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Camp Cut ‘Em Or Camp Keep ‘Em ???

So, I have these 3 very large, very old Oak Trees in my front yard. I mean, they’re massive. Beautiful trees. Husband and I live on the
land I grew up on, so I literally grew up around these trees. I love them. You just don’t see trees this size this often and so…yeah, I totally love my three Oak Trees. My author picture? I’m standing by one of those trees. You’re seeing about half the size of the trunk in that picture.


You knew this was coming, right?

They’re dying. Or trying to move into the stage when they’re dying. At least once every week or two, all three are dropping branches. I see those broken limbs on the ground and they just make me sad. Those trees are so big, so beautiful, they shouldn’t be dying. But that’s nature for you.

And this is where the husband and I are having a spat.

I see beautiful trees who’ve lived for years.

The husband sees a few old trees that keep dropping pesky branches in the yard. He wants to cut them down.

We’ve been bickering over this for a few months now. Not actual arguing, mind you, we do have better things to fuss over, but, we still
bicker. And I know he’s just waiting on me to say “cut ‘em down” and he would be all over that. But I won’t and I never will.

What do you think? Are you Camp Cut ‘Em! Or Camp Keep ‘Em!

…..by the way, I have this new book out! If you need to ponder over my tree dilemma, Making Her Nights will make for a quick, hot read to let this distressing matter simmer on. *smile*

Making Her Nights, fourth in Apple Trail, Arkansas

He never loses control and she always tests the rules.

Chief Deputy Mike Gabel is the man in charge in Apple Trail. No one gives him more trouble than a certain blonde. While her stunts are frustrating to deal with, it’s the constant way she keeps him trapped in knots.

Tiffany McBride has a reputation for being a trouble maker. She’s been betting and causing trouble since her parents died when she was a teenager. What looks like a young woman sowing her oats, it’s actually desperate measures to gamble for extra money to put food on the table.

When these two acknowledge their attraction, sparks fly…that is if Mike’s public position can survive Tiffany’s frowned upon reputation.

The official release date isn’t until Monday, June 20th, so it’s still popping up here and there. As of the moment, it’s available for $1.99 from  Amazon Kindle | Smashwords | All Romance Ebooks and Omnilit

Want to know more? The first two and half (or thereabouts) chapters are posted HERE!


19 Responses

  1. Aww… I’m a tree lover and I hate to see those big old oaks go. But eventually, they do die and need to go.

    I’d say have someone come out and see if the trees are sound. it could be they just need a pruning. If they need taken out, plant new trees. The world needs trees.

    • that’s a good idea. there’s several on the farm that are looking rough. We had a storm with some high winds that really did a number on all our big trees!

  2. I agree! Get an analysis first. We have maples in the back yard that drop branches constantly, but they’re extremely healthy.

    I’m definitely in the keep ’em camp. I have the same affinity for big old trees. Even smaller ones. We have a cherry in the front yard that got plum pox and slowly died, but I wouldn’t let my husband take the whole thing out. He’s cut all the branches off for safety reasons, but now we have a big berry bush growing out of the center of the trunk, so it looks alive again! LOL

    • LOL Natalie your plum tree sounds like my peach! first year we had strong winds broke over the top half of the tree. I didn’t completely snap in half, just most way. I tied the parts together and that tree is still alive, still flowers and has started putting off peaches. It is an ugly tree, I’ll give my husband that. it grows straight up and then about halfway, the top half takes a 45* sharp angle to the side

  3. Oh, and I meant to ask…

    …were you TWELVE when you took your author photo? Seriously, woman! When you’re 80 you’ll probably look 30!

    • LOL I took that in March just after I turned 28 🙂 have to say, I hated my “youthful” look when I was 16 and 18 and people thought I was 12….now I’m enjoying it. thanks.

  4. I have nothing original to say here, Keri. I agree with the “get an analysis” camp. I love, love, love big trees. My favorite thing about our new house–OMG it’s been almost a year already!–is all the trees in our yard. More than we’ve ever had anywhere we’ve lived.

    So, I hope you don’t have to cut them down, but if they’re not healthy, I’d hate to have them fall on you. 😉

    • Gwen, I love trees covering a yard. they’re so pretty. and these trees are well away from the house. if they fell right toward us, I dont think it would land on the house.

  5. If healthy, keep. If not, cut.

    I don’t know how close the trees to your house but the shade the provide can really impact your electric bill. LA can be brutal in the summer. You need some shade.

    Natalie – Keri is 28 freaking years old!!! I barely remember being 28…in fact, I think I could be Keri’s mother (based on age, not on looks! She’s SO MUCH prettier than I am!)

  6. Well, expert opinion is probably best, but try telling the hubs that. Mine wouldn’t spend the money. He’d cut them.

    I hate cutting down trees. And I especially hate what the electric company does to trees, mauling them so the lines aren’t too close. Of course, my husband reminds me that if we get ice, they snap and we lose power for days I will feel differently. He’s got a point but it’s a travesty.

    And, yes, Keri is a youngun. I’m jealous an dwish I could go back to being in my twenties again. Enjoy them, Keri, baby!

    • yes. this is mine, wouldn’t spend the money, would have more fun cutting it down and pushing it off on the bulldozer!

      the electric company did that to one of my grandma’s tree. She caught them in the act and ripped them a new one for it, saying they ruined it, should have just cut the thing down for the way the mutilated it. They never came back!

  7. That’s a hard one, girl. I love trees. But if they aren’t healthy it might be in everyone’s best interest to let them go. When hurricane IKE blew threw a few years ago, we ended up with one of those old but beautiful trees stuck right in the middle of our bedroom. Not good! Six whole weeks after of not good! The other big tree from the front yard was in the middle of the street. 😦

    • oh, no! that sucks honey! ….upside, it was extra hanging space for your clothes?

      ….your blue polo shirt? it’s over the third branch to the right. 🙂

  8. Keep ’em!

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