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USS Patty Pontoon is Launched

This is Patty Pontoon. She was born in 1991 but looks great for her age. About four years ago, the hubby and I tore her down…all the way down to the pontoons and rebuilt her from the ground up. New floorboard. New carpet. Recovered most of the furniture. New writing for the lights. Some new lights.

We usually put her in the water in May and she can stay until late October or mid-November when the local power company (who owns the lake) draws the water down for the winter. The draw down gives property owners the chance to repair seawalls and docks and kills out bad algae.

This year, we didn’t get Patty wet until this week…a very late launch indeed. When we got ready to put her in the water in late May/early June, a momma wren had built a nest and was raising her babies, so we didn’t want to move her “home.” When mom and her babies moved on, it was just too darn hot. But finally all the stars aligned, the heat broke, momma wren moved, and we ran her to the launch ramp. I  wanted to share the joy of being out there…

Here is the launch as seen by my husband. I’m on the boat in the back of the picture. The boat in the front is coming in.

View off the front left

One of the many million dollar homes on the lake.

This is me heading home

Bringing Patty home to park.

Patty still needs a good cleaning, but she’s parked and ready for some fun. Who’s game?

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20 Responses

  1. *sigh* I LOVE the lake. we have been in YEARS.

    I remember when yall were tearing her down and all the hard work in that! She turned out beautiful!

    thanks for letting me piggy-back my free read on your day!

  2. My father-in-law lives on Hamilton and we go out on his boat. He has 2 but usually only puts one in the water (the other belonged to my brother-in-law that passed away – he just never let go of it). the other boat is fine and hubby helps him put it in the water at least once a year to make sure everything is still working on it.

    thanks for sharing the pix of the lake, it’s always beautiful out there.

  3. Beautiful, Cyndi! I so want to live on the water someday, though I think the jet ski is more my speed. 😉

    • I hated being on a jet ski! I didn’t want to bump bump bump my way around the lake. I love to cruise, sip an “adult beverage” and look at all the houses. You cannot begin to image all the multi-million dollar house on this lake. *shakes head* I can’t image where all the money came from!

  4. Boat, lake, and homes look lovely. The photographs are great. I know you’ll have lots of fun on the water. Have a cool one for me.

  5. What I really need is a boat and a lakeshore in about January. And heat. Lots of heat.

    *sigh* And this is why publishers do freebies. I not only downloaded Through the Wall, but In the Hay and Double Dog Dare, too. And I’m supposed to be editing.

    • I am a firm believer in the free or $0.99 digital books as a “lure”…at least I know it works on me! 🙂

      Kari – you must come visit me in January…in Florida! LOL 🙂

  6. Oh, does this look like fun! I’m so jealous!! We have a small boat to take the kids water skiing and tubing in. But, around here lately, we just don’t have any WATER! It’s funny to see the floating docks resting in the dirt on the bottom of the bank. THanks for the pictures! They brought back great memories and Patty looks really Great! 🙂

  7. Awesome, Cyndi. The lake is beautiful… and the boat’s not bad either. What fun!

  8. What a gorgeous spot!

    I don’t have anything like that, never have, though we lived on a lake in Massachusetts my first 7 years. Near here is the Susquehanna River, which is so shallow pontoons are pretty much all people can use, so it’s always full in the summer.

    Looks very relaxing!

    • There are spots on this lake where you could toss a gun after a hit and it would never been found! too deep. (Gosh, can you tell I’ve been plotting a murder mystery?)

      It’s a great place to live. Perfect for my fisherman husband

  9. Seems like something my husband would want to own. He already has RVs on his mind.

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