Keri here. Something seems to have wonk’ed up with Jamie’s post. Since she’s likely away from her keyboard today, I thought….hey I’ll just steal her topic for the time being!

I am such a great friend, what do you think?

So, we’re celebrating. We don’t know what Jamie is celebrating (it’s like a mystery!), but we can talk about what celebrations we have.

Me? I’m celebrating SPRING BABY. Yes, ma’am, bring on the sunshine and hot weather.

What have you got?


8 Responses

  1. well….YAY JAMIE! for whatever it is you’re celebrating 🙂

  2. Yeah! I’m lifting a cup of coffee to you in celebration.

    Do we get to learn what we are celebrating?

  3. Oh, I want to play!

    Congrats, Jamie! Hope it’s a wonderful celebration! 🙂 I love Suspense! LOL

    And I’m celebrating my new laptop! Now if only I could get used to the new keyboard, Windows 7 and the new Microsoft Office I’d really be celebrating!!! Ugh..I’m too old to learn new stuff.

  4. am jealous Melissa! I just sent an email to arrange a time to send my laptop into the doctor!

  5. OMG Keri. I read your post as in YOU’RE HAVING A BABY..i.e. preggers. This is how internet rumors get started. LOL

    I’m celebrating fulfilling the request I got for a full. Request was from a couple of weeks ago but with travel and relocating home to Arkansas, life got hectic.

  6. LOLno, no no.

    this weekend I had a couple cousins underfoot and it was constant tattle-tailing on each other. looked to dh and said, “it’s times like these when I’m glad we just have one!”

  7. LOL! Me, too. I had to read Keri’s post twice. And I was ready to say it wasn’t me. I slept with her last month, but there was totally a pillow between us.

    I’m celebrating…um….baseball? Not really. I’m already tired of it and it just started this week.

    I’m celebrating selling a new series. A three book deal set in Louisiana. Oh, and I got a 4.5 from RT on my May book. Feeling blessed, I tell you.

    And congrats, Jamie, on whatever you are celebrating!

  8. Congrats Jaime on what you’re celebrating!

    Liz, that’s an awesome celebration!!

    Me, I’m celebrating that I’m going to Nationals. I didn’t think I was going to be able to go this year and it would have been the first one I’ve missed since joining.

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