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Negatives to Positives

Good Morning!  I’m so excited to have Tess St. John on the blog today.  Tess is an amazing writer, critique partner and friend.  Please help me give her a warm welcome as she helps us see the positives when dealing with our writing.  I absolutely love these ideas!

Take it away Tess! 🙂

We writers are a colorful lot. We come in every shape, size, age, color, and creed. The one thing that links us is the fascinating world of writing. And I just have to say—it can be a negative world. Not the people, just how we look at the world. I’d like to change that…with your help, of course!

Let’s examine this:

First of all, when we start a manuscript we say we’re given a Blank Page. Blank means empty or vacant—too negative. I’m thinking we call it the Available Expanse. (Who’s with me?)

When we begin our masterpieces (see the positivity in that word!) we call it the First Draft. Does draft have any good connotation to it? Maybe draft beer (but I’m told it gives a devil of a headache). Why not call it the First Run—like an invigorating, cleansing jog (I’m also told a run can be energizing)!

The middle of our stories we refer to as Sagging. Why? Who decided they sag? I vote they be Well-muscled Middles.

Then we have the Black Moment. I much prefer to call this the Climax Scene (enough said there)!

The end. The end? Can’t we come up with something better, we’re writers aren’t we? How about Target Achieved or Summit Reached. (Can I get an Amen?)

But our negativity doesn’t stop there…oh no, we have a ton of things no person in their right mind would want to do.

Revision Hell. And I’ve decided I spend so much time there, I’m calling it Revision Heaven.

Writer’s Block. Can’t we call this Writer’s Vacation?

Synopsis Hell. (I have no good one for this because I think synopsizes are hell!)

Deadline. Who decided the word deadline is appropriate? Do we want to meet anything with the word dead in it? I had so many deadlines in my day job, it’s a dirty word. I suggest we call it the Finish Line. Everyone wants to get to the finish line first.

Now, let’s take our well-exercised imaginations (instead of overused—even though we all know they are) and come up with more negatives we can turn into positives!! I really tried my best to figure one out for Rejection letters. Anyone have an idea?

Thanks so much to Melissa for allowing me to vent today! If you can’t tell I’ve been visiting Revision Heaven trying to reach the Finish Line and needed some positive influences to help me get there!

My historical romance Second Chances is available now at Amazon, B&N, and SW. My first romantic mystery/suspense Don’t Let It Show will release soon. For more information on that and a freebie Prequel to Second Chances, titled Emma’s Chance, please visit my website. I’m also on Facebook and Goodreads.

I wish everyone a Yellow Monday (because no one should have a Blue Monday—unless it’s a Sunny Blue Sky Monday)!

Don’t Let It Show

Attorney Gail Martin’s life can’t get any worse. Her client has been convicted, her law license suspended, and her inbox inundated with a strange riddle. But things start looking up when a handsome cop saves her from the press.

Undercover FBI agent Sam Newton is inHoustonto catch drug dealing cops while pretending to be one. His identity must be kept top secret, but his attraction to Gail can’t be concealed or ignored. He’s tried, repeatedly.

As their love deepens, Gail confides she doesn’t believe the man in jail for her mother’s murder is guilty. She and Sam investigate her mother’s case, hitting nothing but dead ends. When tragedy strikes, Gail is left with only the email riddle, which leads her on a deadly quest for the truth about her mother’s life and death—if she can stay alive long enough to solve it.

Second Chances

Love that frees the heart ~ also captures it.

Lady Emma Easton’s elopement to an elderly earl shields her from an abusive father, until her husband’s death leaves her vulnerable once again. Only one man can protect her—the earl’s trusted friend, Viscount Drake.

After losing his wife, Lord Drake vows never to marry again. But his heart warms to the young widow he’s promised to protect. Emma’s love frees him from the darkness that’s consumed him. But now Drake must protect her from her father’s evil whims, or face losing her forever.


22 Responses

  1. Terrific blog, Tess and Melissa! And yeah, I’m all in favor of the ‘new’ phrases…:)

  2. Rejection letter. Hmmm….how about A Certificate of Achievement. You are one letter closer to fulfilling your dream, and a proven professional.

    Love your positive spin on things, Tess.
    Great blog post.


  3. I think with the advent of Amazon, we should call rejection letters “Promotions,” because if you get “promoted” enough, you end up going into business for yourself, becoming the publisher as well as the author, and keeping all the profit.

  4. Thanks, Will!

    Jenn…I love Certificate of Achievement! Thanks, honey!

    Nina…You’re so right, dear…Promotions is a great spin on rejection letters.

  5. Love the new words. I’ve been getting promoted right and left. I’ll be running the universe in no time.

  6. I agree! The new phrases are awesome and I like Jenn’s outlook on rejection letters.

    Writer’s Vacation for Writer’s Block…that is cool. I’ll have to remember that.

    Great job, Tess 🙂

  7. (((Susan)))! Thanks for stopping by, you’re a sweetie.

    Yes, Bethany, I do think we all take those vacations…and why shouldn’t we…lol. Thanks, dear.

  8. Tess, I love your new expressions. Much more positive. For rejection letters, how about “Keep going.” A rejection means simply that you don’t give up, but keep improving and trying. I love revisions so they’ve always been revision heaven to me.

    And I highly recommend Second Chances. It’s a wonderful read.

  9. Hi Tess and Melissa. I love the Tude, girls. I’m going to share your link because I think the tude is worth remembering. Thank you so much!

  10. Loved the new positive words, Tess. I never noticed just how much negativity is tagged to our writing. You’re right. We need to think of the entire “aura” surrounding our writing as a positive experience and not something we slog through to get to the “end”. We’re jogging to the finish line, the wind racing through our hair with big smiles on our faces as we type the last word of our ms, anxious to return to page one so we can revisit where we began in order to tweak it to make it even better! Yay!

  11. Thanks so much, Cara! Keep going is a very good way to think about rejections!!!

    Oh, Vicki…thanks for sharing and stopping by!

    Patti…You are so right…we do need a new aura!!!! What a great way to put it!

  12. Great idea Tessie. I like your way of thinking, not sure that I will think revision Heaven while doing these re-writes, but I will do my best.

  13. Great interview Tessie! Loved all the terms….and am definitely applying the use of Writer’s Vacation right now:)…due to a muscled up middle!;):)…My Monday is turquoise (not blue) at the moment…simply because I’ve been outside sweating while my Aussie and I try to put up a mister along the deck…the blue-eyed jacuzzi keeps flirting with us and I think it’s won:)…Turquoise water trumps everything:)

    Waving at you and Missy, and sashaying back outside, dragging my beach towel behind me:)


  14. Oh this is wonderful, Tessy.Thanks so much for putting a more positive spin on things.

  15. Thanks for bringing such a sunny outlook to ENALR today, Tess! 🙂

  16. Ruth, honey…I stay in Revision Heaven so often…I’m sorry, but it had to be renamed! LOL.

    Loretta…Turquoise is wonderful…are we invited to join in…or is this a private party?

    Thanks, Ciara.

    I was delighted to have the chance, Natalie!

  17. Thanks to everyone for stopping by! 🙂 Great responses here! I already feel better about sitting down and cranking out those pages! Thanks again, Tess for this awesome post!!

  18. Great article! I’m always about trying to put a more positive spin on life!! I really like what Nina said- I’m working on those promotions. HAHAHA

  19. This was great. I love the positive spin on our negative words. Good thing for every writer to remember.

    Now off to work so I can meet my finish line.

  20. LOL how fun! love all these spins

    Thanks for visitng us today!

  21. Hi Tess! I learned a bunch here of what you authors go through to put your books out! And we gobble them up in a day reading! Know I thank you and all!

    I so recommend EMMA’S CHANCE ( a free and awesome prequel that will so captivate you!) and make you so want to know more by reading SECOND CHANCES!

    Cool on the romance suspense! I hope to get and then beg for more stories too from that new series! And more historicals please (now I can picture you going through all that in the post writing these books, LOL) Caffey (Cathie)

  22. Thanks for having me, Melissa!

    Go, Stacey!!!!! I’m all for Promotions!

    Go, Liz, Go!!! Hope you reach it soon!

    Thanks, Keri…it was a joy to be here!

    HI Caffey!! Great to see you here!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

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