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Hello everyone,

This is my first post for Everyone Needs a Little Romance so I thought I would introduce myself. But first let me say that I am so excited to be part of this team of talented and awesome ladies. I also hope to get to know all of you better!

I write fantasy under my maiden name, Shawna Thomas, and spicy contemporary romance under Lynne Roberts. My first full length novel releases later this year through Carina Press and even typing that makes my heart beat a little faster. Nervous much?

I’m married to the most wonderful, gorgeous man in the world. Be jealous ladies. ; ) Together we parent a blended family of six children. Four girls, two boys and no, we don’t have enough bathrooms.

When I’m not running after kids or plot ideas, I’m working in the garden. I love everything that grows. Here in California’s Central Valley, those growing things also have to put up with 110 degree summers so I’ve limited myself to heat-tolerant plants. Mostly. I have 8 fruit trees and 1 blueberry bush at present and I’m really considering a couple apple trees. It’s an addiction.

I also love to bake and cook but if I had to choose, I’ll take a cupcake recipe over roast beef any day.

To keep up, or mostly keep up, with all the above, I drink copious amounts of coffee. In fact, if you want to get on my good side, a caramel macchiato will do it every time.

Well, I guess that’s me in a nutshell.

If you have any questions, let me know. I might even be persuaded to share my variation of chocolate chip cookies with you. And because I’m curious, what’s your favorite type of coffee?

19 Responses

  1. Hi, Shawna! So glad to be sharing Tuesday with you here at ENALR!

    I have to admit, we don’t have much in common. I barely managed to hold on to my sanity through two kids—my mind boggles at six! HUGE admiration for that. I also have no aptitude for gardening. Every so often I give it a try, and like the results, but not the maintenance. Those kind of go together, don’t they, the kid thing and the plant thing. LOL I’m thinking you’re much more nurturing than I am.

    We DO have Carina Press in common, though. Can’t wait for your book! And while I don’t like coffee on its own, I can do a mocha a day if Starbucks or another shop is convenient enough. 🙂

  2. Hi Natalie!

    You and I will bring diversity to Tuesday! And who knows, we might share an occasional mocha. Yum. I guess I should have mentioned my love of chocolate too. : ) Thank you so much for your welcome! I love your cover for Fight or Flight!

  3. Just FYI. The previous post is me. Internet Explorer wouldn’t let me sign in. Yay for Google Chrome. ; )

  4. I’m all for picking cupcakes too!! Welcome to the blog Shawna. other than family size, looks like we have bunches in common!

    Welcome to the blog and I’m thrilled to have you here!

  5. Welcome, Shawna! I’m with Natalie, two kids is enough for me, but I admire anyone who can handle more. My husband is the gardener and coffee drinker in the family, but I’d happily join you for chocolate (especially Reese’s peanut butter cups) or cupcakes. Congrats on your upcoming Carina release!

  6. Hi Keri,

    I just found a dark chocolate cupcake recipe with a creamy peanut butter frosting that I’m dying to try.I’ll share if it turns out the way I think it will.

    Hi Gwen,
    Reeses peanut butter cups sound so good right now. I have a strong sweet tooth…And I’ve been in the mood for the combination. : ) Thank you. I still stare at the cover in disbelief and wonder. ; )

    Thank you both for the welcome!

  7. Thomas Hammer, which I got from my Idaho friend, and Montana Coffee Traders Montana Blend, which I got from Kari Dell. Best two cups of coffee that have ever touched my lips. Pacific NW people know coffee.

    So excited that you’re here, Shawna!

  8. And you and I … actually do have that kid number in common. You do realize that once you married it upped the number from 11 to 12, right?

  9. Absolutely Crystal! I lived up there for awhile. Coffee haven. Although the best coffee I ever drank was in Spain. Not sure if it was the water or what… I really must try Kari’s Traders Montana Blend. It just sounds like my kind of coffee.

    11/12…What’s one more? Can you imagine? LOL By the way, my husband agreed with you; keep the husbands fed and they won’t mind the dozen kids running around.

  10. Told you!

  11. Hi Shawna!! Welcome. So glad to have you here.

    No kiddos running around my house. Now if you want to talk dogs or parrots, I’m your gal! Or chocolate. Or Coffee. or any food at all.

    We have blueberry bushes, but usually the birds get to them before we do. Hubby says you have to have more than one bush to make them produce but if there are other bushes in the area (in other yards) ignore me!

    Nice cover! Good luck. 🙂

  12. Hi Cynthia!

    Your husband is right. Most fruit needs to cross-pollinate. I have a Tophat blueberry which doesn’t get very large and is one of the few self-pollinating varieties. Even then I’d probably get more if I bought two. The first bush I purchased produced lots of blueberries the first year. During a rather family crisis prone summer, I didn’t water it for a week and it burnt to a crisp. They don’t like my heat. The other problem I have is not enough chill hours. LOL Part of my day job includes writing articles on gardening. I tend to go on… sorry. : )

    I have one very fluffy dog. We rescued him from a shelter last summer. He’s part of the family.

    I hear you about the chocolate. My husband left a kit kat bar on the dresser. I’ve resisted it all day, but the pull is getting stronger.

    Thank you! I love that cover too. Carina does such a nice job!

  13. Welcome, Shawna!

    I like to bake, garden and drink coffee, too. We’re soul mates!

    I have two kids and right now they are driving me bonkers. Don’t know how you manage with six. Yikes. I’m about to go strangle mine now because they are wrestling in the living room.

    But welcome!

  14. Welcome Shawna,

    I just have 1 daughter but her and my 2 1/2 granddaughter live with us (she’s equal to a couple of kids right now).

    I don’t garden but did promise hubby that when it cooled off I’d help clear out the 2 flower beds in front of our house. we’ve lived here 2 years and they are awful.

    I don’t drink coffee of any kind (that’s daughter’s thing) but I’ll take a glass of good sweet southern tea over coke any day. We usually have cupcakes around our house too. Again, daughter is the baker.

    Love the cover, it’s very nice.

  15. Hi Liz!

    The thing with a larger group of kids… they tend to amuse themselves quite well. The older ones also tend to handle disputes without consulting me…which is good and bad. LOL It’s not as hard as it sounds. Most the time. ; ) That said, I am so looking forward to school starting in a few weeks!

  16. Heather, oh yes, you get major points for a 2 1/2 yo. LOL My youngest is 5. My flower beds are fairly bad right now too. It’s just too hot to garden! Of course the weeds don’t seem to have a problem with it. ; ) My husband loves sweet tea and has lead me to see the wonders of sweet tea on a hot day!

  17. Welcome, Shawna!! 🙂

    Only have three kids here. Two teenage girls and a 12 year old boy who always has me shaking my head and asking “What the heck were you thinking?” LOL Man do they keep me busy. I’ll take sweats over something good for you anyday and I LOVE caramel macchiatos and white chocolate mochas. 🙂 Congratulations on the upcoming release! Looks very intriguing!!!

  18. HI Melissa,

    Thank you!

    I love white chocolate mochas too. I tend to drink them more in the winter. I have no idea why. ; ) I have a 13 yo boy. “What the heck were you thinking” pretty much sums it up. And teenage girls? Two of them? You deserve a metal (or a visit to a spa).

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