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The “Joys” of Working at Home

Years ago when my hubby and I lived in Memphis, we set up a home office for my husband. He actually WORKED IN THERE! He’d sit at the desk with his laptop and phone and worked. At the time I told him (and myself) that I could never work at home. And yet, here we are years later and I work at home and honestly? It’s as hard as I thought it would be! Why? Here’s why…

1.  Laundry – When the dirty clothes and towels tower finally reaches epic heights, it crashes out of the laundry room and spreads itself all over the guest bath. My husband (who really is the most supportive man ever!) can’t understand why I can’t do laundry and write at the same time. No matter how many times I tried to explain that once I get “lost” in my story, its setting, and my hero and heroine’s lives, I don’t heard the washer or dryer buzzer. I end up with wrinkled clothes in the dryer and wet clothes in the washer.

2.  Dust, Dog Hair, and Feathers – I have pets (See #3 below). We live in an older home that seems to attract dust. I NEED to vacuum every other day just to keep up. Dusting the furniture? Ha! Forget it. So instead of sitting in the perfectly good office I set up (see #4), I have a tendency to sit in my red leather La-Z-Boy recliner with my laptop in my lap. From my vantage point, I can see the living room rug at all times. I can see the pieces of paper, hair, feathers, and multi-colored bird nuggets on the rug and tile file. I just vacuumed yesterday. I need to vacuum right now. It’s hard for me to ignore the housework that needs to be done.

3.  Pets – I have two dogs and a parrot. Somehow the dogs have decided my purpose in life is to let them out into the yard, let them in 5 minutes later, let them out, let them in, let them out, etc etc etc. And if their pleading, sorrowful eyes on either side of my laptop screen doesn’t work, barks do. And the parrot! He talks, squawks, rings his bell, throws his food out of the cage (when he’s ignored), screams when anyone is eating (he wants what you are eating.) And then there’s the distraction of the DWWF (Doggy World Wrestling Federation) My youngest dog will pick fights with my older dog, lick her face, slap her face with her face, lots of snarling and teeth as the two of them roll around on the floor wrestling. Very entertaining and distracting (and going on as I type this.) All the wrestling coats the rug with lots of excess dog hair, so it serves a double duty of distraction.

4.  My office – Last year, I spent a month disassembling a huge weight set and move it out of the spare bedroom, the re-assembling it in my old office (a separate area of my bedroom.) I move my desk and all my files into the third bedroom. I moved my antique vanity (with all my make-up, hair products, etc) into that room also. I have two printers, file cabinets, shelves and I still sit in my recliner. Why? Right now the room needs to be straightened up (lots of PRO Retreat preparation trash let in there) and cleaned. And I hate the desk. (It was my husband’s before we married and we don’t have anywhere else to put it and he won’t part with it!) The desk is too high to be comfortable to write on. I end up leaning back in my chair and putting my computer in my lap. Sound familiar?

So tell me your secrets…How do you ignore everything to work at home? Do you have an office? Do you use it? Help me here!


10 Responses

  1. My “office” at home would be my corner of the couch. That’s where I spend my time on my laptop either reading or writing reviews or just messing around the net.

    I couldn’t work at home full time from home there are too many distractions. I have a hard enough time just reading with hurricane Lilly running around.

  2. my office is a corner in the living room. Ignoring household chores….well, that’s never really been a problem for me, no matter how much my husband wishes it would be.

    • But if you write on the couch, don’t you need your reference materials? where are those? your dictionary? you hunky male pictures?

      • I have a small (very, very small) desk I sit at. it has enough room for my lamp (again, small) and computer (not small). any materials I need are on my computer.

        Whatever I’m drinking I put it on my husband’s sidetable cause there’s not enough room on the desk. also, the desk is wobbly and I don’t want to spill! Did I mention my space and all was very small? hmm..I think you’ve given me a blog post idea for next week!

  3. I worked at home for 4 years before having to go back to work part time, and lord, do I miss it!

    I hate housework, so I hide in my office and ignore it. 🙂 Laundry does need to be done sometimes, but I got pretty good at balancing that kind of thing with the workload. What I DIDN’T balance well was the freelance work and online distractions with the fiction. That took creative planning. 🙂

    • I get no pleasure in housework! I can “stand” to vacuum. I can tolerate doing the laundry. But I just HATE cleaning the bathrooms! 🙂 In fact, all of house cleaning is a thankless task.

  4. I wish I had a secret, but I’m no better at avoiding distraction, or getting housework done. My husband is resigned to the fact that I’ll try to keep the house straight–a daunting task with two boys, a man, and a dog–but I won’t clean until I can’t stand it anymore. I hate clutter, but I have a high tolerance for dirt! 😉

  5. I think this just comes with the territory. My hubby doesn’t understand why I can’t write and keep up with the laundry, dishes, and the rest of the housework either. Gosh, I feel guilty enough as it is. LOL Thank goodness I have an office with a door I can shut. At least I can pretend that everything is clean and tidy while I write. 😉

  6. First, may I say that our dogs are so much alike it’s crazy. Mine do all the same yours do.

    Take away a parrot and add two cats, two kids and twice the laundry, and bingo! We are twinkies.

    I have an office. It’s lovely. Beautiful mossy green with bright white trim, built in display cabinets (where I have my books sitting facing me) I hae four framed Harlequin vintage picture along with a beautiful Louisiana Writers and Writings print I found in my grandfather’s outer building after he passed. I LOVE it. Two pocket doors protect me from the rest of the world…which doesnt’ seem to mind interrupting quite frequently.

    I do try to ignore the rest of the household chores. A little dust never bothered me and my desk – which is about eight feet long – is covered wtih stacks of books, maps, and bills. I ignore those too. LOL.

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