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Okay. Who beat up the weatherman?

It’s the only possible reason I can think of for the dreadful weather conditions we’ve been experiencing all over the place.  For us in the upper Midwest, someone (maybe a weatherman seeking for revenge?) has turned on the sprinkler system, fixed it on downpour, and then wandered off somewhere.  I realize that’s no real problem compared to the tornado victims and those along the Mississippi, but in my quiet way I had expected spring to raise its head sooner or later.  And the last week of May strikes me as absurdly on the later side.

Usually we have some nice spring weather.  You know, when it’s warm enough to go out without a sweater and not so hot that you’re scuttling from your air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned interior.  Not this year.  Sure, it turns out it’s just as well that we’ve been decidedly cold — tornados don’t breed in that kind of atmosphere — but I don’t have enough room in my closet for all my bulky winter clothes and the summer clothes, and I don’t dare put the winter stuff away until the weather stabilizes a little.  And this is almost June!  As I may have mentioned before.

Is anyone having normal weather?  I’m off to Wisconsin next week, and my friendly correspondent is glooming over days in the 50s there, and nights of course lower.  Please — is there someone having summer?


10 Responses

  1. No normal weather here! We are in desperate need of rain…but I’m not sure I really want it due to all the tornados that seem to be coming along with it!! It’s crazy.

    • Oh boy — I sort of felt even talking about the weather was kinda frivolous in terms of the serious difficulties that people are having — but you start to wonder what on earth is going on!

      Let’s pray you get nice boring rain with none of the tornado excitement. Wet, and that’s it.

      • Hi Beppie Anne….so nice to stumble upon you online!! You should move back to Berkeley if you want some beautiful weather! It’s gorgeous here. I would love to communicate with you again after all these years….especially since I have finally found my calling as — guess what?? — a writer!! I never thought that’s what I would end up doing… Novels and screenplays for movies and television series. I would be honored (more than I can say) if you would read something of mine and give me your honest opinion. Want to play a guessing game? Guess who I am: You once picked me up at the airport in London wearing a micro mini-skirt and driving a mini cooper…while visiting with you in Kew Gardens I helped you look for your lost, adorable kittens, Nutley and Elizabeth, when they disappeared one day (you finally found them under Geoffrey’s drawing board!) Also, you cooked Cornish game hens for us at Thanksgiving one year when we were all by ourselves. At that time (so many years ago!) I had no idea what a Cornish game hen even WAS! My pen name is Caprezia and my email is: caprezia1@yahoo.com
        Hope I hear from you!! (BTW – you look so much like your mother)

  2. Coincidentally, my family is watching the severe thunderstorm and tornado warning report on the news right this second, as I sit next to my office window watching the frantic winds.

    We went from 60 and rain last week to 90 today, with very little hesitation in between. (Hence, of course, the thunderstorms.)

    I keep saying Mother Nature is PISSED.

  3. I’m usually wearing shorts and flip-flops by now and this morning I darned near froze my shins off when I walked at the beach in Capris, jacket and a scarf!
    So yup, on the Pacific, just north of the US border, we’re wondering what the hecks going on too.

  4. Good grief. When even southern California is cold, it’s obvious. The world is coming to an end.

    Maybe it’ll be a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and shock all of us!

  5. Our weather is all messed up here. we had some super hot weather in mid-march. then it dropped down to a cold snap. yesterday was hot and steamy. took the kid outside today and I was a little chilly!

    I think kari lynn is getting more snow today!

    • Well, I’ve pulled on a sweatsuit jacket and am wearing my winter slippers. And this, I remind you, is just before Memorial Day!

      I’m sure Kari Lynn is feeling very much the same way. When is summer going to start? I’ve just about given up on spring.

  6. Parents and I were talking about the weather last night. None of us can remember the number of tornadoes in such a short period of time. Not kvetching about the rain…we need it, but all the wind damage…that we can do without.

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