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Strap Me In and Push Me Off!

“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross

“The only people who fear death are those with regrets.” ~ Author Unknown

There is a lot of talk about bucket lists these days.  I get such a kick out of hearing what others put on theirs.  Some of these life experiences I can relate to and have even added to my own list, but there are a few out there that leave me wondering what on earth these people are drinking. LOL

Although I’m not a big fan of heights, one near the top of my list has always been zip lining.  I’ve never told a soul out of fear they might make me do it.  But after lots of great stories from friends and family, when the opportunity came up, I decided to go for it.  Let me tell you, I wasn’t prepared at all for this highflying adventure.  They harnessed us up and one by one I watched those ahead of me leap off the small wooden platform to glide through the air with the greatest of ease on this thrilling, action packed ride.   This has to be the closest thing to a trapeze as you can get.  

Next thing I knew, it was my turn.  My heart was pounding so hard in my chest I hoped the girl helping me strap onto the line couldn’t hear it.  I almost knocked the darn tree stump they had for you to stand on off the platform my legs were so shaky.  I guess I wasn’t the first because when I looked down to regain my footing, I noticed the stump was chained to the tree.  (So embarrassing!) 

“Okay, first timer.  Take off.” 

Gosh, was she talking to me?  I wasn’t sure I heard her right, so I rechecked my hands.  Right goes first, with your left on top of that.  Yeah, I had it.  I was set.  Well, sorta.  Her reassuring smile gave me the extra courage I needed, or now that I think about it maybe it was that little push! 

OMGOSH!  The rush you experience as your feet leave the platform and you soar over creeks and breathtaking scenery with the wind in your hair, the sound and feel of metal sliding against metal above your head is indescribable.   I tried to look around and find the racoon family they saw below, really I did.  But you see, I was working harder to consentrate so I would be able to slow down and not body slam the next tree coming at me way too fast.  Freaking nerve wracking I tell ya! 

But it was also so much fun that by the time we were halfway through the tour, I was brave enough to lean back in my harness and yes, let go.  “Look, mom! No hands!”  Don’t worry.  It was only about a forty foot drop.  🙂

There were seven zip line crossings in this tour, all different heights and lengths.  You know what that means?  The longer the line, the faster you go.  And your break?  Well, here’s the tricky part.  It’s your left hand.  That’s why it needs to be on top.  So you don’t knock yourself silly when you reach back in a panic to grab the line. And don’t break too soon or you’ll be short of your mark, left to dangle in mid-air and then have to manually pull yourself backward until you reach the platform.  This is NO fun.  It’s WORK.  Hard WORK, especially when you’re hands are numb and shaking . Not to mention frustrating with everyone else laughing and cheering you on.  LOL  

On the longest line, we were supposed to be going around 35 miles an hour.  Did I mention your only way to slow down was your left hand??  Ack!  I’m still in shock over this little fact.  We wore gloves, but I have a hard time understanding why they weren’t torn to shreds right along with the palm of my hand when we were done.  Throw in a series of rope bridges, which magically seemed to rock back and forth and bounce around after you reached the middle even though there was no wind and the adrenaline was flowing like a river.   The bridge in the picture we had to go down backward!  (The smiles on the faces of my loved ones at the other end of the line were a sure sign of where all the extra movement was coming from.)  I’m still working on a payback for those trouble makers!

For all those romantics out there, how about a nice evening spent atop one of the huge Cypress trees in the tree house made for two.  That’s right.  You can rent the tree house for a romantic get-a-way with your sweetie.  The only thing I recommend is planning your stay during the cooler months of the year since there is no electricity.  That means no air conditioning, ladies!  But it’s so beautiful.  And secluded.  And filled with nature.  I so totally would do this.

I’ve included the link just in case you’d like to check it out.   🙂

This was such an amazing experience I hate to cross it off my list!

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

Have you zip lined before?  If not, what tops your bucket list?


20 Responses

  1. That is so cool! Definitely something I’d love to do sometime!

    You said if you brake too much, you won’t make it to the end and will have to pull yourself backwards. Does that mean you’re zipping backwards the whole time?

    • Yep, Natalie. If you stop too soon, you’ll find yourself slipping back to the middle of the line. And the only way to move since you’ve now lost the momentum is to turn backward and pull, hand over hand till you reach the platform. I don’t recommend this at all. LOL

  2. That is so cool! You make me wanna go.
    My bucket list keeps changing as I cross things off and adding things on. It’s not a big list that way I feel a sense of accomplishment.
    Right now I have to meet Diana Gabaldon, which I shall hopefully do in August, and the other is take a trip to Scotland. That one has been there for a few years now. No plans to update.
    Thanks for the post!

    • Hi, Michelle! Ah, now Scotland would be a wonderful place to visit. If only I could get there without flying or taking a very long boat trip. LOL Best of luck meeting Diana Gabaldon. The Outlander Series is on my TR list. 🙂 Man, if I only had a few more hours in a day.

  3. Wow! Brave woman…and I won’t even tell you what I thought when I saw that title. LOL.

    I’ve never tried this, but now I want to go. I bet my boys would love it. Where were y’all? Did I miss the place? Oh, and is there a bathroom in that tree house?

    • LOL Liz! I shudder to think. 🙂 Your boys would have a blast. My son was first in line at every platform, leading our guide instead of following and freaking me out at every turn. LOL And I didn’t even think to ask about a bathroom. I will have to check that out!

  4. I knew you had it in you. I’ve never zip-lined but my spouse has, just last summer. I wonder if it’s the same place. I’d probably go 50 mph, due to my spare time I carry around.
    Sounds like you had ‘tons’ of fun and everyone came out without a scar. So what’s your next on your bucket-list?

    • Terri, I can’t believe you haven’t tried this! If it’s up around Austin, I bet it is. They had a challenge course too. Might look into that next year. 🙂 AS for what’s next? I have no idea. LOL This should hold me for a little while.

  5. Wow, what fun that sounds like. I could never do something like that though. I have a few things on my bucket list but they are nothing major, well I would love to travel somewhere abroad.

    I want to take Lilly to Disney World
    Go to Washington and visit the Museums
    Go to NY and see a Broadway Play
    Go to Las Vegas

    Stuff like that oh and I guess if I do those I would get to mark off Fly. Yep, I’ve never got on an airplane before.

    • I don’t like to fly and avoid it if at all possible. Thank goodness our kids travel well in the car! LOL Love your list! The only one I have done so far is Vegas. Only thing I learned from that trip was how unlucky I am. 🙂

  6. I’ve done one zipline. IT WAS AWESOME!! I would love to do it again. The worst part (I was on a skills challenge course) was walking on series of swinging steps to get to a single wire that I have to traverse before I got to the platform.

    But flying through the air was SO FREEING. I highly recommend it.

    • Hmmmmm….Seriously reconsidering that challenge course now, Cyndi! LOL I’m no so sure I could do that! But your right. It felt so freeing!

  7. I would love to do a zip line. Heights aren’t really an issue for me, so I’d probably be that person who smacked the tree while watching the scenery.

    • LOL Keri!! Smacking a tree would be so easy to do. You’re going so darn fast!!! I was like, you want me to look at what?!! 🙂

  8. I want to raft down the Grand Canyon someday. Do more Mediterranean cruise. Maybe hike up Pikes Peak. I’d do a zip line in a second! Thanks, Melissa.

    • Vicki, I’d love to go rafting. And down the Grand Canyon! Wow! That would be awesome. Where the heck’s my list? Marking that one down right now!! 🙂

  9. You go, girl!!!!

  10. Sounds like it was an adventure and a half! Zip-lining and sky-diving are two things I’ve always wanted to do, but I have an issue with heights. And I know I’d back out at the last second…:)

    • Not sure about the sky-diving thing, Will. There are no lines attached!! LOL Something about free falling for fun just doesn’t sound right to me. Getting me on a plane is one thing. Jumping out? Well, that’s another story. 🙂

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