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Meet Double RITA Winner Kristan Higgins

I am so excited to have Kristan Higgins dropping by today. (Insert my fan-girl squeal here!) I “discovered” Kristan when she won her first RITA in 2008 with Catch of The Day.

I immediately went looking for other books by her and found that she had only one other book. I’ve been grabbing up her books since. I wasn’t surprised by her 2010 RITA win with Too Good To Be True.

This lady just keeps hitting homeruns. 🙂

INTRO: Hi Kristan. Welcome to ENLR. We’re thrilled you had time to come by. I know you’ve been doing lotsof blog stops and interviews. I thought we might have some fun today getting to know writer behind such awesome books.

I am thrilled to be here, and thanks for calling the books awesome! Your review of MY ONE AND ONLY was so generous…You are well on your way to being my new best friends.

Q: Tell us about Kristan, the person. Are you married? Kids? Pets? Where do you hang your hat?

I am married and have been for a good long while to my sainted husband, whom I call McIrish. We have two Lotto children, in that we got incredibly lucky—they are the most wicked awesome kids ever, and we own them! I’m from Connecticut and, after college and a sojourn in New York City, McIrish and I moved back to my little hometown to have kids and be wholesome.

Q: Do you have an “official” writing spot? Describe it for us.

I do! I used to have a dank, unheated little room in the cellar of our house, which I fondly called the Pit of Despair, but I recently moved to an attic apartment down the street…the Lair of Despair, if you will. It has windows, sunlight—it’s very exciting! Low ceilings that invite you to bump your head, a tiny kitchen, lots of plants, my little puppy, Willow…it’s a home away from home. And my mom gave me a Keurig for Christmas, so what more could I want?

Q: As you answer these questions, what are you drinking right now? What do you drink when you write?

I’m drinking Emeril’s Big Easy blend of coffee—bam!—with lots of half and half. I generally drink either coffee or seltzer water when I write. Cuppa tea once in a while. But now that you’ve asked that question, I find myself craving a vanilla milkshake…

Q: Pretend you just won ten million dollars. What is the first time you would buy (other than a college education for your kids!)

I’ve had this answer down for years—I don’t play the lottery, but I love to fantasize about winning. So after the college fund and the hospital wing and the donation to Bono’s charity, you mean? Then it gets tricky. Hmm. I need a brown belt, does that count? I should have a better answer for that, but brown belt is what leaps to mind. My guilty indulgence is skin care items. I probably have five different eye creams smeared on my skin at any given moment. Maybe I’d bop into Sephora and go a little wild.

Q: If I drove your fantasy car into your drive and handed over the keys, what kind of car is it? What year? What color?

It would be my dad’s 1974 Triumph TR-6, maroon, two-seater with wooden dashboard, perfectly restored. I drove that car on occasion when I was a teenager and Dad was feeling indulgent. My father died a long time ago, but we still have his mid-life-crisis, sitting there in Mom’s garage. It’s a dream to get it up and running again.

You’d look awesome behind the wheel of that car!

Q: Tell our readers one secret your fans don’t know about you.

I have so few secrets! I tend to blurt out personal information to anyone I meet, so secrets are tough. But let’s see what I can come up with here…I had my tonsils out when I was 36 years old. That’s so lame, but it’s the best I can do. Better than the fact that I read The Canterbury Tales in the original Middle English (I am so much fun at cocktail parties, let me tell you!). Now you have me wishing I was once lost in the jungle for three weeks lost or had a half-brother in prison, since that sounds so much juicier. Dang.

Q: The reviews for your latest books, MY ONE AND ONLY have been fabulous, including the one here on our blog. As someone who has won two coveted RITA awards, do you worry about your books meeting a certain level of reader expectation? Have you ever faced analysis/paralysis when writing (your mind freezing up from analyzing your writing too much)?

Yes to both. I’m very hard on my work, though I think that would be the case with or without the RITAs (much as I adore those beautiful girls!). Once in a while, I just stop to think—and think—and think—about my characters and plot, but it serves the story well. I’d love it if my process were a little less tortuous, but it’s my torture, and it seems to be working, so I guess I’ll stick with it.

Q: Tell us a little about MY ONE AND ONLY. BTW, I loved this book. Got totally weepy at the ending, which is so perfect.

This is the story of a long-divorced couple forced to reunite at a destination wedding as best man and maid of honor. They married young and divorced fast…neither was really equipped for the realities of marriage. There’s an ocean of feeling between them—love was never the problem—but there’s a lot of blame, too. They’re extremely wary (and a little thrilled) at being in such close proximity again.

I had a lot of fun with this book on so many levels—first, I was crazy in love with Nick, who’s so snarky and fast and big-hearted (and a Yankees fan, like me). I loved writing a more cynical heroine than my others have been—Harper thinks of herself as a realist, and a divorce attorney, she does know a thing or two about why marriages fail. There were some great secondary characters who kind of leaped off the page—Dennis, BeverLee, Coco and Father Bruce were my faves, as well as that poor guy at the restaurant in Montana.

Q: Can you give us a sneak peak on what you’re working on right now?

Sure! I just finished revisions on UNTIL THERE WAS YOU, and I’m very excited about this book, too. For the first time, I wrote the hero’s point of view as well as the heroine’s, and I had so much fun doing it! I think of this book as Return of the Bad-Boy—in high school, Liam Murphy was the hottest guy in Bellsford, NH: motorcycle, leather jacket, girls falling at his feet. Now he’s back almost twenty years later, dad to a teenage girl, rather terrified that she’ll fall for the type of guy he was. Posey Osterhagen, who’d worshipped Liam from afar back in the day, immediately learns that his effect on her hasn’t changed…not a good thing, in her opinion, considering how he crushed her young heart. So it’s a book about young love, maturity, parenthood, forgiveness, acceptance…I really do love it, and I hope readers will too!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you’ll find time to come back again the future. I’m sure there’ll be comments and questions to you today.

Absolutely my pleasure! Thank you so much for having me!

I highly recommend all of Kristan’s books (they are all on my keeper shelf) but MY ONE AND ONLY may have climbed to #1 in my Kristan rankings. Click on your perferred bookseller below and pick up this fun read.

AmazonPowell’sB & NBordersIndiebound

Now if you want join me in stalking…er, following Kristan, here are the places you can find her!

Kristan’s Website Kristan’s Facebook Page Kristan’s Personal  Blog Kristan’s Group Blog


19 Responses

  1. What a great interview. Thanks Cyndi and Kristan.

    Your books sound awesome and I have them on my wish list. I can’t wait to read them.

    thanks for stopping by ENLR today and welcome!!!

  2. MY ONE AND ONLY sounds awesome–I’ll have to add it to my TBR list.

  3. Hi Cyndi and Kristan! What a great interview. I love the sound of your new book and the name Liam has always been a favorite – besides who doesn’t want to follow up on the bad boy from high school!

    Love it.


  4. Great interview! Great writer! Great books! Please win more Ritas so I can get more pictures of you taking impromptu dips in the hotel lobby fountain. xo

  5. Good afternoon, Cyndi and Kristan. You two work well together. I love Kristan/s books, so I’ll be looking for this new one.

  6. MY ONE AND ONLY makes it sounds like happily-ever-afters-not actually sometimes DO come true … which, for me, a true romantic, is a done deal … I’m buying the book. Thanks so much for sharing with us.


  7. Oh, Cyndi, great interview, and Kristan I love your answers, particularly how you describe your husband and kids. McIrish and Lotto, priceless. My husband has taken lately to calling me Little Lady. Don’t ask 🙂 I have started replying, well, hello, John Wayne 😉 Cute blog!

  8. Awesome interview, Cyndi! And Kristan, you’re so funny. 🙂 I love funny. I’ll have to check out your books. Especially the latest one with the bad boy who has a teenage daughter. Very intriguing.

  9. Great interview, Cyndi. And I love your books, Kristen! The Next Best Thing made me cry and laugh and I could totally see and feel the story and setting. I found myself craving a coffee-milk. In fact, we’re relocating to Rhode Island and that’s the first thing I’m stocking in the new fridge. You’ve actualy kick-started my writing a Contemporary and should it find a home I’ll have you to thank for inspiration. It’s no wonder you’ve won two RITAs.

  10. Awesome interview 🙂 I can’t wait to start reading My One and Only. I love all of Kristan’s books!

  11. Great timing on this interview! I’m actually reading My one and only right now. Though I think i’ll have to read it again because I’ve only been able to read here and there instead of in one sitting, so It really changes how I find a book. Like you Cyndi I was disappointed when i read the first book only to find it was the only one and I wait somewhat impatiently for the next ones to be released. 🙂

    I love those bad boys, the next one sounds really good. Can’t wait.

  12. Terrific interview! Kristan, I picked up your first book because it had a dog on the cover. LOL I did read the first couple pages before I bought it, and like others after me, I was smitten with your stories and your characters. I love the sound of Liam’s story, a former bad boy with a teenage daughter. Payback is a bitch. lol

  13. Excellent interview Cynthia, and Kristan thanks for letting us learn more about you. I’m from a ‘car’ family as well, with many classics stored in the various family garages. Looking forward to your newest book Kristan!

  14. What a charming and funny interview!
    Just from this I will be picking up My One and Only!

  15. My One and Only sounds great and I’ll be picking it up. BTW, I think a Keurig would make any writing space complete. If only I could get my dh to take the hint. 🙂

  16. Great interview. I am going to look for your books Kristan. They are exactly the type I like.

  17. Hi, Cyndi and Kristan!

    Kristan, your books sound great. I love stories where the characters have a history.

    Congrats on the double RITAs!


  18. How did I miss the fab Kristan Higgans? I’m such a fan and a wannabe. LOL. Only excuse – two words – garage sale. Yeah, I had one and I’m zonked from it. Two days of dusty, dirty bargaining.

    Thanks for visiting, Kristan. I loved the interview and the car. Swoon. I so want to drive that thing – it’s fabulous!

    Keep writing those wonderful characters. Love your work and can’t wait to dive into the newest 🙂

  19. Great interview!

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