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Know Your Communication Style?

Researching personality types for my characters this past week, I came across a very interesting quiz and article on four different ways people communicate with others.  People skills are important.  Something we all need in order to relate and have meaningful relationships.  No secret there.  But these skills are also something I’m finding a very important part of the marketing process as well. 

A salesperson I am not. LOL

Here’s a link to the quiz if you’d like to try it out and find out your dominant Communication Style or maybe one for a character you’re struggle with.

Article Source:  Ezinearticles.com   http://ezinearticles.com/?Communication-Style-Quiz&id=97457

An overview for those just curious.


Demonstrators are people-oriented, fast-paced and enthusiastic. They usually have more open and casual body language. They tend to be animated and outgoing, and prefer an informal atmosphere. Demonstrators can be outrageous, spontaneous, excitable and sociable. They are ideas people who like to be in the limelight. If over-balanced in this style some weaknesses may show up such as being unreliable, self-centered, overly optimistic and indiscriminate.

Demonstrators Tend To be somewhat disorganized, have trouble being on time and keeping track of details, wear bright colors, sit in an open posture, take the initiative in the conversation,  laugh easily and loudly, are fun-loving, and like to talk about themselves.

Professions for many Demonstrators –  Salesperson, Trial Lawyer, Entertainer, Public Relations Officer, Advertising Executive, Social director

Famous people who are predominantly Demonstrators

Steve Martin
Carol Burnett
Robin Williams
Jim Carey
Lucille Ball
Elvis Presley


Assertors are fast-paced and direct, like Demonstrators, but are more task-oriented, than people-oriented. They tend to be hard working, ambitious, leader types. They are good at making decisions quickly and efficiently. They are goal-oriented, assertive and confident. Assertors are the take-charge people who let nothing stop them. If over-balanced in this style some weaknesses may show up such as being too impatient, competitive and judgmental.

Assertors tend to like timeliness and efficiency, look and appear powerful and formal, sit in an erect posture, be highly discriminating in many areas (people, opportunities, food, etc.), laugh less frequently than demonstrators, maintain a more serious demeanor, take a leadership role in most situations, ask pointed or challenging questions, and have strong opinions and creative ideas to share.

Professions you find many Assertors – Corporate CEO, Politician, Stockbroker, Lawyer, Hard-driving, newspaper reporter, Independent consultant, Drill sergeant, Film/TV Director, Entrepreneur

Famous people who are predominantly Assertors

Jonathan Winters
Joan Rivers
Muhammed Ali
Carroll O’Connor
Clint Eastwood
Candace Bergen
George C. Scott
David Letterman

Contemplators –

Contemplators are task-oriented like Assertors. However they are more indirect and slow-paced. Contemplators tend to be analytical, detail-oriented, thinker types. They are persistent, good problem solvers, and pride themselves on their orderliness and accuracy. Often seen alone, they tend to have quiet, low-key personalities. If over-balanced in this style some weaknesses may show up such as being too withdrawn, rigid, closed-minded, and overly pessimistic.

Contemplators Tend To wear conservative, simple, functional clothing, sit in a closed posture, keep to themselves, not initiate conversations, wait for you to do that, take copious notes, maintain meticulous organization, stay serious, rarely laugh, and like to hear facts, figures, statistics and proof.

Professions for Contemplators – Accountant, Secretary, Bookkeeper, Repair person, Engineer, Electrician, Plumber, Jeweller, Scientist

Famous Contemplators

Albert Einstein
Rick Moranis
Steven Wright
Woody Allen
Leonard Nimoy
Victor Borge
Al Gore
Angela Lansbury


Narrators are slow-paced and indirect like Contemplators, but they are more people-oriented like Demonstrators. They are warm, friendly, gentle and cooperative. They highly value relationships over goals. They are good at listening, have a sweet temperament, and tend to be open-minded. Most people find them to be loving, and emotionally intuitive. If over-balanced in this style it can show up as overly meek and easily sidetracked.

Narrators tend to come across as very accommodating and helpful, wear casual, simple clothing, nothing too loud, take the initiative to create relationships, like to both talk and listen, have pictures of family on their desk, laugh quietly and often (but sometimes they’re laughing just to be polite), and show gratitude easily.

Professions you may find many Narrators:   Counselor, Teacher, Minister, Human Resources Manager, Nurse, Social Worker

Famous Narrators:

Mary Tyler Moore
Bill Cosby
John Candy
Mr. Rogers
Gilda Radner
Dan Ackroyd
Jack Canfield (Editor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books)
Jimmy Carter
Barbara Walters
Bill Clinton
Florence Nightengale

Carla Rieger is an expert on creative people skills at work.
Web site: http://www.carlarieger.com

I’m a Narrator with a bit of Contemplator thrown in. LOL  I guess I need to find a way to add more Demonstrator to boost my marketing skills.  🙂  What’s your style?

17 Responses

  1. Very interesting. I’m definitely a demonstrator. I’m pretty sure almost all of those apply to me. I guess some are good, but it’s sad that I’m such an attention hog.

    My husband is an assertor. Straight up. It was almost odd to read the description and say “yep” to all those things.

    Fun little quiz and I admire you thinking so much about your characterization. I tend to charge right in and try to get to know mine as I write their story. Sometimes I have to do a lot of deleting. 🙂

    • LOL Liz! I love your personality! 😉 And I don’t usually worry so much about my characters. But for some reason this villian in my next story is giving me lots of trouble. LOL

  2. Contemplator with a huge dash of Assertor thrown in. I know I’ll give something a lot of thought, possibly to the point of over-thinking it, but when the decision’s made, there no wasting any more time with it.

    If that makes sense?????

  3. Wow, just reading the descriptions I could see friends that fit them perfectly. I am definitely a narrator and my profession is one of the ones listed (Human Resources Manager). I have a little demonstrator thrown in – I am notorious about being late :).

    Hubby is definitely an assertor and his best friend is a contemplator.

    • Heather, I did the same thing. Odd how easy I could place friends and family into one over the other. And me? Oh, wow! I was shocked at how accurate it was. Someone did their research on these! LOL

  4. I test as more a Contemplator than anything else but I was really all over the place!

    I think sometimes where you are in live, what responsibilities you have, what stresses are pressing down on you, etc will affect how you answer any questionnaire. For example, my Myers-Brigg has changed over the years and I think much of that had to do with my age and job.

    But interesting!

  5. I quizzed very heavily (14!) Contemplator, but I think if I took it again and chose some of the answers I waffled over, I’d be more balanced between that and Asserter. The issue might be in how the questions were phrased. “Do you PREFER…” Well, I always *prefer* the Contemplator choice. But that’s not what I usually *do*. LOL

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing it!

  6. I love personality styles, especially Tony Alessandra’s “The Platinum Rule”. I used to teach this stuff at a business college, and I try to keep it in mind when dealing with my characters.

    I’m fairly balanced, but definitely lean toward the Contemplator side of things, with a dash of Asserter like William. Like you, so not a salesperson. 😉

    • Gwen, I’ll have to check that one out! This is research I really enjoy. LOL I can’t wait to get back to my characters and give them a personality boost! 🙂

  7. I love research like this! My husband and I just bought a book on communication styles to read together. I definitely lean toward Contemplator but have Assertor tendencies. Well, at least that’s my self-diagnosis. Off to take the test to see what it says.

  8. I could not think you are more right..

  9. What a frankly great post!

  10. I dont disagree with this blog!!!

  11. I believe you are right completely…

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