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(Yet Another) Keri’s in Da House!

Many thanks to Cyndi for inviting me to join the ENALR crew. I hope I can add another great flavor to this mega-pack of tasty ice pops.

So I have an official bio that paste hither and I post yon, but tonight I thought I’d play truth or…truth with you (because ain’t no way I’m taking dares from people on the internet.)

Many people have asked me many insightful questions since my debut paranormal romance, Stone Kissed was published in December by Carina Press and I thought I’d share some of those questions and answers with you.

Q. “Keri, will you marry me?”

A. Sorry, Harry, but I must decline your proposal for several reasons. 1. I have a husband of 18 years and three sons with him, and we don’t practice polyandry (I think it’s illegal in Great Britain, too, to be honest.) 2. Your grandmother intimidates me and I think she may well be immortal. On the upside, however, you were born in 1984, and therefore are old enough for me to fantasize about under my personal “If You Coulda Come Out Then You Can’t Go In” rule.

Q. “Keri, do you remember that one time at band camp?”
A. Rutger, give it up. I loved you once, but your time has passed. You’re as old as my father. My heart belongs to Viggo. And Mads. And Daniel Craig. And Kevin McKidd. Yes, tall, dark and handsome is lovely. But blond and lean and chiseled gets my blood pumping every time.

Q.  “Keri, you’re really funny…”

A. Back away, Tina Fey. I love snappy dialogue and quirky characters as much as the next person. But you’re an admitted Bossypants and so am I. Writing romantic fiction is the perfect career for me because I create the world, and I get to guarantee, every single time, that the people I love live happily ever after. Working for you means subjecting my characters to humiliation week after week after week. I’ve had a real-life day job or two. I see no reason to put myself through that again.

Q. “Oh, yeah—so you’re making the big bucks now, miss fancy-pants author and you don’t even need real work?”

A. Well, Real Person whom I bump into that the grocery store, the library, and/or family gatherings…not quite. I have kept the day jobs. I still teach yoga, train weight-loss clients and shoehorn myself into 30-pound beaded Oriental dance costumes to teach women how to shake what their mother gave them, but neglected to teach them how to shake. And as for the big bucks—I’ll be spending most of those on margaritas for all of the many other writers who’ve been great friends, cheerleaders, guides and sources of information at the RWA National conference at the end of June.

Many of those margarita drinkers are right here at ENALR, and I’m so happy you invited me to the party.

It’s your turn now. Ask me your questions, and I promise to tell you the truth, part of the truth, and nothing but what I want to tell you of the truth!

(Oh, hey…lookee there, over on the left! It’s my cover…Purty.)


16 Responses

  1. Keri, when can I met your parents? they must be rockin’ awesome to have given you such a kicking name!

    welcome to the blog, girl. looking forward to your posts!

  2. Welcome to the blog. I love the Q&A you shared. It was very entertaining.

    I have the book you wrote for Carina, I love Carina books) are you contracted to write anything else for them.

  3. Yay, Keri! So glad to have you here. It’ s so much fun shaking things up.

    I do love your sense of humor. It’s lightning quick wit that’s fun to bounce around with. I know none of the actors you mentioned. Guess I don’t get out much.

    I have two sons – almost 12 and 9 (in June). How old are yours? That’ s really all I could think to ask. It’s Friday. I’m kinda brain-dead.

    • Liz, mine are 12, 10 and 4 (all boys) and the important thing is that you google Viggo Mortenson, Rutger Hauer (but don’t look at any pics post, say, 1995), Daniel Craig, Kevin McKidd and Mads Mikkelson right now. Right now! No–you many not do anything else before you get this very important thing finished, young lady!

  4. BRWAHAHAHAHA…Great answer.

    Isn’t Harry the most perfect romantic hero? Second Son & Bad Boy all rolled into one! YUMMY

    I was chatting with a friend the other day who teaches belly dancing…she SO wants to meet you. We may have to plan a ENLR retreat at my house (since I have the lake, pontoon boat, and the beer!)

    Who is your roomie at National? Are planning any “dip their hands in warm water” tricks on them?

    I think ENLR must plan a meet at National, right?

    • It would be most efficient for me to buy all the margaritas at once, Cyndi! I’m rooming with Gabriella Edwards, author of UNTIL EMIE, which is a hot, hot, HAWT Friday read if you’re looking for hot-hot-HAWT.

  5. I love your sense of humor, Keri. “If You Coulda Come Out Then You Can’t Go In” had me rolling. And I couldn’t agree more. It’s creepy when the latest hawt thing isn’t much older than my son.

    I have all boys too. 12 & 14.

    What’s it been like to work with Carina Press?

    • Honestly, Gwen, I love being part of the Carina family. My editor, Deb Nemeth, is brilliant and kind. The Carina/HQN team spends a LOT of time educating us about the business of connecting with readers. We have a couple authors’ loops that are active, but supportive and not cluttered. Sometimes I have to pull myself back and say, “This is a business, NOT a family” because the Carina kool-aid tastes so good.

  6. Enjoyed your answers. Also want to say is I really, really enjoyed Stone Kissed.

  7. Hi, Keri – I enjoyed your interview and can especially appreciate your taste in men. Viggo has been #1 on the the “they can keep Betsy” list, for several years. I am just looking for a short term rental, so I don’t think we need to come to blows.

    My question is: How’s your husband handling being married to a newly minted romance diva? Does he feel that he must be the inspiration for all upcoming heros?

    (loved your book, by the way 🙂

    • Betsy,
      The official answer we give to all of the sly question is that everything in the book is made up except the sex. Needless to say, he’s a good sport.

  8. Keri, you’re hilarious! But who’s Harry?

    I can say welcome to ENALR because I posted before you. 😛 So glad to be joining with you! 🙂

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