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Acknowledgments & Dedications

Do you read them? I do. In every book I’ve read, I read them both. In books I’m considering buying, I read them after I read the blurb, before buying the book. I don’t know why. They don’t sway my opinion whether or not I’ll buy the book, but I do read them.

To me it says something about the writer. What? I don’t know. But I do form an opinion about the authors when I read them. It’s like a glance into their personality. Maybe. Or maybe I’m just full of it tonight from a lack of sleep.

Acknowledgments are on my mind because my book that releases on Aug. 29 has my favorite acknowledgement to date. I had fun with it. My critique partner might not ever talk to me again, but…I had fun with it. J

I also had a LOT of people to thank on my next one. I needed a few resource helps and they stepped in for me, so of course, I definitely wanted those people included.

But anyway, back to acknowledgements and such. I also find new authors in there. My favorite acknowledgements include the full critique partner/support group names so I can look them up. Why? Well, if I like this author’s story, chances are I’m going to like the story of the person who helped make this story. See a glance a new editor or agent names I’m not familiar with. Pets who provide support by sleeping across keyboards and husband who generally interrupt as often as possible. Or those hubby’s who cook dinner while a deadline was chased and never complained of the author’s lack of hygiene.

I gobbled up these short and sweet paragraphs even before I started writing. It was fascinating to me. I think I’ve rambled enough, so tell me, Do you read acknowledgments and dedications? Have you ever read on that you really remembered or…one you’d rather forget?

26 Responses

  1. I like to read them I think you get to know the author on a more personal note. I loved writing mine.

  2. I mostly read them…especially now that I write them. I realize the weight behind a dedication. I like to think people read my dedications to gain some insight into where I’ve been, who I am, and who loves me enough to help me on my journey.

    I’ve had people like Keri Ford in my dedications (one of my first CPs) and the first friend who suggested I write – my college roommate Dianna. I’ve thanked groups like the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood and my home chapter, plus other writers who helped me along the way. I love being able to say thanks. So I now know what it means to the writer to be able to have this vehicle to say thank you.

    Recently, my friend Winnie put me in her dedications, and it was thrilling to be mentioned.

    Sorry, I’m kinda rambly in this post. Answer: YES.

    Nice post, Keri.

  3. I definitely read them. I love it when the writer thanks the readers. I am actually mentioned in one of Elizabeth Amber’s Lords of Satyr books. She draws names from her newsletter subscribers for so many months then lists the winners. It was fun to see my name in her book. My friend Katie also got her name in the last book Elizabeth wrote and her quote from one of her reviews was also on the cover I think. She was super excited about that.

    so yes, i definitely read them. It’s fun to see what went into the book and who helped it along it’s journey.

  4. I read them most of the time. I always start, but if the author goes on for pages and pages naming people–especially without stating why–my eyes glaze over and I move on. It might take a village to write a book, but don’t put the whole village in there! 😉

    I’ve already written practice acknowledgments, just to make sure I don’t leave anyone out when the time finally comes. I think it will be fun to finally recognize those who’ve helped me, even if on a book that didn’t make it.

    But, like everyone else, I like that little bit of insight into the author and his/her support system.

    • Very true Gwen! I want to know who those people are!

      but then again, the ones that say: “Sarah–you know who you are and what you did to make this happen–thanks!” are such a mystery and I WANT TO KNOW!!

  5. Yes I read them. I was SHOCKED to find my name in one by Sylvia Day. I had totally forgotten I’d critiqued for her on that book.

    But it does give insight into the author’s support system.

    Sometimes I read looking for who was the editor or agent, especially if the book is in a genre I write. Never know when that information might come in handy!

    • So Cool, Cyndi! So Sylvia didn’t contact you to let you know? I’ve been wondering rather to send a copy of the book to someone or wait and let them come across it one day.

      and you’re so right about the editors and agents. such a big look at *exactly* what they like!

  6. I love acknowledgements for the same reason: you get a little glimpse inside the author.
    I like to dedicate books to people, but I never tell them about it. If they find the book and happen to notice, then nice surprise for them, if not, then at least I’ve put my thanks out into the universe.

    • This is what I was thinking. “a nice surprise”. I have a couple in this book who probably don’t realize they were enough help that I thought to thank them!

  7. I love em. I had the pleasure of being mentioned one time and was completely blown away. The author sent me a signed copy to say thanks for all my help.

  8. I always read them, too, but LIKE GWEN (will I ever not say that? someday I’ll comment before her) I skip a long list of names with no reasons. 🙂

    Some of my earlier writer friends got published before I did, and for several books, I got thanked but with my name spelled wrong. It was funny. 🙂

    I love writing them, too, and often have them written for years before I either finish or sell the books!

  9. I’ve always read them, even before I began writing myself. But then, I read the copyright page.

  10. Yep, I love reading them too. Some are so sweet and have me sniffling. LOL Definitely a glimpse into the heart of an author. 🙂

  11. I looooooove dedications. Just a few words with big meanings.

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