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What Was He Thinking?

Here’s more proof that men and women are just wired different. LOL
 (This picture has little to do with my post, but says more than a thousand words ever could.)

It all started last week.  We haven’t seen rain for quite some time around here and most of the state of Texas is under a severe drought warning.  There are lots of issues that arise due to this lack of water.  The most common being brush fires.  With the high winds these fires spread fast and furious.  Not good. 

But something else happens that even I wasn’t aware of.  Until last week.  Critters of all shapes and sizes start looking for places to find water.  The ponds are drying up.  The ditches are cracking.  So what better place to find water than were water runs abundantly on a daily basis? 

Your house.  Yep.  I’m not talking about the soft and cute little critters like rabbits or even pesky squirrels though.  I’m talking about the slithery scaly kind.  

Last week my oldest daughter came home from school exhausted and decided to take a short nap before dinner.  Not too long afterward, she starts screaming at the top of her lungs.  For “Mom” of course.  I bolt up the stairs to her room.  Halfway there, I hear the reason for her panic.  “Snake!  There’s a snake in my room!”  

My heart stops.  Surely not.  I remember a story on the local news about this, but I’m still in denial.  I turn the corner and look into her darkened room.  My attention flicks to the center of her floor where she has something caught in the bright light of a flashlight. It’s a snake all right.  And not one of those little grass snakes either.  It’s big enough to be mistaken for one of my son’s rubber toy snakes, except for one thing.  This one is moving.  Right toward her bed!  And my daughter is in it! 

I switch on the light and it stops.  I know I’ve got seconds to figure out how to trap the darn thing or it will be under the bed and we’ll never find it.  And she’ll never step foot inside the room again.  I wouldn’t blame her one bit either. 

In a moment of panic, I yell at my husband to bring me something to take care of the snake.  I can tell by his tone he doesn’t believe me or thinks it’s small enough not to be concerned about.  Are you serious?  It’s in the house!  Anyway, he yells back he’ll get the shovel.  

Shovel?  Does he really think he can kill the snake in the house?  I inform him that the shovel isn’t an option and to hurry before it gets away.  In the mean time, I have run to the bathroom, grabbed a huge bath towel, thrown it over the snake, pounced on it and am now holding it down on the ground.  Finally, I hear his heavy footsteps on the stairs.  Finally we’re going to have something to get this critter out of here. 

He steps through the doorway.  I look up.  And my jaw drops.  This man, whom I love dearly is totally clueless and out of his hunting element apparently.  He’s brought me a freaking broom!  What am I supposed to do with it?  Sweep the snake out of the room, down the stairs and then out the back door?  Really?  A broom? 

After several seconds of disbelief, I collected my thoughts and laughter.  Then, together we manage to wrap the snake up in the towel for hubby to scoop up.  My son, who brought in a steak knife for the job, (shaking my head on that one as well) heads up the relocation party and runs to open the back door for us.  It took all five of us, squealing and yelling, with bouts of nervous laughter to get that poor snake back outside where it belongs. 

All I can say is “IT BETTER RAIN SOON!”  I don’t think I can take this excitement again.  🙂  

Have you ever had one of these moments?  You know, when you suddenly realized just how different men and women really are.


13 Responses

  1. Well, I’d have been wearing a Kevlar Bomb Suit and carrying a bazooka by the time I got up there, so a broom’s not so bad.

    Can’t stand snakes. I mean, I can’t STAND them. Totally irrational fear, but I have to give Mark props for even walking into the room….:)

  2. Did you ever figure out what kind it was? Hopefully not poisonous.

    I have to admit, I probably would have brought a broom, too. LOL. My husband is the one who is good under pressure. Me? Not so much. We had a snake in our side yard a couple of years ago, and I called for my husband. He came out with a pistol and shot that thing from a good distance. Got the snake on the first shot. Couldn’t believe it because he doesn’t hunt all that often and never goes shooting or anything. I was pretty impressed. Yeah, a gun will take care of them. 🙂

  3. I would never have thought to throw a towel over it. Smart! My brain would have shut down,

    I have terrified of snakes…it makes no sense that I am but there it is.

    Have you thought about how that snake got into your house?

  4. Yeah, I so don’t do snakes. I hate them. Growing up my grandparents had a swimming pool and we’ve found water moccassions in the pool and filter.

    He’d also found some non-poisonous ones too.

    Very impressed with your smart thinking about grabbing the towel and i wouldn’t blame your daughter one bit about not sleeping in the room again.

  5. You’re a brave individual. Way to take charge!!! Super hero in disguised as a Mom.

    Okay, Missy. I can so picture you with the towel, pinning down the snake. Something for the movies, I bet.

    I’m assuming this snake wasn’t poisonous, because towel or no towel, the poisonous ones will bite! And it’s a pain you will never forget!

    Congrats on your Woman vs. Wild experience. And it looks like you got your wish. It’s raining!!!!


  7. Of course, it takes the Mom to figure out what to do with the snake. Poor thing, it was probably terrified! You know you can always call Garrett and he will come to the rescue…of the snake that is!
    Of course, we have the only snake in history that has asthma and he gets sick. Does big brave hubby give the meds-NO…does teenage son who has such a passion for snakes give the meds-NO. Mom is the last resort so I had to give Lucky(the snake) a daily injection for two weeks of antibiotics. Sigh, the things we do for love.

  8. LOL Forgot to mention that I was 99% sure it wasn’t poisonous or I wouldn’t have worried about the shovel! 🙂

    Cyndi, We think it must have come in one of the vent holes in the brick and made it up into the attic where it then snuck throught the small crack in the attic door in front of our daughter’s room and fell to the floor. She actually heard it hit the ground and thought it was her brother playing tricks on her. 🙂 Boys! LOL

  9. I really don’t like snakes either, Heather. I think that’s why I just couldn’t let it get away. I’m afraid we might have had to move! LOL

    Brave? Yeah, sure, Terri! We’ll go with that! LOL

    Liz, I’m pretty sure gun is the first thing that crossed hubbies mind. So switching to the shovel was probably a good jump for him. 🙂

  10. Woman vs. Wild – Oh, Jenn! That show cracks me up. And this would have been the perfect episode for suburban life survival techniques. LOL And it only rained long enough to get all my groceries wet!!! grrrr…

  11. OMGOSH!! Stacey, I’m cringing just thinking about it! Hate needles almost as much as I do snakes. How much wine do you drink before hand? 🙂 Lucky is very LUCKY in my book!

  12. Oh, this reminds me of hubby chasing a squirrel around the house at 4 am with, yes, a broom (Is it genetic?) and a phone book, you know, to throw at it. We couldn’t kill it, though I’m grateful now that it wasn’t a snake. Shudder. But the funny part to me was he was stark naked, all the lights on, 13 foot windows and no shades (main living area). I would have gotten dressed before going on the hunt. Didn’t bother him.

  13. Hi, Carly! Oh, my! What a picture! LOL I think it must be genetic. 🙂 So far we haven’t had squirrels in the house. Although, they keep trying to come through the window in the living room for some reason. I have no idea why. Oh, wait. Maybe it’s because I quit putting out bird seed for them to steal! LOL

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