Buy Me!!

Slipping in this evening because you can buy me!

I donated a 50pg max critique of a contemporary. That’s single title, category length or novellas–doesn’t matter! Just your first 50pgs!

The Auction is for:

“More than half of the country has been affected by this continuous band of damaging weather, disrupting people’s lives from North Dakota to the East Coast…. More than 1,600 people sought refuge in 65 Red Cross shelters Wednesday night as the storms forced them from their homes. Red Cross shelters are open in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, North Carolina and Texas.”

– Thursday, April 28, 2011 press release from the American Red Cross

Because the April 2011 storm outbreak affected so many areas, we are donating auction proceeds to the Red Cross’s general disaster relief fund.

This fundraiser is not officially affiliated with the Red Cross.

So please! stop by. If you don’t want to bid on me, the bid on something and help out the South and along the East where so many were left homeless.
Later I’ll have a print copy of AppleTrail and will toss in some swag of Apple Trail Jars, tea and whatever other things I have around 🙂

Show us some love and leave a comment!

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