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Can’t Give it Away

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of weird dreams. Really freaky stuff like all of my teeth breaking off while I’m chewing my bacon cheeseburger. Going home for lunch and forgetting to go back to work. The other night, I even dreamed I was cleaning my house.

Yep, we are talking out there.

I also have frequent flyer dreams, old standbys that pop into my unconscious under certain circumstances. Like every time I’ve got something coming up that I don’t feel ready for, I dream I’m at a rodeo and the announcer is calling my name to compete and my horse isn’t even saddled yet. Which, incidentally, actually happened up at High River, Alberta this spring, and came within an eyelash of happening again last weekend. Turns out the Canadian Senior Pro rodeos aren’t real sticklers about actually following the order of events that they have posted at the rodeo office. Guess they just want to keep us on our toes.

It’s interesting to hear writers talk about their dreams, especially on and around their release dates. Like the one who dreamed all of her books accidentally got delivered to Easter Island, and she was running around on the beach trying to save boxes of them from the tide while those big stone heads stared down mockingly at her.

I’m not even gonna try to analyze that one.

And of course, there’s the worst nightmare at all, which I’m guessing writers have whether asleep or awake. That your book will be published and no one will buy it. Worse, you can’t even give it away. Picture me shuddering.

Which all brings me to the actual point of today’s post: freebies. Am I the only one who feels a little guilty snapping up a free download of an author’s book instead of buying it? If I really want to support my favorite writers, shouldn’t I pay fair price?

Well, yes. And no. Because believe it or not, grabbing that freebie download can really help a writer. Even if you already own it. Back home at the publishing company, you can bet your booties someone is tracking stats, and the more times that download button gets clicked, the better the writer looks. They have no way of knowing you’ve already dog-eared all the good parts.

(Yes, I know you can’t dog-ear an e-book. Go with me on this, okay? I’m old. And besides, I’ve never actually dog-eared a book in my entire life. My grandmother was a librarian. ‘Nuff said.)

Then there are the freebies offered through the big retailers like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You know how, when you’re looking for something good to read and you want to know what’s hot, you can go look at a list of the Kindle bestsellers? Guess what? The program that compiles that list only counts units sold. It doesn’t care whether the price was fifty bucks or zero dollars and zero cents.

So last week, I popped on over to Amazon and downloaded a book I already own in both hardcopy and digital forms because I knew I would help push it up to the top of the list, where I firmly believe it should have been to begin with. And everyone who checks that list for the rest of the week for reading recommendations will see it there, and possibly check it out, and become a fellow fan of a great writer.  (By the way, I don’t own a Kindle. I downloaded the free PC software to my laptop for when only Amazon has what I want. So there goes that excuse.)

My gift to you: the perfect, guiltless excuse to slurp up every freebie you can while giving your favorite writers a boost, even if you already own every word they ever wrote.  And to get you started, here’s an awesome free download from one of our very own at Everybody Needs a Little Romance: Keri Ford’s Through the Wall. Go. Click. Read. Enjoy. But you might want to make sure you have a nice cool shower on the ready for afterwards.

FREE EBOOK!! For a limited time, THROUGH THE WALL, 1st in Keri Ford’s Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas Series, is available FREE!! I love that word… FREE!! like my novella, that’s currently also FREE!! but it’s not FREE!! forever, just a limited time only kind of FREE!! but limited time is still FREE!! And you can only get it FREE!! at my publisher’s new site: Click HERE for the FREE!!


12 Responses

  1. Fantastic Post KariLynn and so true about the numbers games!

    For the last week or so I haven’t been dreaming so much as just sleeping dead hard to the world…and rough. I’m waking up with my covers twisted, I’m sideways in the bed, my pillow is hanging off the side of the bed. I never sleep like that. I’m usually one of those who can crawl out of bed, pull the covers up and the bed looks made.

    thanks for adding the section about my free download!!

  2. Great post as usual Kari. I am glad that the free books help the numbers too. I love getting the free books from NetGalley and the authors but I do feel guilty so that helps to know.

    I know it also helps because they get reviews in exchange for some of the books they give away.

  3. Thanks for easing my conscience, Kari! As someone who’s hoping to get published someday, I can only hope those freebies also encourage word-of-mouth advertising and follow-up sales. 😉

    I have a Nook, but also put Kindle on my iPhone so I don’t miss out on freebies from friends and others who have books only available at Amazon. Now I will download guilt free!

  4. Ditto what everyone said!

    So, Keri, I went and downloaded your book, even though I already have it. 😉

  5. That’s a good point…also reminds me I need to download a couple of ENALR books from over on that left-hand side. Even if I don’t have time to read them at the moment, I do try to purchase them on my kindle so when I’m ready to do some serious (or celibratory reading cause I’ve made my deadline!) it’s ready to go.

    So, now I will not be hesitatant to grab a free copy 🙂

  6. I always download free books that are offered by an author or a publisher. I would never take a free book from a pirated site.

    The other thing I do? If someone offers a book for $0.99 for a limited time, I’ll grab it too, even if I’m not ready to read it. Numbers, people!

    I’m like Kari in that I don’t have a Kindle but have Kindle apps on my computer, phone and iPad.

    I’ll add Keri’s free book to my post tomorrow and I’m heading over to my super-secret facebook account and posting it there! 🙂

  7. Great post, Kari!

    I am now guilt free! Off to download a book. Love the cover, Keri!

  8. I have it! I have it!

  9. I’ve got it too, but I downloaded it again. Thanks, Keridell, for the info. I didn’t know!

  10. I’m sorry – I got the book and neglected to come back and say thank you. So – THANK YOU!!

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