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Welcome Guest Blogger Melissa Ecker

Please welcome Melissa Ecker author of the Memory Grove Trilogy and Giving Up the Ghost her new paranormal that came out this week.  She’s agreed to let us interrogate, I mean interview her.  (this is a joint interview/post with Katie of Bookingit.net)

Some authors like to read books in completely different genres than the one they write. What types of books do you find yourself reading?  Do you think these books influence what you write?

I’m a huge fan of Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and V.C. Andrews to name a few. I suppose this explains my penchant for writing paranormal romance. I also adore Linda Lael Miller. Nobody writes a sexy cowboy like she does! And I love to write dirty cowboys!

Will we see more from Memory Grove?  Soon?  =)

I do have plans to continue the Seduction in Memory Grove series. I have another project to finish first, but hope to get back to Memory Grove in early fall.

“Be careful or you’ll end up in my book!”  Do your characters have traits of friends and family?  Or are they completely new individuals?

My characters definitely possess traits and mannerisms of people I know but I always change them up, make them better or, in the case of a villain, worse than the people who inspired them.

The Memory Grove series has firemen and cops and cowboys (oh my!)  What do you think there is about these dangerous, alpha male type professions that attracts women?

Well, I can’t speak for all women, but for me it’s about strength. Firemen and cops are everyday heroes with guns and handcuffs and fire hoses and…wait, what was the question?  Cowboys have the “rough and ready” persona and I love the Stetson and boots and Levi’s…forgot the question again.

 I know you work from home, is it difficult to juggle working, writing and family life?

It is difficult. I struggle with separating the three. For instance, while I’m doing laundry, I’m always thinking about projects I have lined up for work or a deadline for writing. It’s hard to find any downtime when all three of my “jobs” keep me in the house. I do the best I can, though. My house is never perfect and I’m a lousy cook but my family loves me anyway.

What’s with the sock fetish?

I just love socks, especially knee socks. I’m so happy that they are trendy now because the variety available is amazing! I can’t pinpoint when it began but I’ve always liked my feet to be warm and cozy. For some people, they are a kinky fetish, for me they’re a creature comfort and I can’t write without them.

How has social media affected your career as a writer?

Social media has been paramount in getting the word out about my work. If not for Twitter and Facebook, I don’t know if anyone would be reading me. I’m so grateful for all the friends I’ve made and all the support I’ve received.

Lightning round!

Favorite color?                  Pink
Favorite beverage?        Coffee
Favorite Food?                 Chinese Chicken Salad
Favorite animal or pet?     My cat, Kitty McPurzalot
Sweet snacks or salty?         SWEET
Morning person or night owl?         A little of both. I don’t sleep much.
Mac or PC?         PC
TV, Radio or Nothing when you are writing?       iPod playlists
And because you’re a romance author:  Sweet or smutty?            Oh, I love the smut!

Was it hard to switch gears from writing the Memory Grove series to writing your new paranormal Giving Up the Ghost? 

I actually wrote Giving Up the Ghost before I wrote the Memory Grove series. It was a challenge going from spooky romance to dirty romance. But I found switching it up recharged my brain.

Now, will you tell us a little about Giving Up the Ghost?

This book was the most difficult to write by far. A lot of literary blood, sweat and tears went into it and I’m really proud of the end result. I hope the readers enjoy it!

Here’s the blurb for Giving Up the Ghost:

Kylie McAllister has it all until her world is shattered by the death of her husband, Jackson.  After a year of grieving, Kylie uses the proceeds from Jackson’s life insurance to purchase a plantation home on the outskirts of New Orleans to begin rebuilding her life with their daughter, Abby.  Confirmed bachelor, Ryan LaCroix, has no intentions of settling down with anyone, let alone his best friend’s widow, but somehow Kylie and Abby find their way into his heart.

After discovering an old Ouija board in the attic of her new home, Kylie unwittingly opens a cosmic door to an incubus who pretends to be the dead husband she is so desperately struggling to let go of.  She falls deep under his potent spell of delicious sex and malevolent obsession while he gradually drains her life to fortify his own.  By the time she realizes he’s an impostor, she is powerless to stop him.  Together, withJackson’s subliminal guidance and the help of a kind voodoo practitioner, Ryan and Kylie wage a fight for her life against the evil entity.

Thank you for stopping by, you can find Melissa at http://www.melissaecker.com/

Her books are available through several retailers such as:


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  1. Fabulous interview, ladies!

  2. Such a FUN interview! enjoyed reading more about this story and have decided it’s a lights on, middle of a sunny afternoon kind of read for me LOL

    yes, yes…hear me bock!

  3. Sorry I missed this interview! I’ll be picking this on up for sure! 🙂

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