGHT should be a life style. Unfortunately, I don’t.

    You’re so right about all the cooking, cleaning, etc. I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. Plus cooking for just me and hubby takes as much time as cooking for a family of seven…and almost as expensive!

    My goal for this summer is MAKE us eat more fresh vegetables. I actually love vegetables. Don’t eat enough of them.

    My other problem is planning…I don’t plan to cook. I look at the clock and holy cow ! It’s six and I haven’t even thought about dinner. And now both of us are starving. that’s what I mean about planning.

    Isn’t there a saying about not having a plan is really a plan to fail…or something like that. C’mom gang. You’re writers. What’s that saying?

  4. oh, same here heather! Husband the kid are very picky eaters. the more deep fried, the better. I’ll eat whatever, the healthier the better!

    I’ve learned to snack/eat MY meal while fixing theirs. AS SOON as their plates are fixed, clean the kitchen right then there, most importantly, getting leftovers in the ‘fridge. I’ve learned if they’re out, I’ll snack every time I’m in the kitchen!

  5. thank you Melissa! and do look at fatsecret! it’ll sync with your phone and comes with a food listing (including 100s of resaturants!)

  6. Cyndi if we had personal chefs, I think we’d be set!!!

    I dont’ plan my meals either. The best I’ve managed is cooking a large pot that will give me 4-5meals out of it. I go ahead and divide out portions and refrigerate them seperately.

  7. Okay, here are my suggestions:

    Make taco soup – good protein with beans and beef – use lean meat. The tomatoes and corn aren’t bad either. Use sour cream and low fat cheese and top with avocado. Healthy and good.

    You can also buy grilled chicken strips and toss them in a skillet. Use them to make a wrap (with low carb tortillas) Add low fat feta, spinach and dip it in a low fat dressing.

    And you can always make an omelet. I use egg beaters, low fat cheese, and real bacon ( too much sodium in turkey). Then you can add salsa and sourcream on top and make it a dinner rather than breakfast.

    Okay, three hot things that aren’t too bad for you. Am I a good friend or what? I guess if I were a really good friend, I’d come fix them for you while you rested your tired body from all that working out. LOL.

    Good luck. I think you look fab just the way you are, but I’m cheering for you as you try to shed a few more.

  8. I JUST picked up more egg beaters yesterday, Liz. I forgot how they’re…not the same as a whole egg, but I’ll survive them.

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