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Awkward Photos

Let’s talk about photos and picture taking.

I am the world’s worst at taking vacation pictures. I went on a cruise with Delilah Devlin in January but have you all seen one picture from that trip? Nope. I may have take a few but not many. I had a camera, but I dropped it and broke it about day one. I thought about getting another one and realized that I don’t need to spend the money. Why? I have a Droid X, which has an 8 megapixel camera, more than my original camera. Of course I haven’t really learned to use it other than point and shoot. I know it will zoom and focus, but how to actually do that? I don’t know.

So now, when I need to take a quick picture (like this one of my puppy’s favorite chew toy) I grab my phone.

When I need a picture of me, my husband uses his “fishing” camera…the one that goes with him every time he fishes so he can take a picture of any large fish he catches before he releases it. He doesn’t do a bad job but what turns out when he takes pictures of me is how I really look! *gasp*


No wrinkle removal. No turkey neck erasing. Those pounds I need to lose so very obvious.

But now that I’ve sold my first book, I’m wondering if it’s time for a professional head shot.

I get a Groupon every day. I think I’ve used one but it worked great. This week I got a Groupon for a photo shoot and three 5×7 photos. The regular price is $285…Groupon price $69.  Really a deal.

What about the rest of you? Do you have a professional head shot? or a “husband” head shot?

Do you have a camera, or have you converted to your smart phone also?

If you don’t have any answers to those, here’s a fun little link! Awkward Family Pet Photos!


11 Responses

  1. Interestingly, you look great in these photos. I suspect it’s the lens through which you’re looking at them that makes you notice what I do not. Of course, I am the same way. In my family (and world) I am the photographer. I rarely hand over the camera, but when I do I am horrified and delete delete delete. What I see is the stubborn weight I’ve added over the last decade, the age around my eyes (but particularly my neck). For my author photo, I had my daughter photoshop a picture my son took. So it was free and it’s something I can live with. Ultimately, it’s hard to look at photos of ourselves, women of a certain age, because in our hearts we’re still who we once were. The image we’re seeing doesn’t compute with the identity looking at it. A little photoshopping of the photos you posted above would make great author photos–you look great!

    • Thanks Suzanne! I’m hesitating paying for a head shot when my book is coming out digitally.

      It is SO hard to look at pictures of ourselves. I have one of me in my 20’s and I thought I was SO FAT. I look at it now and man, what I wouldn’t give to have that body back!

      Thanks for coming by. Don’t be a stranger.

  2. Oh, how I hate pictures, Cyndi! I too think it has a lot to do with who’s looking at the photos. LOL Yours look great! 🙂 Those head shots can get pretty pricey! $69.00 really does sound like a bargain.

    My mom has a great camera and takes awesome pictures, mostly of landscapes. But she is working on doing senior pictures as well. My kids and I have been her test subjects. LOL This works great because we can keep shooting until one finally pops up we can live with.

    • I love the fact that with digital you can take all the pictures you want without “wasting” film! We do that too…take loads of pictures and delete the ones that don’t work.

      Hubby does a great job with landscape and nature pictures. People are not his strong suit.

      He keeps tell him…he can only work with what he’s given! LOL LOL

  3. Photography is my hobby and I love it. I have a great digital SLR camera. A lot of my pix are of flowers, animals and buildings but I have my fair share of kids too.

    My grandbaby, Niece and Nephew are my subjects. I have metal walls at work and they are covered with my pix. they are a great conversation starter.

    I have very few pix of myself, a couple with authors taken at book signings and the one on here are the few of me.

    Cyndi the best place to get pix made I have found is portrait innovations. They have a package that comes with 40 pix for 9.95. They do a fabulous job.


  4. I think you look awesome, but I know what you mean. Funny enough, I was talking about this this morning on my walk. I hate when you look at a picture and think, “Whose that fat, old person?” and then it’s YOU! Yeah, that’s started happening to me.

    When I finaled in the Golden Heart, I had professional pics made. I’m using that one until no one recognizes me anymore. Maybe until I’m 50? LOL.

    I like taking pics. Never seem to get them developed though.

    Go get a professional. It will make you feel legit, though Keri Ford did have some rather sexy ones taken of herself. Vixen!

    • HAHA You are so not even CLOSE to fat!! You’re gorgeous…and since I have met you face to face, I say this with authority!

      I like the “make you feel legit”…yeah.. I think I agree with you.

  5. Does anyone like their photos? I got a professional headshot for the GH after someone reminded me that it would go up on the big screen during the awards ceremony (ack!). Use that Groupon; it’s a great deal!

    BTW, I think the photos your husband took are great. You look happy and beautiful.

    I love taking pictures, and I end up using my iPhone a lot because it’s usually with me, but on vacation I use our regular digital camera (supplemented by iPhone). On our trip to Europe last year we took about 1500 photos, and there’s still stuff I wish I’d snapped a picture of!

    • 1500 pictures!! Please, I beg you, do not invite me over to look at your vacation pictures! LOL LOL LOL

      I think you are smart to get a professional shot for Golden Heart (ARGH.. I’m still SO JEALOUS!) The thought of my mug spread out on a HUGE screen…scary!

      Thanks for coming by. Love seeing you here.

  6. LOL I am husband shot, but thank you Liz.. I used to dabble a bit in photography so i pretty much told DH where to stand and how to take the photo.

    we both have a really good camera, but our go-to cameras are our phones too. DH’s droid takes way better pics than my Moto Blur. the first question I ask about my phone is the camera.

    • My old camera was 5MP (the one I broke) so the Droid X having 8mp was a big step up.

      You know Liz…Keri’s hubby has a great subject to shoot. 🙂 Hard to take a bad picture of her.

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