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Finding Treasure in Someone’s Trash

First off, Happy Birthday, Mom! Yes, it’s my mother’s birthday today, and we must all pause and wish Mean Jane a fantastic day!

Okay, so, I’m getting ready for a garage sale.

Ah, the garage sale. Finding treasure in someone else’s trash. And since I moved, I’ve got mondo trash, ahem, unwanted items.  I haven’t had a garage sale in many, many years. I’m pretty sure the last one, I partnered with Mom and drove to her hometown to do it. On the way there, I saw a buck naked guy on the side of the road, but that’s a story for another day.

So, today I spent the afternoon cleaning out the closet in which I’d set all my crap, ahem, items that will make someone else happy. And it took a good while. George Foreman grill, anyone? How about a mosiac wall clock, or an Elvis platter? Maybe a gently-used cookbook might please you more? Yep. I’ve got quite the collection. I pulled out shears for grooming dogs, crib bumpers, and crystal dishes still in bubble wrap. I’ve got three lamps, three rugs, a tv and two loveseats. I’m going to make a mint…if someone finds their treasure in my sh-, ahem, fantastic things I can no longer make room for.

So this leads me to writing.

You see, where one editor saw trash, another saw treasure. Yeah, you heard me right. The week before I sold my first book, I got the scores back from a contest in which I’d finaled. I couldn’t wait to see what the editor, agent and published author said. Boy, was I surprised. The author gave it moderate scores and told me it would never sell to Superromance. The agent was actually the kindest. She saw value in it, thought it needed to start elsewhere, but liked it well enough. The editor? Um, she thought it sucked. The only thing she liked was the synopsis. Seriously.

I was mortified. Scarred. Heart-broken (for my then titled Heartbreaker)

But then, the very next week, I got the call.

Crazy, huh? I thought so, too. How could one editor at the same publisher think it was so bad while another thought it was good enough to publish? Sheesh, I don’t know. But I do know I’m glad the right editor saw a treasure in my unpolished, misguided manuscript.

So the point is….don’t give up. While some may pass you over as not good enough, not shiny enough, not desirable enough, there may be someone else right around the corner who thinks you are perfect!

And she might pick you up off the table, pay a pittance, and give you a home with her/him. And then as she dusts you off, polishes you up, mending and repairing the small flaws, she might find that she’s discovered a treasure after all.

So, you’re inspired, but I’ve still got to have a garage sale. So tell me, what’s the best find you’ve ever bought at a garage sale?


8 Responses

  1. Hi,

    the same story was happened in my life .. these are sweet memories..

  2. Glad to bring up good memories, Reverse Parking Sensor…or should I just call you “beep”? 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing that Liz, I think sometimes we need to be reminded that it’s all in who likes what.

    My best score at garage sale…a beautiful antique rocker. I loved it then and still love it today.

  4. Great post! Believe in yourself and never give up! 🙂

    Garage sale….this reminds me I really need to clean out a few closets myslef. LOL

  5. Writing is such a subjective business. What one editor LOVES another is surprised you can write your name without help!

    Don’t do garage sales. When I did the math (i.e. how to to sort my stuff, price it, display it, run the sale, etc), it wasn’t worth my time. I just take everything to the United Methodist Thrift Store.

    Good luck with your sale. I don’t need anything you list. I have all that PLUS more stuff. 🙂

  6. I rarely do garage sales, but it’s a moving sale. If I gotta clean it out, might as well slap a sticker on it and try to sell it before Goodwill does the pick up. My extra money is for Nationals. 🙂

  7. and I look forward to seeing you at nationals!

    and beating LSU again this fall. hee hee

  8. Years (20??) ago I found a brand new, still in the box, ceiling fan and light. Six blades, 5 lights. I didn’t have air conditioning and a fan was very needed. It has followed me thru three moves, had it’s motor replaced and I made new glass globes for it. I love the damn thing and it cost me $20.

    And yup, one persons trash is anothers treasure and it’s a good thing isn’t it?

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