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Look here, now here, and over here!

So I’m back from vacation. It was very, very nice and much needed. We went to New Orleans for the weekend to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary and then on to Florida to Navarre Beach for a week-long vacation with another family. We played in the surf, sand and ate enough shrimp to kill a, well, a much bigger creature tahn a shrimp.

So I’m back and working on deadline, but today I took a break to go to a cover shoot. Yes, you read that right. I’m 38 (okay, nearly 39) and I’m a cover model. LOL.

So a few months ago at our writers’ conference, I met a gal who is the editor for a regional magazine. We chatted and she said she wanted the July/August issue to feature local authors. I assured her we were very interested in having our local chapter featured. She said she’d be in touch. So a month later Jackie Tripp Lewis, editor of The Minute Magazine, emails me and asks if I will be willing to be on the cover.



But writers gotta promo themselves, right? So what could I say but “sure.”

So today was the day. I selected five outfits, cause you never know, right? And fixed my hair, slathered make-up on and looked for my Spanx. Then I drove over to my hometown where the photographer for the magazine has a studio. Luckily, I wouldn’t be alone. Local writer John Corey Whaley, a up and coming YA auther for Simon and Schuster, would be my partner in crime. And might I say he’s simply adorable? Twenty five years old and he so reminded me of Sean Astin from Rudy…except Corey has sandy hair.

So the first scene was in a coffee shop with two vintage typewriters. At first we were so tight. Didn’t know each other and they wanted us to look like we were critique partners with really animated, over the top expressions. Finally, we got a little loose, but it was kinda awkward. Typing on the old typewriters gave us a good talking point – it was really cool to roll old school on the typewriter.

Then we went back to the studio for a wardrobe change and some pics with a modern Barcelona chair in black leather against a white backdrop. We did some fun individual pics holding our books. They particularly wanted me to look sassy and sexy. LOL. You know…like a romance author. Corey got to be hip and edgy. Then we took some together with him reading my books; me reading his.  Over and over I heard, “Look here. Now here. And over there. And here again” and for a moment, I felt super important. I don’t know. It was interesting… and not in an egotistical way, but in a it’s all about me way. About how I look. Where I look. My expression. The way I hold my leg. Not sure I was cut out for modeling…especially when I couldn’t remember to suck my stomach in. Hope they have powerful touch-up software.

After we wrapped (like that official term?) we got to check out the pics. They were really incredible. The photographer did a great job of interpreting who we were individually and we actually looked fun. Gasp! Writers who are fun.

So today was my first experience as a cover model…and likely my last. But it was kinda cool.

So what about you? Have you done a photo shoot? For you wedding? Head shots? Any fun, funky pictures you’ve had made? And if you could be on the cover of ANY magazine, what would it be?


8 Responses

  1. That sounds terrifying, Liz! But very cool.

    I haven’t had a formal photo taken in well over a decade. I don’t wanna.

    If I HAD to be on the cover of something? I guess Entertainment Weekly, except they never even put JK Rowling on the cover, as far as I remember, so that’s not just unlikely, it’s ridiculous. LOL

  2. That is too cool for words! When do we get to see these pictures?

    As a general rule, I hate pictures of myself. I see every flaw, fat roll and wrinkle. But what PR for your books!

  3. They didn’t give HER a cover. Shame. She so deserved one – mainly because she’s so much more interesting than their usual fair. Yeah, I’d take that cover too.

    As for my head shot, I’m keeping that one until people stop recognizing me. So….twenty more years? LOL.

    I’m with you, Cynthia. They scrolled through the rolls taken on the computer, and all I could think was “Sister, you need to lose some lbs.” But I am who I am. They came out pretty good. I mean, it could have been worse.

    I’ll definitely post the cover when I get it. It’s for the July/August edition so it won’t be long. Maybe it will help me sell some books 🙂 And now I get to lord it over my husband that he’s married to a cover model. LOL.

  4. How fun! sounds like you had fun and I can’t wait to see the pics!

  5. What a cool experience, Liz! I’ve only had one photo shoot, and that was for my recent head shot. I got tired of haring, “Tilt your head.” As you can see I failed. 😉

    I don’t know what I’d like to be on the cover of. Maybe if The Economist did a story about romance keeping the publishing world afloat… Of course, I’d need to get pubbed first!

    Can’t wait to see the cover.

  6. The photographer told me he’d learned to say “Look here, now over here, and at the column. Now the window” from his daughter’s optomistrist. He said he thought it was odd, but effective. He found that when he used it for pictures that the fast technique allowed for better quality photos. Pretty interesting and a good technique I’m going to use when taking my own pictures.

  7. Two words: SO COOL!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see it!

  8. Thanks, Mel. I feel kinda cool, but my kids don’t really think so. LOL.

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