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Moonstruck by Myla Jackson & Delilah Devlin

Moonstruck by Myla Jackson & Delilah Devlin
*I purchased a copy of this book for my personal library*

Two sizzling tales by two very twisted sisters…

Heart of the Jaguar by Myla Jackson

When jaguar shifter Reme Denux stumbles into his ex-girlfriend’s palm reading parlor in the French Quarter of New Orleans, he’s fuzzy about how he got there. The last thing he remembered was a drink at a bar and having another man’s dark, sensuous dream.

As soon as Reme enters her building, Sybille can sense the black magic haze hanging over the man she still loves. With the full moon on the rise, she has to do something to save him from a death-swapping hex or lose him forever. With the help of a voodoo priestess, Sybille and Reme weather the moon’s supremacy and the soul-stealing storm, forging a bond of lust and love, neither has the strength to resist.

She’s All That by Delilah Devlin

Librarian by day, Melanie Bradshaw, is driven to desperation by her torrid dreams. However, when she acts on her desires, things go horribly wrong and she witnesses the murder of an overly amorous lounge lizard. With the body disintegrating before her eyes, who’s going to believe her?

When Detective Moses Brown gets the latest Full Moon case, he’s hoping it’s no more than another crazy looking for attention—until he meets the delectable Melanie Bradshaw. Melanie took a walk on the wild side straight into vampire territory. They know her and now she’s not safe. Until he can find out why, he’s going to stick to her like glue. If his own attraction gets between him and his good intentions, he’ll just grit his teeth and do his best to ignore it.

But pretty little Melanie has designs on his body. How’s a brother to resist?

Heart of the Jaguar is set in New Orleans, where paranormal is actually normal.  Reme knows there is something wrong with him but he doesn’t know what.  He can’t remember what happened to him and his jaguar is dormant, which is not natural.  Something pulls him in the direction of Sybille’s palm reading store.

Reme broke Sybille’s heart but she still loves him.  She is surprised when he shows up at her shop but immediately realizes that something is horribly wrong.  He has a dark aura surrounding him that belongs to someone else.  There is some strong voodoo being worked on him at Sybille knows just the person to help.

Reme is afraid he will hurt Sybille because of the spirit in his body.  He can’t control it and his jaguar is starting to fight back.  Even though their love is forbidden, it takes the ultimate sacrifice to realize that she is the one for him.

I really enjoyed this story.  The characters are complex and interesting.  I love that Sybille is a strong female; she is obviously scared to death but is willing to do whatever it takes to save the man she loves.  Reme is a jaguar shifter that is willing to do whatever he can to protect his mate, even though she is not a shifter.  Each is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the other.  I loved that about the story and would love to read more about Reme and Sybille.

 Over all I really enjoyed Heart of the Jaguar.

She’s all That introduces us to Melanie, librarian by day and succubus by night.  Melanie has been having strange dreams ever since she received the necklace from her aunt.  She is uneasy and in need of relief so she heads out to a local bar.  Little did she know she was going to witness a murder?

Detective Moses Brown works the “full moon” cases anytime they come in.  He is called in to interview Melanie to see what she knows and is instantly drawn to her.  He feels the need to protect her from the vampires out to get her.

I enjoyed this story because it was a different tale of a paranormal being.  It’s not something I’ve read a lot of stories about.  The characters were strong and interesting.  They worked well together and had believable chemistry.  I really liked the fact that Melanie always knew who Moses was no matter what and took care with him.  The secondary characters added to the story without distracting from it.

Overall I enjoyed She’s All That.

Moonstruck contains two very different stories that are both very enjoyable.  I give it 4 Flaming Hearts.


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