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From Wyoming, with Love

Hey, all. Kari Lynn Dell here. A while back, I promised some cowboy pictures, but I’m afraid I can’t really do the subject matter justice with my bargain basement camera, so I asked a friend to help me out. Please welcome Carol Greet, a rancher from Ten Sleep, Wyoming. (I’ve always loved that town name). 

Carol has a blog of her own where you can see wonderful pictures and hear great ranch life stories on a daily basis. And there are puppies! She’s a great source of information about horses, cattle, cowboys and working cow dogs, just as a start. Plus, if you’re in need of photos or video for a blog, a book trailer or (fellow writers) to send to your editor as a suggestion for cover art, she’s your gal. Or just buy and frame one of these beautiful shots and hang it on your wall. 

So without further yakkity yak from me, meet Carol and a few of her favorite cowboys. 


Thanks to Kari Dell for asking me to do a guest blog here on Everybody Needs A Little Romance.

While I’m not a romance writer, people tell me that I live a romantic lifestyle.  I write a daily blog about my life and activities on our working cattle ranch in northcentral Wyoming. (http://reddirtinmysoul.com)  We, meaning me, my husband, and three grown children, irrigate, farm, fence, and yes, cowboy.  It’s the cowboying that most people love.  Movies, television, and great writers  have romanticized cowboys to where most Americans have been attracted to the idea of the cowboy at one time or another.

We don’t participate in rodeo, but I have friends that do… and I love watching and photographing the sport.  MY romantic dream job would be to travel and take photos on ranches… hitting the rodeos and ropings along the way.  While rodeo provides the flash and the competition of the cowboy lifestyle, ranching is the day in/day out effort it takes to make a living off of cattle.  Both provide the kind of men that make up Real Western Heroes.

Kari thought you might enjoy some of my photos, perhaps providing inspiration for more romance!


Frustration level was at a high… He’d got a late start due to a flat tire on the horsetrailer.  Grabbing the leather of his latigo, he gave a yank, and Brown gave out a gasp.  He stepped back, sucked in a deep breath, and relaxed.  He pulled the slack from the cinch, releasing the pressure, and let Brown relax as well.  Being mad at a pickup was one thing, being mad at an animal who would carry him and work for him for the next 6 hours was another.  His gentle hand reached for Brown’s shoulder and  neck, and he massaged some circles.  A fleeting thought about massaging some circles on her back crossed his mind.  That would come later.  There was work to be done.


She watched the intensity he had when he worked.  The knowledge that it was up to him, as a pickup man, to help the competing cowboy to the ground after his ride.  He took his job seriously.  He’d been there before himself, having ridden bareback broncs for years.  His eyes were on the chutes.  Her eyes were on him.  She smiled to herself.  Her gift to him was on Ace’s head, a tip of the hat to her.  The blingy bridle more attractive to her than him, but he was using it.  That spoke volumes to her… an announcement to the crowded grandstands wouldn’t mean more.  He was hers.


It wasn’t romantic.  It was hot and sweaty and dust covered work, but she admired his dedication and the sense of humor that surrounded him like the red dust.  They’d worked as partners for, oh, so many years.  It began with a game of pool…


One glance.  That’s all it took and I just knew.  That look straight into my eyes when he should have been concentrating on the saddle bronc he was leading out of the arena.  His blue eyes had found me and the shiver I felt went clear down my spine.


If laughter didn’t exist than neither did he.  How irresistible was that “throw your head back and LAUGH”  technique that he had?   It had pulled her from many a funk.  It greeted her in the morning and a quiet version was reserved for her in the darkness of their room as they’d kiss their goodnights.  She couldn’t imagine being without his buoyant nature.


He tried to concentrate.  This was no time for his mind to wander.  He zipped his vest and made the sign of the cross over his chest.  Below him stood 2, 000 pounds of dynamite named Twister’s Child.  The bull should have his entire mental focus, not that kiss.  That sweet kiss she’d given him as he left her in the parking lot and headed off with his bull rope in hand.  That kiss.  What did it mean?


He could sleep soundly in most any situation.  Early mornings and hard work were good for that.  Only rarely did he dream.  But lately, someone had invaded his sleep.  Someone was often on his mind.


Thanks again to Carol for taking the time to create seven wonderful little romances for us, and for sharing her cowboys. Stop by and visit her at Red Dirt in My Soul. Be sure to check out her gift shop, her awesome children’s book, and tell her we sent you!



24 Responses

  1. Carol, these are fantastic! Both the photos, and the stories. You SHOULD be a romance writer! 🙂

    You make me want to be a rancher. But only briefly, because I am MUCH too lazy!

    • Natalie, thank you! Oh, I might write a romantic paragraph or two… but a book? No… unless each page was a photo with a short story!

  2. Those are wonderful, Carol. I’m going to have to share these on the Superromance loop where we’ve been having an on-going discussion about cowboys as heroes. I think many of those women would appreciate your pics.

    Thanks for the beautiful pics. What a lovely way to wake up 🙂

    • Liz, thanks for passing along my photos! My blog is full of photos from every part of my life, so if anyone needs some inspiration about a western lifestyle, it’d be a great resource. I’m always willing to gain new readers!

  3. Carol–I *love* these photos. and the little story you wrote with it was fantastic. thanks so much for joining us today and to KariLynn–for having you here!

    • Keri, thanks for the compliments, that means a great deal coming from you! It was fun coming over here for a guest blog… I’m thrilled that Kari asked!

  4. Natalie – you made me laugh in my complete sisterhood with you…I’m too lazy to be a rancher! LOL

    Carol – these pictures are wonderful. The vignettes added so much to the pictures. Thank you so much for joining us today and sharing your work

    • Cynthia, thank you. Photography spurs on my blog entries… without them I’d stare at the screen and say, “Now, what am I writing about?” I’ll always admire those authors that have pictures in their heads and tell their stories on paper… I have to have the pictures “in hand”!


  6. Terrific photos and stories! Loved them.

  7. Wow! Awesome photos! And the stories were an added bonus! Thanks for sharing them with us today! 🙂

    • Melissa, the thanks go to Kari for giving me the chance… and to her brother (who she’s spending quality time with) for serving our country! I was happy to fill in.

  8. Those are some smoking hot pictures! Love the “captions” as well. Great post!

  9. I love your pictures, you can never go wrong with sexy cowboys. The captions are great too.

    I am always interested in looking at pictures and getting other’s perspectives since I love photography too. My walls at work are filled with pictures I’ve taken and they are great conversation starters. My favorite to photograph are buildings (espcially if they have a lot of character), flowers/landscapes and my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. a lot of my pictures are taken at odd angles and people say they are interesting.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Way way back in the “before time”, I loved taking pictures of buildings too… but that was before digital and on a small budget! Now I have old barns, sod roofed collapsing cabins, and fencelines to photograph…

      • Yeah but those things have character. That’s why I like those types of pictures. I bought one of the first EOS Rebels that came out back in 1992. It still works. I now have a digital rebel and have 4 different lenses for it. My only sadness is that I don’t get to take pictures as often as I did for class.

  10. Gorgeous pictures!

  11. As usual, late to the party. Didn’t even get to chime in at lunch today thanks to a stupid staff meeting. But seriously, if you haven’t yet, you must go check out Carol’s blog. Gorgeous photos everywhere.

  12. Terrific, Carol. I found you here by following from your “photo blog” — I second the recommendation that folks visit there! — and greatly enjoyed both photos and words here.

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