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Keri’s Workstation

Last week Cyndi talked about working around chores and we got on the subject of desks and all that. Anyway, gave me idea to talk about my workstation. Here she is:


The yellow box is my actual place of business. Cozy, no? That’s what I like to think. Nice and cozy. We don’t think cramped or tight or small. It’s cozy, darn it. If you follow me on twitter, then you know I live in a single wide and this is pretty much the best spot for my desk. I’m in a corner, sandwiched between my husband’s recliner and the living room couch.

It’s not perfect or even close to wanted. I have to be careful stretching my arms. More than once I’ve hit the deer’s nose and thought it was going to fall in my lap. When the husband is home, it’s nearly walking a maze to actually get through that skinny opening to my desk when his legs are there. My desk isn’t large enough (or sturdy enough) to give me space for a drink. I have to put that on my husband’s “desk” (the TV tray. No, I don’t know how that TV tray ended up being a permanent feature in my home, but there it is and it works).

This “office” does have some benefits. For example, I can easily sit at my computer all day long and work while keeping an eye on the kid. You can’t tell it, but my back is to the TV, so in the evenings I can slip on headphones and work right there, and pretend to be in my own little world. And there’s my favorite part. Scroll back up and look at the picture. Take note of how close the back of my couch is to my chair.

That’s right. When I get stuck, I can’t totally lean back and sprawl.


And that’s where the magic happens. So, tell me about your office space?


21 Responses

  1. Interesting, Keri! I don’t know how you do it, but you are an excellent example of someone who really wants to write and so she finds a way to do it. Little desk space. A son running around with a dumptruck hanging from his underwear. A deer staring down at you all day. You have my respect.

    I have an official “office” I rarely use. I started trying to come up with reasons why I don’t use the office and every one of them was total BS. I sit in the den with my husband (me in my red leather recliner and he in his beige chair) because: 1) I’m too lazy to relocate my laptop and plug to the office and 2) I enjoy being in the same room with him and 3) even if I go back there and SHUT THE DOOR, he still just HAS to ask me a QUICK question, which of course rips me from the story. I have Friday’s post. I’ll try to get some pictures of my work space…the official one and the one where I do most of my work.

    • I never really thought of it as “I want it bad, I’m going to figure something out”. I just see myself as good at making use of my space. but your way sounds way more flattering! and B was SO PROUD of getting that toy to dangle from his underwear.

      I used to have 2 offices like that (sort of) but I rarely used the other! if I really need to move away, I’ll take the laptop to bed with me and write in there during the evenings.

  2. I have to ask, do you ever, in moments of solitude, talk to the deer?

    • HAHA, Lee. No, I don’t. It’s kind of funny that I don’t. when I lay back, the angle forces me to stare right at him, so it would make sense that I talk to him. I’ve tried naming him several times, but I never remember what name I gave him.

      but I’ve never talked. Probably because when I go into deep thought, I nearly meditate. I don’t move, talk out loud or really even blink. I just relax and think.

  3. I’m with Cindy! It’s very impressive. I’m sure a decade ago I worked with chaos, but I can’t remember it. I always had a full desk. My first workspace was in a spare bedroom, so it was essentially an office. Lost that when we got pregnant and moved, and I had a corner of the bedroom and got moved to a corner of the dining room because I’d work late and the monitor light bothered my husband. When we bought a house, I insisted it had to have an office, and I slowly pushed everything out but my stuff. 🙂

    Now I have a post for next week! I’ll show my work area, too! 🙂 Thanks, Keri!

  4. Keri. This was awesome. LOL My workstation is the couch in our family room. I do all my writing with my laptop burning up my legs and three kids plus sometimes hubsy lined up all around me. It’s certainly “cozy” . It makes me nuts. The TV is right in front of my face. My desk is in the corner a few feet away and its super nice but buried in books LOL Ahhhh we’re livin the dream aren’t we 🙂

    • LOL, Julie it’s all about doing what works.and for right now, it works. and don’t you have a bounce house in the middle of your living room? That’s got to really make things exciting for you!

  5. Well I’m either at the kitchen table or on my bed with a computer tray so we all have to make due. It is cozy.
    We have a permanent TV tray fixture in my living-room too. I often ask myself how did that happen.
    I love you sit on a yoga ball. Is that a special chair just for yoga balls? So cool!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love your little office. Mine is a netbook on a table next to the love seat. Thankfully I have room for my coffee.

    I love your chair, I bet that really helps your back!

    Thanks for sharing Keri!

  7. I think that’s the idea Rebecca….but I don’t sit in the chair correcly. my butt falls to the far back and I end up hunched over in the most slouched position you can imagine. You have to use ab muscles and such to sit up straight and use it right. BUT, regardless how I sit, the air filled seat is nice on my backend! my, ahem, cheeks rarely feel stiff and numb like a regular chair.

  8. I made myself a space up in the attic, but then had to move my ‘stairs’ (aka a log ladder) back to my brother’s cabin so someone could stay down there, so I can’t get to my little writing cave without the stepladder, which is kind of tricky business. The joys of living in a half done DIY project. I’m either on the bed or the couch with the laptop, unless I really need to work uninterrupted, then I’ll occasionally go hide out in the camper.

  9. I love it, Keri! For the past three weeks my workspace has been my son’s dining room table, and let me tell you, those chairs KILL.

    Back home, I’ve got my nasty, soon-to-be-replaced keyboard and all my little tschotsckes – stones reminding me to persevere, etc. – but, oh bliss, I do have a comfortable computer chair!

    • Hey Becke–and I know! those kitchen chairs are murder. OOoh, new keyboard! love when I get to break a new one in. they’re like new notebooks.

  10. My “office” is my end of our couch. that’s where I write my reviews (unless i manage to get one done at work) and read on the computer, kindle or book. Little bit is usually on the arm of the couch beside me if she’s not playing.

    and yes, the TV is right in front of me and can be very distracting when certain shows are on.

  11. Keri – I wore the letters off my black keyboard, so I bought some self-stick, large-type, glow-in-the-dark letters. They worked great for awhile, but now I’ve worn the clear covers off of these and half of them have lost their stickiness. The keyboard is a nasty mess. I’m having no luck finding a cordless, white (or underlit) keyboard so I guess I’ll have to compromise.

  12. Well, there is something said for being cozy. Notice I used cozy. 🙂

    I have an office. All mine, mine, mine.

    I love it. I have these lovely French-styled pocket doors I can close to isolate myself, but I don’t feel so closed off. My office is a lovely shade of green with pretty pine cabinentry. It’s never tidy, but it’s mine. And there are no deer staring at me. LOL. I have these fun vintage Harlequin prints that I found in a calendar. I framed them and mounted them on either side of the pocket doors.

    I don’t think I could write full time on my laptop in the living area. I’m sensative to noise and like it relatively quiet which is why I’m happy school is about to crack up again.

    Just me. All alone. In my little office. Yay.

  13. LOL Keri! We have a few of those deer hanging on our walls as well. Not sure I could write with them looking at me though. I’m lucky to have an office these days with doors I can close. Wish there wasn’t glass in the middle. The kids know not to distrurb me when I’m working, but for some reason they don’t consider standing there with a sad puppy face a distraction. Gotta love them! 🙂

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