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Twenty and Counting

It’s finally June, which means three notable events in a row: my birthday, Father’s Day and our wedding anniversary. Oh, yeah, and my sister’s birthday, but until she passes me up age-wise, I figure I get top billing. And I’m too busy trying to win the annual anniversary argument to worry about her. You know the one. “No, honey, you’re wrong. I’m positive it’s on Sunday, not Saturday.”

Um, whaddaya mean, you don’t have that argument?

Oddly enough, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else who does. It’s my mother’s fault. We planned to get married on Thursday, but at the last minute she said she had to be in Glendive at the state high school rodeo finals a day earlier than she thought, so we bumped it up to Wednesday, but since Thursday was the nineteenth that date has forever stuck in my mind as the date.

Um, what’s that? Whaddaya mean, why Wednesday? Dear heavens, you didn’t think we’d get married on a weekend in the summer? My grandmother would have been the only family member not entered in a rodeo somewhere, including the bride and groom, and doing the deed in the arena right before you ride in the box to rope is a little over the top, even for us.

As it was, we tied the knot in Augusta, Montana, a town in which neither of us has ever lived, or ever will. My sister did, though, and our parents were sort of set on a church wedding, but finding a minister who’d do the honors on two weeks notice was a stretch, so my sister talked hers into hooking us up. Not that we hadn’t known we were getting married for a few months. However, the odds of doing something in a simple and uncomplicated manner decreases exponentially for every day you give my family to plan stuff, so we kept it to ourselves for as long as possible. Plus my future husband refused to tell his friends until we were pulling out of South Dakota on our way to Montana. He was pretty sure he was too old to survive a four day bachelor party, and they would have felt it mandatory to try to break their previous record of three.

We did have to swing through Augusta to meet with the minister prior to the wedding, as he felt it would be wise to at least know he’d hitched the right two people. He also felt it necessary to quiz us on our suitability as a couple. His first question to my husband was, “Your wife has a college degree and you don’t. Will it bother you if she makes more money?” And Greg said, “Why do you think I’m marrying her?”

The preacher let it go at that.

The wedding lasted eight minutes, beginning to end, including a song (via tape player, Forever’s as Far as I’ll Go by Alabama). There were eight people in attendance besides the bride and groom. Then we all loaded up in our cars, drove to Gibson Dam and went for a pontoon boat cruise on the reservoir with a cooler full of beer and wine, which went mostly undrunk because after the first cocktail we realized we’d rented a boat with no bathroom.

All in all, it was about as low key as we could get without Elvis and a drive-thru, and obviously it stuck, because this year makes twenty. I’d like to say we’re going on a cruise, or a romantic weekend in the mountains, but it’s rodeo season and the eighteenth falls on a weekend.

So does the nineteenth.


8 Responses

  1. As usual, I’m stuck at the silly job all day, but I’ll be following along by email update if anyone wants to share their wedding stories, and I’ll chime in at lunch.

  2. you are not the only one. when I first started dating my husband I had his bday wrong forever. I kept thinking it was the 4th, not the 5th of June.

    Our anniversary is the 22nd of June. We had friends get married on the 21st of June and there for awhile I kept getting theirs confused with ours. This year makes 15 yrs for us but we’ve been together around 20 yrs.

    My Bday is May 23, His is June 5th and our anniversary is June 22nd plus throw in Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and it can be an expensive month!!.

  3. Awww. What beautiful bride and handsome groom.

    Congrats on hitting the Big 2-0! You guys are obviously meant for each other. 🙂

  4. I’m wondering if you’ll make it to the Cavalia if he finds this picture on here.


  5. LOVE the picture. More more!!

    We married with 3 weeks of planning.The small wedding of 35 ended up being closer to 75 and that’s with no invitations. Since it was second marriage for both of us, we’d wanted to keep it low key. We sort of did.

    The cool thing about our wedding date that, unbeknown to us, we had chosen my grandparent’s wedding date! So the day I got married, my grandparents celebrated 55 years of marriage. I’ve always felt that’s why this one “took” … Magical date. 🙂

  6. Happy everything!

    Wow! June is like our November. My birthday, my husband’s birthday and our wedding anniversary in one month. (We hit 25 years!)

  7. “Elvis and a drive-thru”! Ha!

    You look adorable in that picture.

    Well, as fate would have it, TODAY is my and my hubby’s anniversary (21 years, God help us). We didn’t remember until last night and he asked, “You’re not getting me a card or anything, are you? Cuz I didn’t get one for you.”

    Yeah, we like to keep it real. Really, really real. Last year we didn’t do much to celebrate the big 2-0, other than dinner out and I had a full-body case of poison ivy that night. We went to this fancy 4-star place and I had oozing welts all over my body. It was DEE-lightful.

    Best wishes to you both! Here’s to another 20… or 40 … or more, really. Since we’ll all be getting our robot bodies in another few years.


  8. What an awesome story! Congratulations!

    I had a traditional wedding with a two-year engagement, but we’ll be celebrating 19 years, too. When we were picking a date, I said “How about October 4th? The weather’s perfect.” But since we were planning two years ahead, I forget there was a leap year in there, so the date ended up being October 3rd. For probably 5 years I kept remembering the date wrong, and he had to remind me.

    What’s cool is that our anniversary is also the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the last Cleveland Indians game played in the old Cleveland Stadium, and (I discovered last night), the F4 tornado that blew through my hometown (Feeding Hills, MA) when I was 8.

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