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Barking Dogs Begone!

We had the most beautiful weekend.  The weather was perfect.  Not too humid, which in itself is a miracle around here.  Not too windy or hot.  The kind of weather you could just lay outside in a hammock all day in and read a great book, cat nap or enjoy watching the kids do what kids do.

Although we don’t have a hammock, I set out with my e-reader, a tall glass of sweet ice tea and plopped myself down in a comfortable chair on our patio.  Ahhh…this is the life.  And then….Wham!  I mean Arf, Arf, Arf, Arf, freaking Aarf!

Someone please tell me what on earth makes a dog go on for hours like that.  Better yet, what on earth makes an owner of such dog let them go on like that for hours? Talk about ruin a perfectly peaceful afternoon.  We have not one but three dachshunds living behind us. I grew up with dachshunds.  I love dachshunds.  But not only do these drive us crazy with their pointless barking, they tear up the back fence, come into our backyard, run off with my shoes and chew the heads off my plastic turtles floating in our tiny pond.

Why? I just want to know why.  Why don’t people take responsibility for their pets and make sure they are behaving. We have a Golden Retriever. I know dogs will be dogs.  But somebody has to teach them what they can and cannot do.  Just like you do with kids, right?

Short of getting an electric fence for the back and purchasing the barking gadget I’ve seen on TV guaranteed to keep a dog from barking nonstop, I’m at a loss.  We’ve sent nice letters, had the HOA send nice letters and still the dogs bark morning, noon and night.

What’s a girl to do? I just want to enjoy my own backyard with my family in peace. Any suggestions? Or ideas on where I can buy a new turtle? Tiny Tim just doesn’t float anymore. 😦


16 Responses

  1. Wow, Melissa…. I thought I was the only one with this problem!

    Two dogs live here; Boo and Emma. Small ‘inside’ dogs, fairly quiet (excellent Early Warning Systems, though!), but the dog behind and the dog to the side… sheesh. Constant barking. I mean, CONSTANT.

    Of course, these two have to ‘defend their territory’, so sometimes it’s kind of noisy. I’ve never come up with an answer. Like you, polite requests, letters, etc. have done no good. Most of the time I can roll with it, but at 2am it’s a touch annoying…..

    • You are so right! Dogs are excellent warning systems, Will. And great companions too. 🙂 I think these three little terrors are afraid of their own shadows. So anything that moves, they go into freak out mode! LOL 2 am! Ouch!

  2. I feel your pain! We had one nearby that barked all night, and I always wondered the same thing.

    Another question: why is it ALWAYS little yappy dogs with shrill barks? It’s never big dogs with deep voices. At least that would mix it up a little. 🙂

    No suggestions, unfortunately. 😦

    • Hi, Natalie! Welcome to the group! 🙂 Looks like this is a bigger problem than I thought. It does seem to be the little yappy dogs that can’t control it! I try to imagine they are just talking to each other, you know like in 101 Dalmations. Doesn’t help at all! LOL

  3. Ah, barking dogs. We’ve not had a terrible problem with it though the neighbor right outside our bedroom window has a beagle who will holler (best description for it) but he’s an inside dog and not often outside.

    My dogs are pretty good. The Boston can get out and sometimes runs all over the neighborhood so I guess I’m not a great pet owner. He usually poops in the across-the-street neighbor’s yard, but their dog poops in our, so we’re even.

    The toughest thing to remember is that it’s not the dog’s fault …it’s the owner. We’re going to fix Ike’s little red wagon when we get a new fence but that can’t happen till we sell our other house. Then we’ll be better dog owners 🙂 With twice the dog poop in our yard.

    • Boy, can those beagles holler, Liz! LOL You’re right it’s not the dogs fault. I think that’s why I have a problem using things that will hurt them. So my question should have been how to get their owners to behave! 🙂

  4. DH and I were asleep Saturday morning and we heard something banging against the fence, then a bunch of barking. DH gets up, looks out, and says, a lab is in our yard. Her sister or brother was barking like crazy (trying to tell on her, I guess). Anyway, dh goes to the back door and tells her to go home…and I watched out the window as the dog ran up the fence (in the corner–behind a tree) and back over. That dog is incredible.

    • Hey, Tess! See, I guess they really do try to talk to each other. LOL Not a great way to wake up on a Saturday morning though. Glad he found his way home!

  5. We have a yappy boston terrier in a yard that backs up to our across the road lot where my husband stores all his boats, jeep, RV, etc. Every time he goes out to work on his boat, that darn dog starts up. So last time, he got a radio, turned it to country music station (which he loves, but isn’t for everyone), aimed the speakers toward the yard with the dog, and turned up the volume full blast. Within about 5 or 10 minutes, the owners came out and got their dog. He turned the radio down. hee hee

    We have a new rental neighbor who owns a yappy little rat of some kind. We can’t stand on our deck without that d*mn dog starting up. When he starts up, she says, “Now don’t do that” in a voice that says to the dog, “Do whatever you want.” ARGH.

    Yes, I own 2 dogs. and yes, the do bark. When they do, they get in trouble and brought into the house. And NEVER at 2 a.m. At that time, the 80 lb retriever is trying to push me off the bed so she can spread out further,

    • Cyndi, your hubby sounds like mine! Oh the things he wants to do to get their attention. We’ve never met these people so I have no idea how they might react. The radio is a great idea though. Can’t get arrested for that! 80lb retriever in the bed…now that’s a great picture! LOL They really do take over don’t they. 😉

  6. We too have the problem of the little yip dogs. the house that backs up to the back of our yard has a couple of yip dogs. i don’t kow what kind but they are annoying as heck!!!

    We can be sitting peacefully outside on the deck and they just keep barking. It really doesn’t matter if we are inside or outside if the back door is open we can hear them barking. Very annoying!!!!

    • Heather, that settles it! This is happening way too much! It must be some kind of conspiracy to drive the normal people crazy! LOL One Easter the kids were out hunting eggs and when we got around to watching the video recently all you hear are the blasted dogs! I agree. Very annoying!

  7. I guess we’re lucky since the dogs around us do bark, but not too much and the owners do come out and ‘try’ to make them stop.

    Ours are inside dogs, (Shih Tzu and Chihuahua), who are too bad about barking unless I’ve gone to bed before Science Guy, then it’s full guard duty for the Shih Tzu while the Chihuahua is covered with a blanket sleeping.

    • Vicki, I think I would be a bit more understanding if the owners at least tried to control them. I know if I can hear them, they can hear them too. We keep hoping they’ll just move. LOL

  8. ooohhh, no no no. NO. I would be calling animal control or the local PD every time (disturbing the peace? check into your noise curfew). I think they’ll go knock on the door or leave letters on the door.

    • LOL, Keri. We haven’t called animal control yet. Although it would take months for them to get here if we did. We had a pit bull problem across the street a while back. That was serious and it still took them forever to address it. Ugh… We have a 10:00 noise curfew I think. Hmmm..dogs count too..hmmm..I just may be making that call! 🙂

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